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What if what happened on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 was the best thing that could have happened?

What if no one else in the world could do for us what Donald Trump can do?


Now if you are still reading you would be thinking that I support Donald Trump and his policies. Well you would be wrong; I don’t support what he stands for. But after a few days of anger, sadness and frustration going through me and all the why’s and how’s, I got a message, a strong message from deep inside me. I heard something in my heart that is the best way to describe it, but I heard it and it said, “Yes, this is good, this is very, very good.”

If your still with me that is great because let me explain why I am saying what I am saying. We can all agree that we have evolved as a human species very, very fast in the last 100 years. In areas like industry technology, space and science, but as far as spiritually and emotionally and with consciousness we haven’t evolved much at all. We are still running around like toddlers demanding our own way. Crying and throwing tantrums when things aren’t going as we wanted with no regard for anyone else but ourselves. We don’t recognize other people’s perspectives; we don’t validate other people’s feelings. We don’t take into consideration how what we do is destroying other species and Mother Earth. “What? Wait? That’s not our problem it’s their problem.”  So how is Donald Trump an opportunity to be the answer? Well that depends, and it depends on us.

I realize now that if we had voted Hillary Clinton (who I admire greatly) into office things would have been status quo. Our side would have won and things would have stayed pretty much the same. But the Universe doesn’t want things the way they have been. The Universe has called for a rising and upheaval and some serious cleaning house.  Now I in no way think Donald Trump is enlightened enough to bring us forward in love, in fact I believe he is the exact opposite. And because of his still living in the old paradigm to such a degree and vibrating in the lower levels of spiritual consciousness, we needed someone who would represent that. By being who he is and who he is surrounding himself with, we are being forced us to do some serious work. Inner work, shadow work and light work. Everything dark must be brought to the light before it can be healed. Well hello America and the rest of the world, we have arrived. All the dark crap that lives inside people that has been lying dormant and silent but simmering in rage underneath has now been brought to the light. Everything ugly inside is being magnified for all of us to see.

If you believe in the law of attraction which I do and is my creative business, I can see clearly how we all elected him by what we have been projecting out to the Universe. The Universe doesn’t give a rat’s ass to what’s good or bad it just responds to where our focused energy has been. Its quantum physics basically. For over the last year every day we have had a large spotlight beaming at Donald Trump. He has been on the news, on social media every single day. Whether it was to praise him or condemn him it doesn’t matter. Energetically we have been giving him nothing but collective attention.  Now here we are.

The Universe also has an intelligence that knows better than we do. It knows that we, especially light workers have been calling for a spiritual healing and awakening. She knows that for us to heal as a collective we each must dig deep inside of ourselves and look at where we are sick and ugly. Where in your life have you been a bully, sexist, racist or complacent? Where have you not had compassion or empathy for someone else or Mother Nature? Where in your life have you had the attitude of “I am better than them?” I promise you it’s there. It’s in me. I know it, and I have some inner house cleaning to do.

So we start there. We begin going inside and cleaning up our own spiritual house. Then we extend the olive branch to others and listen to what they have to share. We have a conversation. To give validation to their story, because whether we like it or not half of the United States who voted, voted for a man who said the most outrageously racist, hateful and sexist things and elected him anyway. Their perspective and life experience cannot be ignored. Their fear won this battle, so what are they so afraid of? We need to understand so that we can eventually win with peace and compassion.

We stand up when we see injustices in front of our eyes. We teach people how to treat us and others by example. If you see someone acting out of their pain body you stand up to them. No it is not OK. Like Michelle Obama so eloquently said, “When they go low, we go high.” When you realize that they are going so low because they are living in fear and can separate yourself, it gives you the power.

I am seeing a lot of fear coming to the surface right now. I see people thinking that Donald Trump has given them license to show their shadow and it is ugly. Good we need to see that. Let them bring about that shadow because enough of us will stand together and transmute that through the alchemy of light, and love by rising together.

Energetically if enough of us bring our energy up and vibrate on a level of light and love it changes other people’s vibrations just by being in our energy field. We can raise the collective vibration of the planet by coming from a place of light without doing a thing, but by being who we are if we clean up our own stuff. I know it sounds crazy but I swear there is a lot of literature out there on it and how quantum mechanics apply here. It is really fascinating stuff.

The world, specifically America has been asleep, complacent and spoiled for far too long. But we are being called to wake up. The Universe, God, Mother Nature, The Goddess or whatever you want to call it has laid herself across our feet, is tapping on our shoulder, is whispering in our ear, “wake up, my dear, it’s time to wake up. We have some serious work to do.”

Look at what an amazing opportunity has shown up!  Let us not to go back to sleep but to reach across the divide and bring light to the darkness. In the end it will benefit all of us. We must do this together, really we don’t have a choice; the die is cast. There is a saying that I really like, “what you won’t deal with, will deal with you.” So here it is….Well bring it on…. because together we will rise!


Melisa Caprio


Imagine your life and your world expanding. Imagine yourself AWAKENING to new levels. Can you see yourself CREATING and MANIFESTING everything your heart desires? Can you then see yourself UNLEASHING that new you to the world?

I bet for a moment you thought, “Sure I can see that, but that’s just a nice fantasy, maybe in another life.” Or, “how would I even get started? I don’t know how.” If you are like how I used to be, you would imagine how nice and then move on to the usual way you go about things and forget about it. Something happened, I had a dream of sorts that caused me to take pause and start creating the life that I wanted. I started investing in me, writing down the things I desired to bring into my life. I made a commitment to myself to make some changes. Many things have opened up in my life since I made that declaration and I know the same can happen for you.

A new AWESOME one day workshop has been designed for just that purpose. Two of my colleagues and I have created an amazing day of inner reflection, discovery, creation, play and action. And we want to share what we created with you. We are calling our one day workshop, AWAKEN YOUR INNER GIANT, CREATIVELY. This is not a workshop where you just sit all day listening to people drone on endlessly with information…OH NO!!

