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What if you believed you were enough? Exactly as you are right now…. Enough. What would your life look like?

You never published your book, became a famous artist, you never had kids, you never got married, you never traveled the world, you never made it to broadway, you never became a pastry chef, marine biologist, doctor, etc, etc.

The list is endless and none of those things that you thought you would do have come true. How do you feel? Do you still feel like you are enough? I am going to almost guarantee for 99 percent of us the answer would then be NO. We wouldn’t feel as if we were enough. Because instead of realizing that just as we are right now by doing absolutely nothing we are still enough, we feel that we must have labels by our name to make us enough.

Don’t believe me, think about it. You go to a party and meet a new person, what is the first question they ask you? “Sooo… What do you do?” Or flip that, you know that’s the first thing you ask someone else. We all think “what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that a great way to get to know someone?” My answer is nothing is wrong with that at all, and to a certain degree it is to get to know someone else. But that isn’t the real reason we do that, the real reason is because we are uncomfortable just being and we feel naked without our labels! We don’t know how to do that. Imagine asking someone what they do and their response was “nothing, I do nothing, I just enjoy my life.” First off we wouldn’t know what to say and then we would walk away, judging that person thinking…”OK weirdo, whatever, you do nothing, just enjoy your life, who says that?” Yet secretly we would be in awe of someone who was that completely comfortable in their own skin. We would see that that person knew they were enough, and I bet on some level we would be envious. I know I would be.

Maybe for one week we should try that. Let’s just be enough. If someone asks you what you do simply say,” I happily live my life” and resist the urge to fill in the uncomfortable. When you ask someone else about their life instead of asking them what they do ask them what brings them joy in their hearts.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t be saying these “I am” labels. In fact I am in a course right now where part of our homework is declaring “I am a published author” because I want to be a published photographer/author so I am claiming it for myself. But regardless of that or any other labels I add to my name as I go through life I need to feel in my heart and soul that it’s ok. To God , The Universe and to myself right now without any of those accomplishments, degrees, labels I want to add to my name, I am enough… Just as I am right now, right here… I am enough!!!… And so are you!

xoxo ~ Melisa

4 Responses to I AM ENOUGH

  • We go to school to become somebody; we are raised to become somebody; we are told to accomplish certain things, and act certain ways, and if we do, we will become somebody. But, have we forgotten that we became somebody the day we were born, or before that even? All the other stuffs in this life are simply human expectations of accomplishment and “success.” What happened to being alive and living? What happened to raising elders instead of children? Discovery of one’s self is sacred, and sadly, by many, has been lost. Who are you? Who is your family? Where are you from? These questions have been replaced with, “What do you do? Where did you go to school?” Self awareness and acknowledgement to the Universe is critical! Yes, we are enough! We are even more than that; we are alive!

  • Great blog Melisa! What a powerful message. Too many people are beating themselves up on what they should have or could have been. It is important to enjoy the now and enjoy who we are, just as we are. I am looking forward to your next blog. 🙂

    • Thank you Trina… Yes too many people only value what it appears that they have, not at the core of who they are.
      I know I have been guilty of doing that. It’s a work in progress of constantly reminding myself.

      Thanks for your continued support… xoxo ~ M

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