A Global Movement For Manifestation

I need your help with my book project! My book is titled, Postcards to the UniverseTM

Photographer Melisa Caprio launches a Global Movement to inspire others to make significant changes in their lives.

Be In My BookPostcards to the Universe™ is a unique project launched by artist and photographer, Melisa Caprio. Melisa is inviting people from around theworld to participate in this movement by using photography, art, personal wishes and desires and sending them out to the Universe via a postcard.Recently Melisa started this book project using hers and other artists’ images as postcards and asking people to submit their handwritten desire orwish for themselves.  She is photographing both the image and handwritten desire with the intention of creating a book. Her goal is for this to be abeautiful, visual representation for all to realize their dreams.

How You Can Take Part in Postcards to the Universe to Manifest Your Dreams

The power of Positive Affirmations and Daily Affirmations can help you in any area of your life. You can have Affirmations for love; success Affirmations; money Affirmations; weight-loss Affirmations, Affirmations for healing, or Affirmations for anything your heart wants to Manifest in your life.

To help you Manifest Your Dreams and Desires with Postcards to the UniverseTM, select one of my postcards with the image that best represents your Affirmation better yet CREATE YOUR OWN for more powerful effect. Then, on the back of the postcard, write your Affirmation on the left-hand side. I will collect the postcards, and I will contact you about the progress of my project through my blog. As you can imagine, not every postcard will be in the book. So, be thoughtful about your Affirmation. Affirmations including pornographic, hateful, or negative text will not be considered.

Manifest Your Dreams! – What is Your Benefit to Participating in Postcards to the Universe?

Of course, you will benefit when your Affirmation starts manifesting in your life! Additionally, though, as a gift for participating, I will send you through email an electronic version of the book when it’s complete.

A portion of the proceeds of Postcards to the Universe will go to Rainbow Guardian, Inc., a non-profit organization, which serves the intellectually challenged and developmentally disabled population, including autism. This is a family operated foundation, which Melisa has been involved with its development, since it began in 1995.

Thank you for helping me with my project Postcards to the UniverseTM.

And, of course, you can email me: melisa@PostcardstotheUniverse.com

With Love and Light,

Melisa Caprio


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