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My background is in fine art photography and I was making a decent living as a photographer. During that period I had significant life change and was forced to do some major internal shifting. I was called to start doing something different with my photography and I created a project which turned into a book titled Postcards to the Universe, A Global Movement for Manifestation.

I am inviting people from around the world to participate in this movement by using photography, art, personal wishes and desires and sending them out the Universe via a postcard. My inspiration comes from a desire to host forums where people come together in creative ways for global change. I saw a need for growth, inner refection, inspiration and healing by combining art, photography and manifestation. I believe we inspire though collaboration and co-creation.

So how did I get people to participate? I started giving workshops, I started doing webinars, I joined FB groups and invited people to participate. I went to women’s groups, book groups, and meetups sharing my project. People really responded with interest. They wanted changes in their life, they want to manifest. I have been featured in the local newspaper and have been on three different radio shows talking about my project and step by step I am growing my movement. I am gathering more postcards and stories for the book where people are manifesting some amazing things for themselves. I have noticed that the more I put myself out there and talk to people about it the more opportunities present themselves. I started a FB author page, I created a Twitter account, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts where and I share my project. I get more and more people wanting to know about it, wanting to create a postcard and wanting to be inspired and bring about changes in their lives.

Postcards to the Universe, A Global Movement for Manifestation is part art book, part story book. It is a compelling, visual guidebook full of examples from other people who are living their greatest desire. It gives powerful images and techniques from real everyday people who have helped conjure their dreams. Readers will quickly relate to the contributors, as I have seen in the way early readers have responded to the book. That’s no surprise – the book’s powerful stories and gorgeous illustrations are an inspiring example for others to do the same in their lives.

If you are an author or an artist and you are looking for how you can start collecting information for your book, project or movement my advice would be to start with a clear mission statement. Than ask yourself what is it you need?  What is it you want to accomplish? When you can answer these questions your intuition will point you in the right direction on where to go next. Possibly you need to join a group where you share the same interests. Offer up a mini workshop on your subject. Give a lecture on your topic and ask people to share their stories. You will find people LOVE to share themselves with you if you will just ask and listen gratefully.

For more information or if you would like to contact me to participate in my project or work with me you can email me at melisa@postcardstotheuniverse.com.

You can also find me on my social networking sites. If you feel so inspired to like and share I would be honored. Thank you.

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/PostcardstotheUniverse

Twitter – https://twitter.com/PCtotheUniverse

Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/pctotheuniverse/

Instagram – http://instagram.com/postcardstotheuniverse


~ Melisa Caprio


  • The postcard featured above is a sample postcard from one of my contributors. Her story along with this image is in my book. She wanted to manifest a life partner. Her love story is unfolding as we speak.


Please see edited story version “How to Leverage Other Peoples Stories” on Stellar Communications Blog Here.



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