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What if what happened on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 was the best thing that could have happened?

What if no one else in the world could do for us what Donald Trump can do?


Now if you are still reading you would be thinking that I support Donald Trump and his policies. Well you would be wrong; I don’t support what he stands for. But after a few days of anger, sadness and frustration going through me and all the why’s and how’s, I got a message, a strong message from deep inside me. I heard something in my heart that is the best way to describe it, but I heard it and it said, “Yes, this is good, this is very, very good.”

If your still with me that is great because let me explain why I am saying what I am saying. We can all agree that we have evolved as a human species very, very fast in the last 100 years. In areas like industry technology, space and science, but as far as spiritually and emotionally and with consciousness we haven’t evolved much at all. We are still running around like toddlers demanding our own way. Crying and throwing tantrums when things aren’t going as we wanted with no regard for anyone else but ourselves. We don’t recognize other people’s perspectives; we don’t validate other people’s feelings. We don’t take into consideration how what we do is destroying other species and Mother Earth. “What? Wait? That’s not our problem it’s their problem.”  So how is Donald Trump an opportunity to be the answer? Well that depends, and it depends on us.

I realize now that if we had voted Hillary Clinton (who I admire greatly) into office things would have been status quo. Our side would have won and things would have stayed pretty much the same. But the Universe doesn’t want things the way they have been. The Universe has called for a rising and upheaval and some serious cleaning house.  Now I in no way think Donald Trump is enlightened enough to bring us forward in love, in fact I believe he is the exact opposite. And because of his still living in the old paradigm to such a degree and vibrating in the lower levels of spiritual consciousness, we needed someone who would represent that. By being who he is and who he is surrounding himself with, we are being forced us to do some serious work. Inner work, shadow work and light work. Everything dark must be brought to the light before it can be healed. Well hello America and the rest of the world, we have arrived. All the dark crap that lives inside people that has been lying dormant and silent but simmering in rage underneath has now been brought to the light. Everything ugly inside is being magnified for all of us to see.

If you believe in the law of attraction which I do and is my creative business, I can see clearly how we all elected him by what we have been projecting out to the Universe. The Universe doesn’t give a rat’s ass to what’s good or bad it just responds to where our focused energy has been. Its quantum physics basically. For over the last year every day we have had a large spotlight beaming at Donald Trump. He has been on the news, on social media every single day. Whether it was to praise him or condemn him it doesn’t matter. Energetically we have been giving him nothing but collective attention.  Now here we are.

The Universe also has an intelligence that knows better than we do. It knows that we, especially light workers have been calling for a spiritual healing and awakening. She knows that for us to heal as a collective we each must dig deep inside of ourselves and look at where we are sick and ugly. Where in your life have you been a bully, sexist, racist or complacent? Where have you not had compassion or empathy for someone else or Mother Nature? Where in your life have you had the attitude of “I am better than them?” I promise you it’s there. It’s in me. I know it, and I have some inner house cleaning to do.

So we start there. We begin going inside and cleaning up our own spiritual house. Then we extend the olive branch to others and listen to what they have to share. We have a conversation. To give validation to their story, because whether we like it or not half of the United States who voted, voted for a man who said the most outrageously racist, hateful and sexist things and elected him anyway. Their perspective and life experience cannot be ignored. Their fear won this battle, so what are they so afraid of? We need to understand so that we can eventually win with peace and compassion.

We stand up when we see injustices in front of our eyes. We teach people how to treat us and others by example. If you see someone acting out of their pain body you stand up to them. No it is not OK. Like Michelle Obama so eloquently said, “When they go low, we go high.” When you realize that they are going so low because they are living in fear and can separate yourself, it gives you the power.

I am seeing a lot of fear coming to the surface right now. I see people thinking that Donald Trump has given them license to show their shadow and it is ugly. Good we need to see that. Let them bring about that shadow because enough of us will stand together and transmute that through the alchemy of light, and love by rising together.

Energetically if enough of us bring our energy up and vibrate on a level of light and love it changes other people’s vibrations just by being in our energy field. We can raise the collective vibration of the planet by coming from a place of light without doing a thing, but by being who we are if we clean up our own stuff. I know it sounds crazy but I swear there is a lot of literature out there on it and how quantum mechanics apply here. It is really fascinating stuff.

