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Now, before you start defending your love of spicy mayo, let me start off by telling you how much I ❤ spicy mayo. I used to drown my sushi in it (usually JB rolls). That is, until one conversation changed my life:

d2I was at dinner with a friend of mine. We were catching up and sharing about our lives and then came the time to order. So, I proceeded to say “Well, I always get the same thing—a JB roll and I drown it in spicy mayo; but the mango one you’re getting sounds good.” He suggested we get the mango then so that I may try something new. When the roll came he said, “Now I want you to eat a piece…close your eyes and taste the sushi; taste the mango; taste the pepper; and you’re not allowed to put any spicy mayo on it.”

What? No spicy mayo!? OK, this better be good, I thought. As I sat there with my eyes closed and tasted my food in front of him in 100% silence, I realized how uncomfortable I felt slowing down…really tasting the food. I felt uncomfortable in the silence. I thought this is weird and what will other people think and how do I look to him doing this exercise? Then I thought I should just give it a try and see what happens. How bad can it be? I started to allow myself to taste the juiciness of the mango and it was nice and sweet. The next flavor that came was the crunchy, breaded fried shrimp tempura and the finale was an unexpected kick of pepper. I was amazed how a variety of flavors came together in perfect harmony. I would have never thought of putting them together!

d3So, after I shared my intimate experience with my sushi he said, “Let this be a lesson for you in your life. Sometimes you put so much spicy mayo on things that you cannot taste them and it is covering up their natural essences. Practice being in the moment or you will miss it.” He made me eat the remaining five pieces of sushi as I had with the first, in silence and with my eyes closed in front of him. I started thinking about what else I have been in such a rush to finish that what was happening right in front of me went unnoticed. What other feelings were missed by my not fully experiencing the moment. What am I in such a rush for anyway?

I saw that the spicy mayo was more than just what was blocking me from achieving many of my goals in life. It also showed up in all of my habits, both good and bad ones, as unnecessary excess, over committing to things to fill space, fear of vulnerability, and fear of judgment and resistance. Everywhere I turned all of my go-to-places had “spicy mayo” all over them.

d4What I got was this: maybe I need to start trying different menu items and sushi rolls, or roles in life, so that I may experience new flavors and tastes.  I began ordering a variety of sushi rolls that I had previously passed up and used my mayo sparingly, if any. I started looking at the other areas of my life to see how I could take the “spicy mayo” off of them as well. I immediately saw that there was spicy mayo in my health and wellness routine and, instead of making excuses not to exercise (spicy mayo!), I went to my first yoga class. A few days later, I got myself up at 6:15am to go running on the beach, whereon I watched the sunrise.

I thought, this is great! I considered where else I had been putting “spicy mayo” in my life that I could take off? In my romantic relationships there was “spicy mayo;” this mayo showed up in the form of stories I would make up about people in my head…unreal stories… to protect myself from being hurt. However, these stories also prevented me from being loved. So I started to pull apart those stories and become aware of what was in my head versus what was actually happening right now. I changed my profile picture on the dating sight I was on to one that was friendly and approachable. The response was immediate, exciting, and unexpected. Seconds after I clicked “send” I heard a bing bing bing from my email. I was overwhelmed by the immediacy with which these potential suitors were responding to me. It was more than uploading a picture; it was me opening the door to love.

By removing the “spicy mayo,” my life started expanding beyond my wildest dreams. I experienced things that I would never have experienced before, like jogging on the beach during the sunrise, meeting some incredible people, being wined and dined, completing a huge project and laughing a lot more along the way. If not for removing the spicy mayo I would have hit that snooze button one more time. It would have been just another day and none of these amazing things would have happened; and I would not have experienced their beauty and the intimacy of being in the moment.
The result has been a feeling of peace and ease with the flow of my life and now, when I feel my brain taking off like a runaway train with crazy concerns or thoughts that do not serve me, all I have to say is “No more spicy mayo!” and I am back on track.
Feel free to use this line yourself; it’s fun and it will get you present in the moment. Where in your life do you see you may be adding too much spicy mayo? Say it with me out loud, “NO MORE SPICY MAYO!” I know it is hard to say without laughing…and that is good because life is not as serious as we make it and it’s way better without the “spicy mayo.”


Don’t let another day go by where you press the snooze button. Take an action today, join us and register into the “Awaken Your Inner Giant Creatively” Class that Dana and I are currently facilitating sponsored through the Florida International University Life Well Led Center.

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d picDana DellaCamera holds a Master of Science in Management and Human Resources from FIU. She is a Life Coach, Career Services Expert, Creativity and Professional Development Speaker and Performer.

Contact Dana:


Dana DellaCamera Website 



 Hope you enjoy meeting Dana DellaCamera… Look for more guest features here….

Sending Love and Light.. xoxo ~ Melisa

*And don’t forget to share your spicy mayo story below…..

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