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What if what happened on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 was the best thing that could have happened?

What if no one else in the world could do for us what Donald Trump can do?


Now if you are still reading you would be thinking that I support Donald Trump and his policies. Well you would be wrong; I don’t support what he stands for. But after a few days of anger, sadness and frustration going through me and all the why’s and how’s, I got a message, a strong message from deep inside me. I heard something in my heart that is the best way to describe it, but I heard it and it said, “Yes, this is good, this is very, very good.”

If your still with me that is great because let me explain why I am saying what I am saying. We can all agree that we have evolved as a human species very, very fast in the last 100 years. In areas like industry technology, space and science, but as far as spiritually and emotionally and with consciousness we haven’t evolved much at all. We are still running around like toddlers demanding our own way. Crying and throwing tantrums when things aren’t going as we wanted with no regard for anyone else but ourselves. We don’t recognize other people’s perspectives; we don’t validate other people’s feelings. We don’t take into consideration how what we do is destroying other species and Mother Earth. “What? Wait? That’s not our problem it’s their problem.”  So how is Donald Trump an opportunity to be the answer? Well that depends, and it depends on us.

I realize now that if we had voted Hillary Clinton (who I admire greatly) into office things would have been status quo. Our side would have won and things would have stayed pretty much the same. But the Universe doesn’t want things the way they have been. The Universe has called for a rising and upheaval and some serious cleaning house.  Now I in no way think Donald Trump is enlightened enough to bring us forward in love, in fact I believe he is the exact opposite. And because of his still living in the old paradigm to such a degree and vibrating in the lower levels of spiritual consciousness, we needed someone who would represent that. By being who he is and who he is surrounding himself with, we are being forced us to do some serious work. Inner work, shadow work and light work. Everything dark must be brought to the light before it can be healed. Well hello America and the rest of the world, we have arrived. All the dark crap that lives inside people that has been lying dormant and silent but simmering in rage underneath has now been brought to the light. Everything ugly inside is being magnified for all of us to see.

If you believe in the law of attraction which I do and is my creative business, I can see clearly how we all elected him by what we have been projecting out to the Universe. The Universe doesn’t give a rat’s ass to what’s good or bad it just responds to where our focused energy has been. Its quantum physics basically. For over the last year every day we have had a large spotlight beaming at Donald Trump. He has been on the news, on social media every single day. Whether it was to praise him or condemn him it doesn’t matter. Energetically we have been giving him nothing but collective attention.  Now here we are.

The Universe also has an intelligence that knows better than we do. It knows that we, especially light workers have been calling for a spiritual healing and awakening. She knows that for us to heal as a collective we each must dig deep inside of ourselves and look at where we are sick and ugly. Where in your life have you been a bully, sexist, racist or complacent? Where have you not had compassion or empathy for someone else or Mother Nature? Where in your life have you had the attitude of “I am better than them?” I promise you it’s there. It’s in me. I know it, and I have some inner house cleaning to do.

So we start there. We begin going inside and cleaning up our own spiritual house. Then we extend the olive branch to others and listen to what they have to share. We have a conversation. To give validation to their story, because whether we like it or not half of the United States who voted, voted for a man who said the most outrageously racist, hateful and sexist things and elected him anyway. Their perspective and life experience cannot be ignored. Their fear won this battle, so what are they so afraid of? We need to understand so that we can eventually win with peace and compassion.

We stand up when we see injustices in front of our eyes. We teach people how to treat us and others by example. If you see someone acting out of their pain body you stand up to them. No it is not OK. Like Michelle Obama so eloquently said, “When they go low, we go high.” When you realize that they are going so low because they are living in fear and can separate yourself, it gives you the power.

I am seeing a lot of fear coming to the surface right now. I see people thinking that Donald Trump has given them license to show their shadow and it is ugly. Good we need to see that. Let them bring about that shadow because enough of us will stand together and transmute that through the alchemy of light, and love by rising together.

Energetically if enough of us bring our energy up and vibrate on a level of light and love it changes other people’s vibrations just by being in our energy field. We can raise the collective vibration of the planet by coming from a place of light without doing a thing, but by being who we are if we clean up our own stuff. I know it sounds crazy but I swear there is a lot of literature out there on it and how quantum mechanics apply here. It is really fascinating stuff.

The world, specifically America has been asleep, complacent and spoiled for far too long. But we are being called to wake up. The Universe, God, Mother Nature, The Goddess or whatever you want to call it has laid herself across our feet, is tapping on our shoulder, is whispering in our ear, “wake up, my dear, it’s time to wake up. We have some serious work to do.”

Look at what an amazing opportunity has shown up!  Let us not to go back to sleep but to reach across the divide and bring light to the darkness. In the end it will benefit all of us. We must do this together, really we don’t have a choice; the die is cast. There is a saying that I really like, “what you won’t deal with, will deal with you.” So here it is….Well bring it on…. because together we will rise!


Melisa Caprio

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