The world, specifically America has been asleep, complacent and spoiled for far too long. But we are being called to wake up. The Universe, God, Mother Nature, The Goddess or whatever you want to call it has laid herself across our feet, is tapping on our shoulder, is whispering in our ear, “wake up, my dear, it’s time to wake up. We have some serious work to do.”

Look at what an amazing opportunity has shown up!  Let us not to go back to sleep but to reach across the divide and bring light to the darkness. In the end it will benefit all of us. We must do this together, really we don’t have a choice; the die is cast. There is a saying that I really like, “what you won’t deal with, will deal with you.” So here it is….Well bring it on…. because together we will rise!


Melisa Caprio

Collecting Stories….

Terri scaned PC B

My background is in fine art photography and I was making a decent living as a photographer. During that period I had significant life change and was forced to do some major internal shifting. I was called to start doing something different with my photography and I created a project which turned into a book titled Postcards to the Universe, A Global Movement for Manifestation.

I am inviting people from around the world to participate in this movement by using photography, art, personal wishes and desires and sending them out the Universe via a postcard. My inspiration comes from a desire to host forums where people come together in creative ways for global change. I saw a need for growth, inner refection, inspiration and healing by combining art, photography and manifestation. I believe we inspire though collaboration and co-creation.

So how did I get people to participate? I started giving workshops, I started doing webinars, I joined FB groups and invited people to participate. I went to women’s groups, book groups, and meetups sharing my project. People really responded with interest. They wanted changes in their life, they want to manifest. I have been featured in the local newspaper and have been on three different radio shows talking about my project and step by step I am growing my movement. I am gathering more postcards and stories for the book where people are manifesting some amazing things for themselves. I have noticed that the more I put myself out there and talk to people about it the more opportunities present themselves. I started a FB author page, I created a Twitter account, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts where and I share my project. I get more and more people wanting to know about it, wanting to create a postcard and wanting to be inspired and bring about changes in their lives.

Postcards to the Universe, A Global Movement for Manifestation is part art book, part story book. It is a compelling, visual guidebook full of examples from other people who are living their greatest desire. It gives powerful images and techniques from real everyday people who have helped conjure their dreams. Readers will quickly relate to the contributors, as I have seen in the way early readers have responded to the book. That’s no surprise – the book’s powerful stories and gorgeous illustrations are an inspiring example for others to do the same in their lives.

If you are an author or an artist and you are looking for how you can start collecting information for your book, project or movement my advice would be to start with a clear mission statement. Than ask yourself what is it you need?  What is it you want to accomplish? When you can answer these questions your intuition will point you in the right direction on where to go next. Possibly you need to join a group where you share the same interests. Offer up a mini workshop on your subject. Give a lecture on your topic and ask people to share their stories. You will find people LOVE to share themselves with you if you will just ask and listen gratefully.

For more information or if you would like to contact me to participate in my project or work with me you can email me at melisa@postcardstotheuniverse.com.

You can also find me on my social networking sites. If you feel so inspired to like and share I would be honored. Thank you.

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/PostcardstotheUniverse

Twitter – https://twitter.com/PCtotheUniverse

Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/pctotheuniverse/

Instagram – http://instagram.com/postcardstotheuniverse


~ Melisa Caprio


  • The postcard featured above is a sample postcard from one of my contributors. Her story along with this image is in my book. She wanted to manifest a life partner. Her love story is unfolding as we speak.


Please see edited story version “How to Leverage Other Peoples Stories” on Stellar Communications Blog Here.



Cooking is the 6th Love Language


Diana Silva Guest Blog (2)“I believe that cooking is the sixth language of love and many of us have experienced magical home cooked meals that are impossible for us to recreate regardless of how many times we try; something is always missing.  The secret ingredient in those meals that linger in your memory and heart is that the home chef that cooked for you poured their love into that amazing pot roast, pasta or in my case that mouth-watering Molé.


I first discovered this secret ingredient when I was just a young girl making tortillas with my beautiful mother Rose. I watched the joy on her face as she masterfully kneaded her flour tortilla masa. Her ankles were swollen from standing for long hours in our kitchen and as I looked closely at her hands her skin was dry and cracked from washing so many dishes, but she didn’t mention any of her physical discomforts, she was smiling, telling me story about my grandmother’s magical molcajete. And I saw it right then there, my Mama put love in her tortillas and all of her food and that why it’s impossible to precisely duplicate her recipes.


