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InnerGiantAwaken Your Creative Inner Giant!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”- Pablo Picasso

Full Day Intensive Creativity Workshop!

We are all creators. We create thoughts, ideas, concepts, products, art, emotions and more all the time.

What would be possible in your life if you started to draw outside the lines and turn up the volume? Sometimes the things that are working for you now are the same things that are preventing you from getting to the next level. In this day-long workshop, you will participate in interactive exercises and activities that will allow you to explore new ideas outside of the usual limits you would give yourself. You will start to connect the dots to reach your fullest potential by tapping into your creativity and waking up your inner creative giant (I might say hidden creative genius instead).

Throughout the day you will discover where your creative roadblocks come from and begin to heal and free yourself from these constraints, allowing your creative energy to flow freely and lead you to things you never thought would be possible. Ultimately you will design and create a new future that you can begin to live in right now.

The three-part workshop gives you access to your creativity on mental, visual, emotional and practical levels:
*ALTER THIS! From Every day to the Runway, From Backstage to Center Stage, led by Tabatha Mudra.

In this fun and informative workshop, you will learn to:
• Meditate for a minute and call up your inner creativity.
• Draw outside of the lines and create your own life path.
• Stay focused and motivated on what you want to create.
• Find new opportunities to take action.
• Experience the freedom of this safe environment to express yourself fully and play again.
• Expand your creativity to the next level.
• Breathe new energy into your life and your projects.
• Explore all of the different facets of your personality and use them in new ways to positively impact your life, productivity, and business.

Get energized, clear and excited about you, your purpose, and your life’s direction.

Creative Investment: $275

The Workshops are 1 day from 10am-5pm. Parking is free. You do NOT have to be a graduate of FIU to attend this workshop. It is open to the public and everyone can participate.

Register online at http://www.fiuonline.com/programs/life-well-led-programs/awaken-inner-giant%20.php
If you have any questions please contact Dana DellaCamera at 786-285-9243 or dana@danadellacamera.com. This workshop is also available and modified to suit business settings, retreats, and students of middle and high schools.

“Creativity is Intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein

I am soo excited to be apart of this. This is one of my manifestations coming true!!

If you have any more questions you can also contact me at melisa@postcardstotheuniverse.com. I would love to see you there or if you know anyone who can benefit from this great event please pass it along to them.

xoxo ~ Melisa

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