Our workshop is perfect balance of peaceful reflection and high energy interactive exercises so you experience the best of both worlds. You will play, reach deep inside, write, create art and you may even do some dancing…but we can’t give it all away. There are many more surprises that you must attend to see. It’s an amazing day I can promise you. When you tap into and explore your creative brain you discover something magical. You will discover new solutions to problems, new opportunities for action, and new results. You will see how you can finally achieve, new dreams and create and a new found confidence. Your light shines bigger and bolder than ever before lighting the way to clarity of purpose and excitement to move forward achieving your goals with ease.

Here is some information about our workshop leaders.
Dana Dellacamera (Singer, Performer and Life Coach Extraordinaire). Dana will help you AWAKEN and eliminate any barriers to you achieving your goals. Once these are eliminated you are able to newly discover and explore what you are passionate about, get clear on new actions to take and dream new dreams. Be prepared, Dana creates the perfect safe space for you to speak your truth and BE SEEN in all your glory with a freedom and confidence like never before

Melisa Caprio (Photographer, Artist, Author and Master Manifester). I will help you DECLARE and CREATE a Postcard like a mini vision board by tapping into your inner artist. You will show and tell the Universe what it is you want to bring into your life by sending it out into the ethers. Watch how quickly your Postcard manifests into your reality.

Tabatha Mudra (Producer, Photographer, Videographer and Socially Conscious Provocateur). Tabatha will guide you on how to UNLEASH your alter ego also known as your inner tambourine. Your alter helps generate self-esteem and build leadership skills. You will be amazed at how fun it is to access what is already inside you and bring it out. Get ready for some serious play that produces serious results!

Are you interested? You should be, it’s your life and you only get this one. It’s time for you to make a creative investment in yourself. Our workshop comes with a small price and it’s one worth paying to take care of you. You know how to do that, you do it all the time for other people. You don’t think twice about investing in your spouse, children, family and friends. It’s easy, but this time instead of just taking care of someone else you love you are going to invest in you. Please also share it with friends and family that you know would want to join in the fun and breathe new energy into their relationships, career and passions. Get your friends to do it with you. It’s a day packed full of fun. You will strengthen old bonds, make new friends and connect with a community of people uplifting and supporting each other so that we all rise together.

The testimonials are rolling in and people are saying they are seeing amazing shifts for themselves, or their lives are taking off since attending our workshop. We are so excited to be seeing this from our participants. I know that when you attend you will be saying the same things. It’s time! Click here for more information and join us.


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Flowing Hearts


The Root of Joy is Gratefulness” ~ David Steindl-Rast


I have been struggling a bit lately with what to write for my blog since submitting my book proposal to a publisher a couple of weeks ago. I worked so hard on that proposal and wrote soo much, I felt tapped out.

Because of that I decided to ask some new friends from a FB group what they are grateful for. Something that was unique to them and I got a wonderful response. This group is a private group created for those of us who are writing our books and are dreaming our vision into reality.

Of course we all are grateful for the big things, such as our family, friends, job, money, food and health. But gratitude usually is a very personal experience. I am talking about the little gratitude’s; the ones that are only yours. Listed below are the responses from my question. “What are you grateful for that is personal only to you?”

“I’m grateful for the book section at Goodwill. The perfect book always finds me! Happy Thanksgiving!” ~ Lauren

“I am grateful for you and all the wonderful people in this group!” ~ Jaime

“I’m grateful for morning traffic because I get to listen to Hay House radio longer! My daily date with positive energy!” ~ Diana

“Grateful my neighborhood was not affected by the riots in Oakland last night. I’m also grateful for Clorox Wipes- they make moving cubicles much more tolerable. (It’s good to know that someone else’s germs and gunk are now all gone!) I’m grateful for my little garden in my backyard- it’s my little piece of serenity in a cement jungle.” ~ Becky

“I am grateful for this vacation week in the San Francisco Area and the gift of time and my morning walks. Today I got to listen to Jennifer Grace (Hay House Author) while waking – a double blessing.” ~ Gerry

“I’m grateful for seat warmers in my car and hot water for showers when it’s cold outside. I am grateful I could purchase a Groupon yesterday for 3 months unlimited yoga at my favorite yoga studio.”~ Jenny

“I am grateful for my passports and visas so I can have friends around the world. I am grateful to be spending this summer and Xmas in Sydney.” ~ Julie

“I am grateful for the nudge from the universe to let go of so much material stuff that I can donate to someone in need for Christmas. My son and I are being forced to move out of our current home. Don’t know where we are going but I trust something better is coming!  I am grateful for the ability to trust and let go!”   ~ Antoinette

“I am grateful for the gift of becoming conscious.” ~ Inge

“I am thankful for intuitive healers. Because of a very special healer, I am blessed to have my dad here to spend another Thanksgiving. A few months ago, I didn’t think this would be possible. Happy Thanksgiving!” ~ Jennifer

“I am grateful for this group because of the wonderful influence you have all shown- that positivity is powerful and it allowed me to understand and move into true forgiveness. This in turn allowed me to move beyond holding onto anger with individuals that had hurt me. I feel that for the first time- I can have unconditional love for not only my child and parents, but all individuals, especially those who have caused me anguish.

In addition, I am thankful for my tree “Moe”, a curly willow that allowed me to climb him and experience being a child again. Moe lives at my old house, and I miss him dearly. He’s 15 years old and probably 30 feet high. All my cats loved climbing him too. I think he really enjoyed the cats, although not when they were using him as a scratching post… “ ~ Terri

“I am grateful for the bittersweet sadness and love I feel for my Mom who has passed. Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday and I am so grateful for the love I hold for her in my heart, she is always with me. “ ~ Elizabeth

And last but not least… mine.

“I am soo grateful for finding my tribe and discovering new friends that I have made from all over the world who inspire and encourage me and my Postcards to the Universe book and project on a daily basis. And I am always eternally grateful for every single animal that has touched my life and loved me.” ~ Melisa

So here you go, just a small snippet to help inspire you to look inside your own life and find the little gratitude’s that are uniquely and magically yours.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sending love and light this season.

xoxo ~ Melisa

PS.. Books! I cannot forget Books!


Me  (35)

What if you believed you were enough? Exactly as you are right now…. Enough. What would your life look like?

You never published your book, became a famous artist, you never had kids, you never got married, you never traveled the world, you never made it to broadway, you never became a pastry chef, marine biologist, doctor, etc, etc.