So the way I share my love with my family, friends, coworkers and neighbors is by cooking. I learned to make over 100 of my beautiful mama’s Mexican recipes before she went to heaven and like her I’m pouring my love into every recipe I make! Next time you cook for your family or friends, remember to include the most important ingredient, your love!” ~ Diana Silva



Diana SilvaAbout Molé Mama

Author, radio host and Mexican chef Diana Silva created Molé Mama to celebrate home chefs, and traditional recipes that excite the palette and warm the heart. For Molé Mama, cooking is all about passing on family heritage one recipe at a time. In the modern age of fast food and preservatives, a hot, home cooked meal, made with love and shared with loved ones, goes a long way. With every cooking video she makes, Molé Mama hopes to inspire other chefs to carry on the traditions and share their own stories of family and comfort food.




Stoked to learn more? Tune in to Molé Mama’s new radio show, Thursdays at 6pm on 12RadioLive.com!

Molé Mamas first book is in the works and should hit the Internet in Fall 2016…

Read Molé Mamas blog at molemama.com/blog/

Follow her at @mole_mama

Like her at fb.com/molemama



Find out more about Diana Silva and Molé Mama at 11AM PT/2PM EST on Elizabeth Lindsay’s show Angel With An Edge on 12Radio! Wednesday, January 20th.

Send me your information if you want to be featured as a Guest Blogger! Create a your own Postcard for added effect you can be featured here and possibly in my upcoming book!! For more information and if you have any questions on how to create a postcard please feel free to contact me at melisa@postcardstotheuniverse.com

Sending love and light…..xoxo ~ Melisa

PS ~ A little side note. Included in the top photo is Diana’s Postcard. Although you can’t read it. I just want to make a note that in it she put being on TV (she has her own YouTube channel). It states live events (she just got a live radio show). There is much, much more and they are coming true as we speak. But I thought it was important to just mention just a couple to show you that it really works. So what are you waiting for? 

spider totemAnimal Totem – By Samantha Caprio-Negret

If you’re like me, you love animals! Everything and anything about them — their innocence, unconditional love, beauty, natural instinct, the way they only live in the moment, their keen instinctual intelligence, etc…

I believe that God put animals here on planet Earth just for us — for our enjoyment, to see their beauty, to let us know how much we’re loved, and how much possibility we have within us to love. They don’t have a voice, so many of us speak up for them. Just look at those who love their pets so much that their pets really are their children (part of the family). Right? Or even how hard it is for many of us to look at abuse or injustice done to them. Some people make it their life mission to save a certain animal from extinction. Some people, even celebrities, create organizations and/or missions in their names, or support PETA, Humane Society, ASPCA, etc…

Again, if you’re like me, you have contributed many times to these organizations to show your love and support for your fellow furry friend. Some of you may even sign petitions regularly, or even adopt those that have no homes — just to give them and yourself a better, more fulfilling life.

With that being said, it’s apparent that animals are important to us as humans. So important that we have all been assigned an animal totem while here throughout our journey on Earth. What is an animal totem? Our animal totems are there to offer spiritual guidance. They’re there to best help us understand the lessons conveyed by those type of animals that keep showing up in our lives, which involve us to learn through their own instinctual behaviors and natural habitats. In Webster’s Dictionary, a totem is explained as, “A natural object, usually an animal that serves as a distinctive, often venerated emblem or symbol. A means of personal or spiritual identity.”

So, what animal keeps showing up in your life, are you particularly drawn to, or even fear? For me, I love the chimpanzee, owl, butterfly, or any type of cat (tiger, lion, panther, cheetah, etc…) But, what’s odd lately is spiders keep showing up for me. I mean they won’t leave me alone! The daddy-long-leg spider keeps appearing time and time again in my bedroom and bathroom. And I have tried everything – I mean everything – to get rid of them. But, they keep coming back! It’s getting to the point where my husband keeps calling me a witch (or maybe that’s for some other reasons, LOL). I mean, my name is Samantha, I do have a black cat, and have been known to make powerful things happen sometimes with just the wiggle of my nose, but that’s beside the point.

