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Cooking is the 6th Love Language


Diana Silva Guest Blog (2)“I believe that cooking is the sixth language of love and many of us have experienced magical home cooked meals that are impossible for us to recreate regardless of how many times we try; something is always missing.  The secret ingredient in those meals that linger in your memory and heart is that the home chef that cooked for you poured their love into that amazing pot roast, pasta or in my case that mouth-watering Molé.


I first discovered this secret ingredient when I was just a young girl making tortillas with my beautiful mother Rose. I watched the joy on her face as she masterfully kneaded her flour tortilla masa. Her ankles were swollen from standing for long hours in our kitchen and as I looked closely at her hands her skin was dry and cracked from washing so many dishes, but she didn’t mention any of her physical discomforts, she was smiling, telling me story about my grandmother’s magical molcajete. And I saw it right then there, my Mama put love in her tortillas and all of her food and that why it’s impossible to precisely duplicate her recipes.


So the way I share my love with my family, friends, coworkers and neighbors is by cooking. I learned to make over 100 of my beautiful mama’s Mexican recipes before she went to heaven and like her I’m pouring my love into every recipe I make! Next time you cook for your family or friends, remember to include the most important ingredient, your love!” ~ Diana Silva



Diana SilvaAbout Molé Mama

Author, radio host and Mexican chef Diana Silva created Molé Mama to celebrate home chefs, and traditional recipes that excite the palette and warm the heart. For Molé Mama, cooking is all about passing on family heritage one recipe at a time. In the modern age of fast food and preservatives, a hot, home cooked meal, made with love and shared with loved ones, goes a long way. With every cooking video she makes, Molé Mama hopes to inspire other chefs to carry on the traditions and share their own stories of family and comfort food.




Stoked to learn more? Tune in to Molé Mama’s new radio show, Thursdays at 6pm on 12RadioLive.com!

Molé Mamas first book is in the works and should hit the Internet in Fall 2016…

Read Molé Mamas blog at molemama.com/blog/

Follow her at @mole_mama

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Find out more about Diana Silva and Molé Mama at 11AM PT/2PM EST on Elizabeth Lindsay’s show Angel With An Edge on 12Radio! Wednesday, January 20th.

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Sending love and light…..xoxo ~ Melisa

PS ~ A little side note. Included in the top photo is Diana’s Postcard. Although you can’t read it. I just want to make a note that in it she put being on TV (she has her own YouTube channel). It states live events (she just got a live radio show). There is much, much more and they are coming true as we speak. But I thought it was important to just mention just a couple to show you that it really works. So what are you waiting for? 

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