The list is endless and none of those things that you thought you would do have come true. How do you feel? Do you still feel like you are enough? I am going to almost guarantee for 99 percent of us the answer would then be NO. We wouldn’t feel as if we were enough. Because instead of realizing that just as we are right now by doing absolutely nothing we are still enough, we feel that we must have labels by our name to make us enough.

Don’t believe me, think about it. You go to a party and meet a new person, what is the first question they ask you? “Sooo… What do you do?” Or flip that, you know that’s the first thing you ask someone else. We all think “what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that a great way to get to know someone?” My answer is nothing is wrong with that at all, and to a certain degree it is to get to know someone else. But that isn’t the real reason we do that, the real reason is because we are uncomfortable just being and we feel naked without our labels! We don’t know how to do that. Imagine asking someone what they do and their response was “nothing, I do nothing, I just enjoy my life.” First off we wouldn’t know what to say and then we would walk away, judging that person thinking…”OK weirdo, whatever, you do nothing, just enjoy your life, who says that?” Yet secretly we would be in awe of someone who was that completely comfortable in their own skin. We would see that that person knew they were enough, and I bet on some level we would be envious. I know I would be.

Maybe for one week we should try that. Let’s just be enough. If someone asks you what you do simply say,” I happily live my life” and resist the urge to fill in the uncomfortable. When you ask someone else about their life instead of asking them what they do ask them what brings them joy in their hearts.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t be saying these “I am” labels. In fact I am in a course right now where part of our homework is declaring “I am a published author” because I want to be a published photographer/author so I am claiming it for myself. But regardless of that or any other labels I add to my name as I go through life I need to feel in my heart and soul that it’s ok. To God , The Universe and to myself right now without any of those accomplishments, degrees, labels I want to add to my name, I am enough… Just as I am right now, right here… I am enough!!!… And so are you!

xoxo ~ Melisa

Sarasota 7-12 Family Vaca (159)

Are you Depressed or is your Soul just Home Sick?

After Robin Williams’s death I started thinking about depression. I have been depressed before sometimes disturbingly depressed. I understand and can empathize with the internal pain he must have been feeling to take his own life, knowing on some level the pain it would cause his family. I don’t think when someone is in this place they can rationalize any longer and I also on some level don’t think they care. I don’t mean that in a cold and calculating way, I mean it in a way that the pain is just so great and so deep that the person suffering cannot physically or emotionally care about what their actions are going to do to others. The void is that deep; the chasm in the soul is that huge. The pain is that great.

So that brings me to the thought that maybe, just maybe somewhere deep inside it isn’t just depression that is causing so many so much pain, but a home or soul sickness. If you believe like me that we are here temporarily and our true home is with God, or Spirit or whatever you want to call it and we are only here to learn and grow, is it possible for some of us that the missing our true home is just too great? And that we must get back there. I don’t think people are aware of this when in this space and I am not even saying this is true, but it did make me think.…could that be possible?

If you think about it, it could be possible. Have you ever been away from home at any point in your life and you were so homesick that you could barely function? Imagine being a sensitive soul coming to this place and feeling so deeply the intensity of our Earth. I believe for some souls it is just too much and the longing for the peaceful, loving home in which we came, becomes too great. Imagine after all the therapy, medications, meditations, and resources you have tried to handle the depression nothing you have tried works, and that pain is still immense. Maybe that is how Robin felt; maybe that is how many people feel. When you have tried so many things and it doesn’t work or it’s only a temporary fix and seeing so much suffering and pain in the world, you lose hope. And when you have tried everything you can think of and lose all hope, it’s over and the decision to leave has been made. That’s when the soul or home sickness takes over.

Maybe that is why for some all the resources don’t work; maybe that is why people like Philip Seymour Hoffman goes back to heroin after 25 years of being clean. The home sickness or soul sickness is just so great that they can’t take it any longer and they have to numb the pain or end the pain.

I believe some people are just too sensitive for this world, and usually those people are the artists or geniuses that we see. They need an outlet for their feelings and that is why so many are so talented and brilliant, they must expunge all that is inside of them.

This is just my theory or feeling.  I pray for our world every day to be lifted up in love, peace and harmony.

Wishing everyone happiness inside…

xoxo ~ Melisa


Here’s the thing about quitting smoking nobody tells you. It sucks! It really sucks! There is nothing fun about it. I don’t know all these people who say once you quit you feel so much better, have more energy, blah blah.. That has not been my experience. I am here to talk about the real shit of quitting smoking. And for all those people who say “what’s the big deal?”, “Millions of people quit smoking every day and they do just fine, get over it” … what I say is **** YOU! Don’t minimize my experience because others have dealt with it differently. I don’t do that to you so don’t do it to me. I know many people who are going through hard times in their lives that I may have handled differently because of my tolerance but I don’t minimize your experiences, I expect the same in return. I am here to to give you another perspective of what you may experience. What you’re more likely to experience if you have been a long term smoker. Everyone is different so many of you may be those lucky ones that it’s just a week of nicotine withdrawals, you’re a bit uncomfortable and then boom you’re over it! Good for you, you can just move along. But for those of you that it’s more, stick around; there might be some comfort in knowing you are not alone in your experience.

I have been a full-fledged, pack a day smoker for at least 25 years. My whole adult life I have smoked. I started in school at a very young age; at first it was just to be cool with friends. It later turned into a pack a day habit. I always stayed around a pack a day, sometimes a bit more if I was overly stressed or out at bars socializing and drinking but that was my habit. Always lights, the brand changed through the years but always stayed lights….like that really makes a difference. And I was one of those people who liked smoking…. actually sometimes loved it! Many smokers hate themselves after each cigarettes, I was not one of those. I hated smelling like it but the doing it….I really, really liked! The whole thing brings back a sense of nostalgia about those times when a cigarette was my only comfort. That’s the thing that nobody tells you, every smoker knows that giving it up is good for them in the long run. We know it is a waste of money, we know it’s bad for us and giving it up is so much better, and we get all of that. We want to be like those non-smokers who look at cigarettes and thinks, “why in the world would you want to do that?” Those are some of the reasons that we give up cigarettes, because we know and those are good reasons but what happens after they are gone? That’s what no-one talks about.