We all know that the daddy-long-leg spider is harmless, but nevertheless, it’s still eerie when they keep bothering you. So, I figured, “It’s gotta mean something significant!” With the help of my sister, who is also an animal fanatic, she found me this great article on spider totems. When I read it, my mouth hit the floor! It was me to a “T” — exactly! I couldn’t believe it. For instance when it says… “If you have the spider as an animal spirit guide, you may have an affinity with acts of creation and the ability to create delicate, intricate things or ideas that are also strong,” or, “she’s the totemic symbol of the Mother, strong feminine energy.” I mean, hello? All those who know me, know this to be true. Plus, one of the biggest attributes of a spider is patience. After they so intricately design their webs, they wait on their prey to arrive to them. Create and allow it to come in. Do your job, than let the universe unfold naturally afterwards. So, maybe because I happen to be currently going through this in my life, and patience has always been a lesson for me to work on, is why the spider keeps appearing for me presently. And just maybe, when the life lesson is over, my skinny, long-legged friends may disappear. Oh well, only time will tell…

If you’re interested in reading more about them as an animal totem, feeling like they may be showing up for you as well, or are just interested in reading about your animal totem in general, click on the link for more details. Spider Totem.  ~ Samantha

Sam Professional PicHi. My name is Samantha Caprio-Negret; I am 36-years-old. I graduated with a BS in Journalism from Florida International University in 2003. I wrote and reported entertainment scripts that were aired on FOX WSVN 7 in Miami, FL and OWL Radio at Florida Atlantic University in Boca. I am passionate about writing and have been writing novels and screenplays for the last ten years or so. I have completed a 18,000 humorous chapter book and 60,000 middle-grade fantasy novel, which both are in the process of being viewed and considered by different publishing houses. Also, my 136-page screenplay, based on a true story, is currently in the development stages with an executive producer and entertainment lawyer in Hollywood. In addition, I am the VP/Director of PR for a charity called Rainbow Guardian, which serves the intellectually challenged/developmentally disabled population, including autism. Mainly, I’m a busy bee being a wife and mother to two small children. You can also find me enjoying reading, working out, blogging, spending quality time with good friends, and/or traveling, whenever I can find extra time (usually one of those activities accompanies a cup of coffee or glass of wine), minus the working out part. However, there are always exceptions.

For more information about Samantha and to read her blog and about her upcoming books and screenplay go to her website here: Samantha Caprio-Negret

Send me your information if you want to be featured as a Guest Blogger! Create a your own Postcard for added effect you can be featured here and possibly in my upcoming book!! For more information and if you have any questions on how to create a postcard please feel free to contact me at melisa@postcardstotheuniverse.com

        Sending love and light…..xoxo ~ Melisa


d 1

Now, before you start defending your love of spicy mayo, let me start off by telling you how much I ❤ spicy mayo. I used to drown my sushi in it (usually JB rolls). That is, until one conversation changed my life:

d2I was at dinner with a friend of mine. We were catching up and sharing about our lives and then came the time to order. So, I proceeded to say “Well, I always get the same thing—a JB roll and I drown it in spicy mayo; but the mango one you’re getting sounds good.” He suggested we get the mango then so that I may try something new. When the roll came he said, “Now I want you to eat a piece…close your eyes and taste the sushi; taste the mango; taste the pepper; and you’re not allowed to put any spicy mayo on it.”

What? No spicy mayo!? OK, this better be good, I thought. As I sat there with my eyes closed and tasted my food in front of him in 100% silence, I realized how uncomfortable I felt slowing down…really tasting the food. I felt uncomfortable in the silence. I thought this is weird and what will other people think and how do I look to him doing this exercise? Then I thought I should just give it a try and see what happens. How bad can it be? I started to allow myself to taste the juiciness of the mango and it was nice and sweet. The next flavor that came was the crunchy, breaded fried shrimp tempura and the finale was an unexpected kick of pepper. I was amazed how a variety of flavors came together in perfect harmony. I would have never thought of putting them together!

d3So, after I shared my intimate experience with my sushi he said, “Let this be a lesson for you in your life. Sometimes you put so much spicy mayo on things that you cannot taste them and it is covering up their natural essences. Practice being in the moment or you will miss it.” He made me eat the remaining five pieces of sushi as I had with the first, in silence and with my eyes closed in front of him. I started thinking about what else I have been in such a rush to finish that what was happening right in front of me went unnoticed. What other feelings were missed by my not fully experiencing the moment. What am I in such a rush for anyway?

