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Here’s How You Can Take Part in Postcards to the Universe™

To help you Manifest Your Dreams and Desires with Postcards to the Universe™, select one of my Postcards with the image that best represents your Affirmation.

Then, on the back of the Postcard, write your Affirmation on the left-hand side. I will collect the Postcards, and I will contact you about the progress of my project through my blog.


Calling all Artists, Photographers, Designers and other Creative Souls:

Create your own Postcard for added Impact!

That’s right, you can even develop and use your own work, just follow the same format as stated here so you can create and design your own.

You would still send me your Postcard to the address listed below along with an email stating complete details, including the image you chose and your written manifestation.

If your submission is selected with your own photograph and or creation, I will publish your photograph with your Positive Affirmation with a byline credit.

Anyone who decides to mail their manifestation Affirmation/Postcard must know that they are allowing and giving me the right to publish and use your Affirmation/Postcard or manifestation story in my book and blog. Details will be discussed individually upon the selection of your Postcard. My photographs have complete copyright protection.

What Happened to Me Can Happen to YOU!

Early this year I learned more about The Law of Attraction and discovered just how powerful Positive Affirmations can be to make your goals and wishes a reality.

During the course, to my amazement, I wrote my dreams as Affirmations… and they started coming true.

Yes, my Affirmations showed up in my life as manifestations!  I attribute this to the Law of Attraction, plain

and simple, and that’s when it hit me…

  • What if everyone could harness this power for themselves, doing the same things I did?
  • What if people wrote down their dreams, sent them to the Universe on a Postcard, and watched as amazing events begin to unfold?

Since I am a professional photographer, I was inspired to use my photography on the front of the Postcards so

there would be a strong visual element, which is a HUGE in the manifestation process.

How Does Participating in
Postcards to the Universe™ Benefit You?

Well obviously you’ll benefit when your manifestations become reality!  But this project goes beyond that.

To thank you for participating, I will email you an electronic version of the book when it’s complete!

A portion of the proceeds of Postcards to the Universe™ will go to Rainbow Guardian, Inc., a nonprofit

organization, which serves the intellectually challenged and developmentally disabled population, including autism. This is a family operated foundation, which Melisa has been involved with its development, since it began in 1995.

Thank you for helping me with my project Postcards to the Universe™. I will see you online at my blog! www.PostcardstotheUniverse.com/blog.

And, of course, you can email me: melisa@PostcardstotheUniverse.com

With Love and Light,
Melisa Caprio
Photographer and Artist
Creator, Postcards to the Universe™


Mailing Address:

Postcards to the Universe
1310 SW 2nd CT.  #310
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312




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