First let me say why I finally gave it up. I have been thinking for a long time that I no longer wanted to be a slave to cigarettes. Really that’s the big reason. Also I wanted to be an example for my beautiful niece who looks up to me and wants to be like me, and I have a new nephew. I would like to be a good example for them and be healthy for them. But the big reason was the feeling of enslavement. As someone on the spiritual path pointed out to me, I wanted to get my power back. I no longer wanted to worry about going somewhere and stressing about a place I could smoke. I want to travel and go to Hawaii next year, I don’t want to be hiking on a mountain in beautiful nature and go looking for a place to smoke. I don’t want to always have to have cigarettes by my side to get through my life. I already knew all the health and money reasons to quit but that didn’t deter me. Smokers already know this shit and they don’t care, they still want to smoke, why because it is an addiction first and foremost but it is also something else. It becomes a relationship! That is where there real problem lies and why it is so hard to break. Yes it may be a toxic relationship, and it is, but a relationship none the less!

It has been almost 50 days since my last cigarettes, I went cold-turkey. No nicotine replacements. If you are going to quit forget the gum or patches they only keep you physically hooked. That is why most go back. First you must get the nicotine out of your system completely. I am not going to get too much into the physical withdrawals here, they are pretty bad but you can get through them. The actual nicotine withdrawal itself isn’t the worst part, at least for me. I got very, very sick and couldn’t breathe I suspect because of the healing of my lungs and it trying to release the tar and chemicals. The cilia grow back as soon as you stop smoking, so I was having a very hard time. That is what cleans and protects your lungs. Smoking damages that. I actually went to the emergency room twice in a week with not being able to breathe and having chest pains. The tests came back good so the doctors think that my lungs were just so inflamed from the years of smoking and no longer putting that in my body. It has been pretty painful to say the least. I am now feeling much better in that regard. They gave me steroids, some breathing treatments and cough syrup for the symptoms. It helps and it’s just the waiting for things to heal on their own. For about 4 weeks the cough was so bad I couldn’t sleep so it was pretty stressful. Now I am sleeping, that’s the thing that is very weird. One of the effects of not smoking is either insomnia or exhaustion. I have fluctuated back and forth between the two during this process. Then there’s the brain fog! Nobody tells you about the brain fog. I am forgetful, clumsy disoriented and spacey. I had no idea that would happen. It could be my brain chemistry changing as it is clearing out all those years of toxic poison I was doing to it. I am sure that’s it, I even got some online bills mixed up this previous month because of the brain fog which had to be sorted out.

There of course is the moodiness, agitation and aggravation; I was expecting all of that. Don’t take it out on other people and just know that even if you withdrawal a bit and need some space the people around you might take it personal. Don’t let that dissuade you in your goal, it is about you, not them and that will work itself out.

So now the important part that is unexpected and quite baffling really. It is the feeling of loss. The loss of a long relationship, there is a mourning and depression that set in that I wasn’t expecting. A friend described it like I just decided to end a lifetime relationship and there are feelings that are coming up to deal with. At first I was thinking that is crazy it’s freaking smoking and it’s bad for me and it’s done. That’s crap, what is wrong with me? But the more I think about it the more it makes perfect sense. If you are a smoker you will understand this if not pass it along to a smoker who is trying to give it up, it may help them if these feelings come up. Cigarettes and the act of smoking one has been with me through everything I have EVER experienced as an adult and even in those crucial moments while I was becoming an adult. Everything… now just try to think of something that has been with you through everything and imagine giving that up boom just like that! It sends your body and your psyche into shock. At first you are just numb, the physical withdrawals start but then when the numbness wears off, all the emotions and old habits come to the surface to deal with. They come and they come strong and they start the minute you wake up.

The average smoker will smoke every ½ hour to hour from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. Can you imagine? What else do you do that much throughout the day? You don’t even drink that much water in a day. So imagine when that suddenly stops. You feel like something isn’t right, you feel like something is missing. And something is missing, your old companion. So expect that when you are going through the process and expect some sadness and feelings of loss to come up. Expect that you have just given up a significant relationship. That has helped me in processing all the emotions that come with letting go of that. I know many other people have felt this and I would bet they went back to smoking not because of the nicotine which after a week is out of your system, but because of how uncomfortable it is dealing with the emotions of loss. Even though we all know how toxic this relationship is it may be the longest relationship you have ever had. It is also the one thing that has, if you are like me gone with you everywhere.

Just look back at your life from wherever you are right now and imagine. Imagine every emotion of stress you have ever had you smoked. Every time you were angry, sad, nervous, anxious, stressed out you smoked. Every tear you shed most likely cigarettes were with you. Every time you were scared cigarettes where your confidant, and every time you were mad at someone or something cigarettes were your go-to friend. That’s just a very short list of all the times cigarettes were with you during bad or uncomfortable times. We are now going to flip it to all the happy and joyful times. Cigarettes were definitely with you on ALL social occasions, especially if alcohol was involved. I know that cigarettes were your friend every time something new and exciting showed up in your life. Every job, relationship, friendship, vacation, trip, weddings, parties, bars, clubs, happy hours, dinners with friends, sex,.. etc. The list is amazingly long and I could write a book just on when a cigarette has been with me. Another one that non-smokers don’t realize is smoking when you are out is a great way to meet new people. Think about it, we must go outside to a certain location to smoke. Do you have any idea how many amazing people I have met doing that over the years? Countless… and there is a strange bonding ritual that happens with you and other smokers while you’re out having your cigarette. If you are a smoker or ex-smoker you completely understand what I mean.

Don’t even get me started on all the times I had a cigarette to help me relax. Every smoker does that. But it’s a lie, if you do a Google search on the effects of cigarettes you will see it actually makes you more anxious. That’s a little trick the nicotine plays on you and add the emotional dependency to that, and you see why it is so hard to give up. Some say it is harder to give up than drugs and alcohol.