I saw that the spicy mayo was more than just what was blocking me from achieving many of my goals in life. It also showed up in all of my habits, both good and bad ones, as unnecessary excess, over committing to things to fill space, fear of vulnerability, and fear of judgment and resistance. Everywhere I turned all of my go-to-places had “spicy mayo” all over them.

d4What I got was this: maybe I need to start trying different menu items and sushi rolls, or roles in life, so that I may experience new flavors and tastes.  I began ordering a variety of sushi rolls that I had previously passed up and used my mayo sparingly, if any. I started looking at the other areas of my life to see how I could take the “spicy mayo” off of them as well. I immediately saw that there was spicy mayo in my health and wellness routine and, instead of making excuses not to exercise (spicy mayo!), I went to my first yoga class. A few days later, I got myself up at 6:15am to go running on the beach, whereon I watched the sunrise.

I thought, this is great! I considered where else I had been putting “spicy mayo” in my life that I could take off? In my romantic relationships there was “spicy mayo;” this mayo showed up in the form of stories I would make up about people in my head…unreal stories… to protect myself from being hurt. However, these stories also prevented me from being loved. So I started to pull apart those stories and become aware of what was in my head versus what was actually happening right now. I changed my profile picture on the dating sight I was on to one that was friendly and approachable. The response was immediate, exciting, and unexpected. Seconds after I clicked “send” I heard a bing bing bing from my email. I was overwhelmed by the immediacy with which these potential suitors were responding to me. It was more than uploading a picture; it was me opening the door to love.

By removing the “spicy mayo,” my life started expanding beyond my wildest dreams. I experienced things that I would never have experienced before, like jogging on the beach during the sunrise, meeting some incredible people, being wined and dined, completing a huge project and laughing a lot more along the way. If not for removing the spicy mayo I would have hit that snooze button one more time. It would have been just another day and none of these amazing things would have happened; and I would not have experienced their beauty and the intimacy of being in the moment.
The result has been a feeling of peace and ease with the flow of my life and now, when I feel my brain taking off like a runaway train with crazy concerns or thoughts that do not serve me, all I have to say is “No more spicy mayo!” and I am back on track.
Feel free to use this line yourself; it’s fun and it will get you present in the moment. Where in your life do you see you may be adding too much spicy mayo? Say it with me out loud, “NO MORE SPICY MAYO!” I know it is hard to say without laughing…and that is good because life is not as serious as we make it and it’s way better without the “spicy mayo.”


Don’t let another day go by where you press the snooze button. Take an action today, join us and register into the “Awaken Your Inner Giant Creatively” Class that Dana and I are currently facilitating sponsored through the Florida International University Life Well Led Center.

Awaken~Create~Unleash Your Best Self through this Fun, Creative, Interactive and Powerful 1 day class! For more information or to register visit www.AwakenYourInnerGiant.com

d picDana DellaCamera holds a Master of Science in Management and Human Resources from FIU. She is a Life Coach, Career Services Expert, Creativity and Professional Development Speaker and Performer.

Contact Dana:


Dana DellaCamera Website 



 Hope you enjoy meeting Dana DellaCamera… Look for more guest features here….

Sending Love and Light.. xoxo ~ Melisa

*And don’t forget to share your spicy mayo story below…..


Imagine your life and your world expanding. Imagine yourself AWAKENING to new levels. Can you see yourself CREATING and MANIFESTING everything your heart desires? Can you then see yourself UNLEASHING that new you to the world?

I bet for a moment you thought, “Sure I can see that, but that’s just a nice fantasy, maybe in another life.” Or, “how would I even get started? I don’t know how.” If you are like how I used to be, you would imagine how nice and then move on to the usual way you go about things and forget about it. Something happened, I had a dream of sorts that caused me to take pause and start creating the life that I wanted. I started investing in me, writing down the things I desired to bring into my life. I made a commitment to myself to make some changes. Many things have opened up in my life since I made that declaration and I know the same can happen for you.

A new AWESOME one day workshop has been designed for just that purpose. Two of my colleagues and I have created an amazing day of inner reflection, discovery, creation, play and action. And we want to share what we created with you. We are calling our one day workshop, AWAKEN YOUR INNER GIANT, CREATIVELY. This is not a workshop where you just sit all day listening to people drone on endlessly with information…OH NO!!

