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Jake 3 - Copy“To create and make a living, inspiring people through my art.” Artist Jake Cordero

Meet Jake.. An amazing artist who’s dream is to create art and inspire. His dream has become a reality. Jake’s art and murals are taking off and he is in hot demand! Nothing like doing a little manifesting. You are awesome Jake!

“My work begins as a reaction to my environment. My approach of artistic communication reflects influences of cultural, spiritual, musical, and poetic energies that surround me daily. The ideas for my work tend to be a complex breakdown of that environment, which began as reactions, then sparked emotional connections with the images therein. I have always been known for my psychological renderings of the complex, with a twist of the imagery that strongly moves me. One could relate to my energizing, yet relaxing metaphors on many levels. I bring so many aspects of culture, desires for change and yearning for the “in your face” nostalgia to the table, that it is truly hard for me to settle for one category of style. I pride myself on being able to blend with every color the universe has to offer and find joy in every characterization that I indulge in daily. The interpretation of my beliefs and experiences translates into works that embody the emotions evoked by my poignant life. “~ Artist Jake Cordero

Jake Cordero began his love for Art at a very young age. He is a 1st generation American, born to Cuban and Siberian parents. Being from such a diversified family, Jake was exposed to culture and its artistic beauties early on. No matter what obstacle he and his family were faced with, Art became his outlet. It was his childhood utopia.
Early on, his mother realized that he had a significant gift for Art. In Magnet Programs, Jake began to develop an inner passion for the Arts.
Jake set forth on his own artistic voyage to pursue his passion. He began with customizing murals for local franchises and schools. The demand led to starting his own mural business. Since then he has designed several murals for local schools, private residences, and local businesses, as well as contributing to Art Basel Wynwood Murals.
Jake believes that his Art is his voice and he plans to continue to exercise that voice and connect with people of all walks of life for many years to come.

For more information or to contact Jake please go to JakeCordero.com

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