Ok so now that I scared you and your thinking, “why in the hell would I want to do that” I want to share with you the good news. It does get better. I am slowly feeling better. I have faith in the fact that the bigger picture here is not only my own health physically but my own health emotionally. If you are asking for change from the Universe or God than be prepared to handle it when it comes. You must detox yourself, the old self and all that goes with it must metaphorically die so the new can be born. It’s a process and the only way around it is through it. I am going through it right now. But at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I also truly believe that if I want to manifest good things into my life and healthy things, I need to stop purposely and consciously putting toxic chemicals into my body. I am sending mixed signals to the Universe in manifesting if I continue to do that. I must be very clear in my intentions for myself and what I want in my life.

I thought I would share this because I know if I have been feeling this way than many other people must be going through the same thing. People always feel better about an experience especially a difficult one when they know others are going or have gone through it. I take it one day at a time, and every day I still want to have a cigarette, even knowing all of this, I do still have the desire. I can say that it is less and less and when the cravings come they aren’t nearly as strong or as long. I do recommend in the first 3 months doing a lot of self-care. I also recommend keeping yourself as far away as you can from the biggest triggers in your life. If certain situations really have caused you to smoke than stay away for a bit. If it’s coffee or alcohol or certain foods give them up for at least 30 days, longer if you need to. Believe me this has helped me tremendously. If it’s certain friends or family, take a step back until you’re over the hardest part of it. You can always come back around when you are ready. If they really love you they will understand and give you that space.

I hope this helps you in your journey if you have stumbled across this blog. I wish you the best of luck and look on-line for alternative ways to help you deal with all the symptoms. Look up EFT and Tapping for quitting smoking, that has been helpful to me and so has Allen Carr’s, Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

xoxo ~ Melisa


Hay House – I Can Do It Conference 2014

I want to talk about my experience at the I Can Do It conference this past weekend from Hay House. It was a conference in Ft. Lauderdale that compiled the most inspirational and motivational speakers in a jammed packed 2 day event. If you don’t know anything about Hay House, I highly recommend you go to www.hayhouse.com and see the speakers and authors represented there and also you will find the beautiful Louise Hay who manifested it. Her journey alone is inspiring and amazing. We need more people on Earth like Louise!

I tried to think of the best way to describe it in this blog. So I decided the best way was to break down each speaker/author and tell you what messages I got out if it. I heard many amazing things, many ways to look at my life. Each speaker had the same basic message but each had their own unique way of delivery. Some were funny, some were dramatic, some were scientific, some were angelic, some were woo-woo and some were down right tragic that turned to transformation. Each message is the same, and the message is.. …Love Yourself Ferociously for who you are, no matter where you are, no matter where you have come from, or no matter what you may have been in the past. Be grateful every day, be conscious of your thoughts and be mindful of your intentions and forgive yourself and others for everything. Pay attention! If you do these things every day you can change your life. The Universe or God or whatever higher power works for you has no choice but to meet you at that level. From there your life will expand and you can heal your life in any way shape or form you can imagine.


Wayne Dyerwww.drwaynedyer.com. Wayne Dyer was the opener of the conference and for 3 hours Saturday morning we were blessed with his teachings. His new book I Can See Clearly Now: Seeing Obstacles as Devine Gifts was the basis of his talk. First off he is very funny and he loves to talk, he had no problem filling up those 3 hours. And all of us in the audience loved every minute of it. So what message did I get from Wayne? I got very clearly that I have a choice in every moment on how I am going to see and live my life. I can take a situation that is uncomfortable and painful and feel very sorry for myself or I can take that same situation and look for the gift. Each situation comes to us as an opportunity to grow to show us where we are. If I change the way I look at the situation or event, it automatically changes. By receiving the message that came with the situation or problem, I don’t have to repeat it. Done, been there done that and move on! Apparently according to Wayne, our souls come into this world with some challenges we tell God we are going to tackle in this life. So situations come up so we can do exactly what we came here to do. This is not the first time I heard this and for me, it makes so much sense. It rings true for me and helps me have a better understanding of our world and its issues. Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer again for all that you contribute to this world. And also thank you Wayne for letting me know that I too am a scurvy elephant. (Look up this story if you want to know what it means).

Cheryl Richardsonwww.cherylrichardson.com. Cheryl Richardson followed and her hour long talk was called Self-Care for the Sensitive Soul. All I can say is WOW! If you, like me, ever heard the words,”you are too sensitive” or “why are you so sensitive?” Or “get over it, that’s just the way they are” about people who take advantage or say hurtful things to you, than go check out Cheryl’s website. I really got that it’s ok to be sensitive and in fact it’s good for the planet to be sensitive. I also got that as sensitive people we need to get rid of those toxic folks who do nothing but bring us down. It’s imperative to rid ourselves from anything that is toxic. Whatever is toxic to you should be taken out of your life so you can expand and grow. You will better serve yourself and the world that way. I love how she isn’t afraid to tell people what she thinks and it’s their problem how they receive it and how that has empowered her. Thanks Cheryl! I think I am going to be a bit more like you.

Brian L. Weiss, M.D.www.brianweiss.com. Brian Weiss came on next, the author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Finding New Levels of Healing. Dr. Weiss does past life regressions for those of you who don’t know and he talked about how each of us never really dies and has lived many times before. How we each will live many more lives and how we all come back again and again with the same group of souls so we are always connected to our loved ones. So the good news and bad depending on how you look at it is if you haven’t gotten complete with someone in this life you will come back together again to figure it out. Isn’t that great? That means we have eternity with those souls we love and relationships that need to heal. And that we are destined to heal whatever it is, if not in this life than some future life. He gave us a 25 minute past life regression as a group of 3 thousand; I swear it felt like 5 minutes. It was really amazing; I definitely went somewhere and got a very strong message. If it came from my past life or my imagination it doesn’t matter. I got what I needed to get and that was the point. I happen to believe in past lives, it’s another thing that makes perfect sense to me. Thank you Brian Weiss for sharing your message with the world, it does make the thought of dying less scary knowing we never really loose our loved ones.