Our workshop is perfect balance of peaceful reflection and high energy interactive exercises so you experience the best of both worlds. You will play, reach deep inside, write, create art and you may even do some dancing…but we can’t give it all away. There are many more surprises that you must attend to see. It’s an amazing day I can promise you. When you tap into and explore your creative brain you discover something magical. You will discover new solutions to problems, new opportunities for action, and new results. You will see how you can finally achieve, new dreams and create and a new found confidence. Your light shines bigger and bolder than ever before lighting the way to clarity of purpose and excitement to move forward achieving your goals with ease.

Here is some information about our workshop leaders.
Dana Dellacamera (Singer, Performer and Life Coach Extraordinaire). Dana will help you AWAKEN and eliminate any barriers to you achieving your goals. Once these are eliminated you are able to newly discover and explore what you are passionate about, get clear on new actions to take and dream new dreams. Be prepared, Dana creates the perfect safe space for you to speak your truth and BE SEEN in all your glory with a freedom and confidence like never before

Melisa Caprio (Photographer, Artist, Author and Master Manifester). I will help you DECLARE and CREATE a Postcard like a mini vision board by tapping into your inner artist. You will show and tell the Universe what it is you want to bring into your life by sending it out into the ethers. Watch how quickly your Postcard manifests into your reality.

Tabatha Mudra (Producer, Photographer, Videographer and Socially Conscious Provocateur). Tabatha will guide you on how to UNLEASH your alter ego also known as your inner tambourine. Your alter helps generate self-esteem and build leadership skills. You will be amazed at how fun it is to access what is already inside you and bring it out. Get ready for some serious play that produces serious results!

Are you interested? You should be, it’s your life and you only get this one. It’s time for you to make a creative investment in yourself. Our workshop comes with a small price and it’s one worth paying to take care of you. You know how to do that, you do it all the time for other people. You don’t think twice about investing in your spouse, children, family and friends. It’s easy, but this time instead of just taking care of someone else you love you are going to invest in you. Please also share it with friends and family that you know would want to join in the fun and breathe new energy into their relationships, career and passions. Get your friends to do it with you. It’s a day packed full of fun. You will strengthen old bonds, make new friends and connect with a community of people uplifting and supporting each other so that we all rise together.

The testimonials are rolling in and people are saying they are seeing amazing shifts for themselves, or their lives are taking off since attending our workshop. We are so excited to be seeing this from our participants. I know that when you attend you will be saying the same things. It’s time! Click here for more information and join us.


REGISTER NOW! and RECEIVE 10% OFF The “Awaken Your Inner Giant Creatively” Workshop for a Limited time use coupon code: LWL10

InnerGiantAwaken Your Creative Inner Giant!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”- Pablo Picasso

Full Day Intensive Creativity Workshop!

We are all creators. We create thoughts, ideas, concepts, products, art, emotions and more all the time.

What would be possible in your life if you started to draw outside the lines and turn up the volume? Sometimes the things that are working for you now are the same things that are preventing you from getting to the next level. In this day-long workshop, you will participate in interactive exercises and activities that will allow you to explore new ideas outside of the usual limits you would give yourself. You will start to connect the dots to reach your fullest potential by tapping into your creativity and waking up your inner creative giant (I might say hidden creative genius instead).

Throughout the day you will discover where your creative roadblocks come from and begin to heal and free yourself from these constraints, allowing your creative energy to flow freely and lead you to things you never thought would be possible. Ultimately you will design and create a new future that you can begin to live in right now.

The three-part workshop gives you access to your creativity on mental, visual, emotional and practical levels:
*ALTER THIS! From Every day to the Runway, From Backstage to Center Stage, led by Tabatha Mudra.

In this fun and informative workshop, you will learn to:
• Meditate for a minute and call up your inner creativity.
• Draw outside of the lines and create your own life path.
• Stay focused and motivated on what you want to create.
• Find new opportunities to take action.
• Experience the freedom of this safe environment to express yourself fully and play again.
• Expand your creativity to the next level.
• Breathe new energy into your life and your projects.
• Explore all of the different facets of your personality and use them in new ways to positively impact your life, productivity, and business.

Get energized, clear and excited about you, your purpose, and your life’s direction.

Creative Investment: $275

The Workshops are 1 day from 10am-5pm. Parking is free. You do NOT have to be a graduate of FIU to attend this workshop. It is open to the public and everyone can participate.