Immaculée Ilibagizawww.immaculee.com. Immaculée is amazing! Her talk Left to Tell is about the power of prayer and forgiveness. I think I cried the most when I listened to her speak. In 1994 she survived the Genocide in Rwanda. If you do not know what happened in the early nineties in Rwanda than you should look up how 1 million families where slaughtered in a 100 day period. Immaculée spent 91 days in a crammed bathroom with seven other women in hiding. When she came out of that bathroom she found out that each member of her family had been slaughtered. The reason I use that word instead of killed is so you will get the magnitude of what that really means. While in that bathroom she formed an intimate bond with God and The Virgin Mary as she prayed on her rosary every single day. After some healing she was able to go to the prison and forgive the men who did the killing of her family and forgive the government for what happened. Now can you imagine?? We can barely forgive the person who cut us off in traffic. There was a reason that she survived, she is a true messenger from God about the power of forgiveness and healing and she is here to teach us that message. I was so inspired and touched by her courage, I was awestruck. Immaculée thank you for being the beautiful healer you are and sharing your story with us. I will work on my forgiveness because of you.

Anita Moorjaniwww.anitamoorjani.com. Anita Moorjani came back from the dead literally! Her inspired talk called The Power of Transformation is about how she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for 3 years and grew sicker until she finally was in a coma and crossed over to the other side. Her amazing story talks about how when she did leave her body and cross into another dimension she understood everything. She heard everyone around her speaking, she felt an encompassing love that she says she can’t explain and there was no time. She saw every person in her life that she ever had contact in her whole life in an instant and understood in an millisecond what those connections meant. She met her father who had passed over there and she had a deep knowing that all disease and illness starts out as an energetic energy which then manifests as a physical illness. That everything in our world is not real. She also knew when she came back her cancer would be gone. And shortly after her experience it was. No more cancer. I really got from Anita that how we think, feel and hold energies that do not serve us brings us down and affects our health. It really clicked with me that I am responsible for what I allow in my energetic field. Thank you Anita Moorjani, I am going to work at this every day.

Nancy Levinwww.nancylevin.com. Nancy Levin who is the event director for the events at Hay House inspired us with her talk titled, Jump and Your Life Will Appear. Nancy reminded us all of being in situations that kill our spirit and what that means. You are in a relationship that doesn’t work, or your job is sucking the life out of you. Nancy took a brave step in showing us how to take that leap to make a change. Because as she states if you don’t, the Universe will do it for you whether you are ready or not. Thank you Nancy for the most fantastic event ever! I loved every minute of it.

Alex Woodwardwww.alexwoodard.com. Wow what to say about Alex Woodward!. … His talk was not just a talk but a whole encompassing art piece. Called For the Sender, his project is about letters and poems of loss turned into song, about short docu films for the sender of those letters. They are about healing ourselves through words and music; they are about the universal emotions of love. They are about bringing compassion to those who need it. Please go to Alex’s website. I cannot describe in words good enough to tell you what his work is about. You have to see it for yourself. Thank You Alex for sharing your gifts with all of us.

Dr. Christiane Northrupwww.drnorthrup.com. We ended our first day with Dr. Christiane Northrup, I cannot even begin to tell you what a wild ride that was. Her keynote speech was called Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Vitality, Well-being, and Radiance. She didn’t hold back anything, and I mean anything. This is how she describes herself “ I dedicated the first half of my life studying all that can go wrong with the female body—and learning how to fix it. I’m devoting the second half of my life to illuminating all that can go right.” She gave us so much information about our bodies and our health and our healthcare system and what big money looks like in health. I really received the message that we are in charge of our bodies and our health care and to really consider the doctors that we choose for ourselves. She shared that it’s ok to question what treatment is being prescribed and to really listen to your intuition about the healthcare you are receiving and to stand up for yourself if there is something that doesn’t feel right. To question the information that is being given to us by big medical companies. She taught us that righteous anger is actually healthy and linked to longevity in your life. Thank you Christiane for your candor, humor, wit and factual information, plus I learned so much about my girlie parts. The men who were present loved every minute of her talk.

And that was only Saturday…


Doreen Virtuewww.angeltherapy.com. Doreen Virtue sees and speaks to angels. In her keynote titled, Healing, Help and Guidance from your Angels, she shares how each of us has angels around us to help us and all we have to do is ask. They are actually waiting for us to ask for help or guidance, that the problem is most of us don’t reach out to them. We all have the Archangels and they are there for us all the time when we call on them. But each of us also has our own specific team of angels specifically assigned to us. She did some readings for people in the audience and they were accurate at least according to the people getting the reading. So I believe her, why not? I know there are angels. I have to remind myself to ask more often for things, thanks Doreen for the reminder.

Joe Dispenza, D.C.www.drjoedispenza.com. Joe Dispenza is a scientist, author and lecturer and his talk titled, Making Your Mind Matter is all about how what we believe about ourselves and our lives is what guides our realities. He does it from a scientific perspective with all the factual studies to back it up. He is wonderful for the left brainers who have a hard time believing in things that they can’t see. The good news from Joe is there is scientific evidence that our thoughts and emotions create our realities. He also has scientific evidence that we can heal ourselves from disease. So for all the skeptics out there he is wonderful teacher that you can resonate with. Thank you Joe Dispenza for your factual information that satisfies the skeptic in me that sometimes bites me when I lose my way.

Nick Ortnerwww.nickortner.com. What to say about the adorable Nick Ortner. He is such an inspiration. His talk was about EFT called The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living. EFT stands for emotional freedom technique or tapping. Tapping is a healing modality that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. I have used EFT in the past and find it really helpful for stress and minor pains. I need to start using it again. Nick uses it for global healing and is getting amazing results. He has helped thousands of people deal with trauma and PTSD. You should really see what tapping is about, it’s something you can easily do all the time to help heal yourself or deal with stress. Nick has started a foundation and is from Newtown, CT. His presentation about using tapping to the residence and families of Newtown after last year’s shooting had the whole audience in tears. He is another amazing light worker on our planet, and the audience including myself just adored him. Thank you Nick Ortner for everything you do for the world.

Kris Carrwww.kriscarr.com. The beautiful and really funny Kris Carr was just amazing to listen to. Her keynote speech was titled From Surviving to Thriving: Creating a Crazy Sexy Life. Kris has a rare and deadly cancer and has been living with it beyond her doctors’ diagnosis with the amazing news that her tumors are shrinking. She has completely changed her life and it started with taking control of her life, her thoughts and completely changing her life with food. She talks about how the foods we eat can really heal us from disease and stress and she is living proof. Her openness and candor is infectious and it makes me want to really consider more the kinds of foods that I am putting in my body. I had no idea of how many foods are genetically modified now and it is really scary. But if Kris can make radical changes I can certainly make some small ones. Thanks Kris for your beautiful soul and sharing your journey. I will remember to check my poop and kill the serial killer Kale (inside joke).

Gabrielle Bernsteinwww.gabbyb.tv. Another beautiful soul with a fire inside, she exudes so much energy I was getting a bit dizzy at this point. Her talk titled, Are You Ready to Work Miracles? Was so high packed with information and tips I don’t know if we could keep up with her. Gabrielle went from being a depressed, stressed out addict to this amazing inspirational author and speaker. She gives full on tips that you can use every day to change your life. Its actual applications and tools you can use in an instant to change your energy. She was amazing and the audience loved her. Thank you Gabby for getting me inspired.

John Hollandwww.johnholland.com. John Holland talks to the dead. Yup you heard me right, he sees dead people and not only that, he chats with them. His was the last keynote of the convention titled, The Spirit Whisperer: Messages from the Other Side. All I can say is wow…wow…wow! He did readings and they were amazing. One woman lost her young son in a tragedy and everything he said this woman confirmed. The tears were flowing for all 3 thousand of us. A pin could drop as we all sat transfixed and silent. He reminded us we were all born with some clairvoyance and lost it along the way as we grew up. Many people were too afraid of being different and made fun of and shut that side of themselves down. I already know I have feelings about people and things so I trust mine. He reminded us to listen to children who are still open to it and to encourage them. Not to shut them down, as they will be more healers among us. He joked and said we should all have a kid 7 or under with us as the true test to see a person’s character. Thanks John, I loved every minute of your keynote and I will remember to ask my cute little niece about people when I am not sure about them.

And that was Sunday! Can you see what I mean? Sunday night I couldn’t even speak, I didn’t have one thought in my head. Not good or bad, no mind-chatter at all. I kept asking myself if I was alright. I couldn’t come up with one complete thought.

And that is just a snippet of what I received. There is soo much more; I didn’t even touch on all the cool people I met and hung out with who were there and the connections I made. I highly recommend clicking on some links I posted and check out these speakers. My intention is to one day be among them as a published Hay House author/photographer/artist with my Postcard Project. Maybe one day even be a speaker. Who knows, it’s all open.

All I know is I am going to take one small step at a time, it’s too much to process all of it at once and do radical changes, most of the time trying to change so much at once doesn’t stick. But I can add one thing and maybe take away one thing that isn’t working for me any longer and let that integrate into my system. I will just keep going from there. Again thank you Louise Hay and Hay House, every moment was brilliant!

xoxo ~ Melisa


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The Joy Killer – Comparing Ourselves To Others….

We all do it. We all see something someone else does or has and we compare ourselves to them. It’s a futile game we do and it sets us up to feel bad about ourselves. The best way to kill your joy is to compare yourself or your life to someone else. It will sap you of happiness, fun and fulfillment. It will take away your energy and make you a victim. It causes jealousy, bitterness and being ungrateful for the life that is yours. When we put ourselves in the energetic space of comparing what we don’t have to someone else, we aren’t being true to the magnificence of who we are. You cannot be grateful and compare yourself to someone else. Those two very different feelings cannot coexist. And I promise you if you live by comparing yourself to what others have to what you don’t have, you will get more of the same. Negative energy is insidious; it eats away at your joy, piece by piece. It will eventually do you in, if you don’t change it.

Think about all the ways we compare ourselves to others. He has a better job than I do; she has better behaved children than mine. He makes more money than I or has a better house or a prettier wife. She is courageous business woman and I am a coward in a job I hate. She is thinner than I am, unfortunately for women this is a big one. For men it’s.. he is more successful than I am. Look how much money he has made and he is only 30 and I am 40 and struggling. The list is endless and exhausting. Why do we do that? What is in our DNA as people that cause us to look for reasons to feel bad about ourselves? That’s what we are doing if you really think about it; we are looking for reasons to feel bad about who we are. Really think about that for a moment; it’s nonsensical, it’s crazy and it’s destructive. This is the way we punish ourselves for being who we are. Do you really believe God or The Universe in its infinite wisdom created humans so we could go around wishing we were the guy down the street with the successful wife and the big house? Or the woman who wishes she was a famous actress rather than her brilliant self? NO! That’s insane. Do you think your dog goes around comparing himself to your cat wishing he can sleep on the counter? No, your dog knows who he is and loves being that. Your cat knows she can jump up on the counter, she isn’t wishing she was the dog who goes for long walks in the park with you. The giraffe does not compare itself to the elephant; the bird does not compare itself to the fish, animals don’t feel bad about who they are. Just us, we are the only species in the entire universe that has decided that we need to compare who we are to feel bad and punish ourselves.

Now the flip side of that coin is we also do that to feel better about ourselves. Think about it, how many women do you know who have an ex whose new girlfriend or wife is put down because she may not be as financially successful or thin or pretty as that woman. It makes her feel better to think that way about the new woman. It’s the same for men; they may think they are better than their ex-wife’s new husband because they make double the money than he. Everyone does it, we all have. Here is the thing though, we are lying to ourselves. We think it’s to make us feel better than or superior to the other person we are comparing ourselves to. The truth is, it comes from the same energetic space as when we do it and punish ourselves because of what we don’t have. There is no difference between these two things; they are exactly the same just on the opposite side of the spectrum. If we really loved and appreciated who we are at our core and saw ourselves as the brilliant human beings we were created to be, we wouldn’t have the need to compare ourselves to anyone or anything.

I am not going to lie, I do it too. I am really committed to letting that go. If I believe in God as I say I do, I must trust that God created me exactly as I am supposed to be in all my brilliance and imperfections. When I can really get that and feel it in my spirit, it is pure joy. There is no one else I need to be but myself, God wouldn’t have it any other way.

xoxo ~ Melisa


Better The Devil You Know Than The Devil You Don’t

Posting this thought for the day “The changes we dread most may contain our salvation” by Barbara Kingsolver and watching a silk moth emerge from its cocoon the other day started me thinking about change.

No one likes change.  It’s scary, uncomfortable and causes anxiety. The reason change is so scary is because we are afraid of the unknown. I’m sure you heard the saying, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” If you think about that saying for a minute it implies that whatever inevitable change that is coming will be a bad thing. But maybe the change is a good thing. We are hardwired to resist change, but The Universe or God or Buddha or whatever you call it doesn’t care if we don’t want change. If the change that is coming is for a greater purpose or our growth, it’s coming with or without our permission. We see it and hear about it every day. We lose our jobs, we lose our loved ones, we have to move, we get divorced, we get married, we get a new job,  we have kids, etc. The list is endless. This causes such anxiety inside that we don’t want it, and even if we do want it, we are afraid and resist it. That is also the reason that great spiritualists will say, when we are right at the cusp of growing beyond our comfort zone, the greatest resistance will show up.

I know from personal experience that I didn’t like change. Usually I would resist it and get very anxious, The Universe had a great remedy for me… it forced change. I am not talking about minor changes I am talking about major life changes. I have learned and am still learning to slowly stop resisting and just go with life when change comes. To gently slide myself into what the new has opened up for me.  It seems to be working much better I can tell you. Where before I used to go kicking and screaming now I am much more open to observing and allowing myself to see what happens. The good news is some amazing new things have happened because of change, things I never would have experience if those changes didn’t happen. I’ve also grown a backbone. After you get knocked down pretty hard you realize you’re not afraid any longer to speak your mind and your truth, and let the chips fall where they may.

I gave my 4 year old niece Bella a cocoon of a large silk moth a few weeks ago. It has been sitting in a clear container on a table and we have been waiting to see it hatch from a caterpillar to a moth.  The other day she hatched (it definitely was a female, I looked it up). Bella named her Sweetie Pie Pumpkin and we called her Sweetie Pie for short. After Sweetie Pie hatched she released a very dark liquid which was part of her shedding her old self as a caterpillar. This reminded me of when we go through a change there is residual  stuff we need to shed to embrace the new changes, just like the moth.

We put Sweetie Pie outside and she just sat there for hours, occasionally stretching out her wings and getting used to her new self. She would flutter every once in a while and pump her body. About 4 hours later all of a sudden she releases the last of the remaining fluid and opened her wings all the way. She fluttered fast and furious for about 5 minutes. Then she left her perch, fluttered haphazardly on the grass up my arm onto my shoulder. She took another minute all the while fluttering her newly expanded wings and gathering her strength and took off over the trees.  I thought it was such a great metaphor to what change can be if we don’t resist it, I loved witnessing it first hand.

So when change comes and it will, allow yourself sometime to cocoon and then expand your wings, gain your strength and soar.

xoxo ~ Melisa 


The Benefits of Removing Toxic People From Your Life

What is a toxic person? Now I’m not talking about people who have negative patterns or sometimes behaviors, we all have that. No one is perfect and we each have things about us that are not loving or kind or who may be going through a bad time.  The difference between that and a person who is toxic is…toxic people are always like that. They are the people who suck your energy or as I like to call them energy suckers or emotional vampires. Those are the ones who constantly take without ever giving back, they always call you or text you to tell you their drama, and they ALWAYS have drama.  Every time you’re together they have a problem and they expect you to be there to listen to it… incessantly.  They get annoyed with you if you don’t have time for them and when they are annoyed with you, they talk about you behind your back to whoever else they can get to listen. You know they do this because they do it with you about someone else who isn’t doing for them what they want. They are the users, if you can do something for them than that is when you are their best friend. But of course when you need them, they are nowhere to be found. We all know those people and we all have someone in our life that is toxic. So what to do?

When it’s family it a bit more difficult to just cut them off unless of course their abusive, that is a whole different animal. Anyone who is abusive to you should be cut out of your life. You are not loving yourself if you allow even family to abuse you.  Toxic people aren’t like that but they do take a toll on you, you will know if someone is toxic when every time you see them calling or texting you cringe just a little bit. Or anytime you know you are going to see them you dread getting together because you leave them feeling energetically drained. It’s not fun, you aren’t looking forward to getting together and you can’t wait to get out of their presence.  If it’s family it much harder to cut them off completely and you probably don’t want to, but you can at least for your own sake limit your time and energy with them. See them only occasionally, limit phone calls to every so often and of course remember who you are dealing with so you don’t take anything they do personally. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment and know that you won’t give over too much time and energy.  The same applies for toxic people that you may have to work with. You have to be there, and so do they, but limit your interactions. By doing those things you are respecting yourself and you aren’t setting yourself up to be disappointed.

Then there are those people that you have a choice to remove from your life. Those may be acquaintances and unfortunately sometimes friends, even friends that you may have known for many, many years. Those are not easy to let go of but for your own sake it may be time to say goodbye. Recently I have had to do just that. In the last year I have made some big changes in my life and one is stopping my relationships with toxic people. I don’t have the tolerance for it any longer. As I have evaluated these relationships I realized that what I call friendship isn’t what I was getting anyway so what was I losing? I was losing people who talked badly about me, used me, created drama wherever they went, were jealous, manipulative and didn’t care about me. That isn’t my definition of friendship. They didn’t wish me well or have my best interest at heart. They didn’t have me at heart at all… so really the friendship was gone a long time ago. It just took me awhile to figure that out. And I can tell you since I have removed these toxic people a whole new world has opened up for me.

The Universe abhors a vacuum, it must fill up when you are ready to make space for it, what was removed.  And it has tenfold; I have made more new friends and connections in this last year than when I was in school. I have met so many people who are on the same page that I am. They are fun, have integrity and are supportive, they don’t have drama following them everywhere they go and they enjoy their lives. It has been so refreshing, to look forward to getting together and doing things. They are much more aligned with where I am at now in my life. I realize now that I wouldn’t have been available to receive this with the toxic people taking up space in my life. Removing a toxic person from you can be one of the most loving things you can do for yourself. Life is way too short to be around miserable, manipulators all the time. And now when I get a text I don’t cringe first before reading it, thinking to myself, “OH God, what’s the problem now?”  It’s really quite nice!

~xoxo Melisa

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