Register online at http://www.fiuonline.com/programs/life-well-led-programs/awaken-inner-giant%20.php
If you have any questions please contact Dana DellaCamera at 786-285-9243 or dana@danadellacamera.com. This workshop is also available and modified to suit business settings, retreats, and students of middle and high schools.

“Creativity is Intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein

I am soo excited to be apart of this. This is one of my manifestations coming true!!

If you have any more questions you can also contact me at melisa@postcardstotheuniverse.com. I would love to see you there or if you know anyone who can benefit from this great event please pass it along to them.

xoxo ~ Melisa

Jake 3 - Copy“To create and make a living, inspiring people through my art.” Artist Jake Cordero

Meet Jake.. An amazing artist who’s dream is to create art and inspire. His dream has become a reality. Jake’s art and murals are taking off and he is in hot demand! Nothing like doing a little manifesting. You are awesome Jake!

“My work begins as a reaction to my environment. My approach of artistic communication reflects influences of cultural, spiritual, musical, and poetic energies that surround me daily. The ideas for my work tend to be a complex breakdown of that environment, which began as reactions, then sparked emotional connections with the images therein. I have always been known for my psychological renderings of the complex, with a twist of the imagery that strongly moves me. One could relate to my energizing, yet relaxing metaphors on many levels. I bring so many aspects of culture, desires for change and yearning for the “in your face” nostalgia to the table, that it is truly hard for me to settle for one category of style. I pride myself on being able to blend with every color the universe has to offer and find joy in every characterization that I indulge in daily. The interpretation of my beliefs and experiences translates into works that embody the emotions evoked by my poignant life. “~ Artist Jake Cordero

Jake Cordero began his love for Art at a very young age. He is a 1st generation American, born to Cuban and Siberian parents. Being from such a diversified family, Jake was exposed to culture and its artistic beauties early on. No matter what obstacle he and his family were faced with, Art became his outlet. It was his childhood utopia.
Early on, his mother realized that he had a significant gift for Art. In Magnet Programs, Jake began to develop an inner passion for the Arts.
Jake set forth on his own artistic voyage to pursue his passion. He began with customizing murals for local franchises and schools. The demand led to starting his own mural business. Since then he has designed several murals for local schools, private residences, and local businesses, as well as contributing to Art Basel Wynwood Murals.
Jake believes that his Art is his voice and he plans to continue to exercise that voice and connect with people of all walks of life for many years to come.

For more information or to contact Jake please go to JakeCordero.com

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Marilu Holmes Postcard B“I am a best selling author, so it is.” ~ TY

Today’s featured Postcard is by my friend Marilu Holmes:  Mother, Wife, Writer, Radio Host, Tango Dancer       and Blogess…

“I’m a best selling author” WOW, when I re-read my postcard, it gives me goosebumps, but it also makes me feel uncomfortable at the “outrageous statement” that my inner editor resists. I’ve always loved writing. I simply can’t help it. It’s the way I communicate with myself and with others. Writing is my laser beam through emotions, which allows me to resolve inner and outer conflict. Simply put, it’s the way I process Life. Until 5 years ago, my writing was confined to the pages of my diary, safely locked to myself, until artist friends encouraged me to “express”, to share with the world those pages, those thoughts, those reflections… my insights, my point of view. I didn’t think that anyone would care, but it turned out that it was meaningful to many. I then embarked in the project of writing my blog, www.DownloadsOfWisdom.com, and later on my radio show, www.blogtalkradio.com/meaningfulconnections.

I cut my hair short, separated from my husband, started dancing tango, doing Improv… and finally went back with my husband to regroup our family, this time, in a completely new and original way. Life is a work in progress, movement toward the path of least resistance, less fear and more acceptance. There’re no final solutions, no ultimate answers, and for sure, no stopping for change. I write about my journey, the same you’re in, the same we are all trying to figure out.  ~ Marilu Holmes

_MG_0065-Edit-2-Edit_SQMarilu Holmes co-owns a small printing company in Florida with her husband. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and an Associate of Applied Science degree in film and TV production. She spent four years writing for a Venezuelan news radio station and a year as a reporter for a local TV channel before moving to the United States in 2000 with her husband. When their second child was born—in 2004—they opened their printing business. Marilu has been published in Elephant Journal and writes weekly for her personal blog, Downloads of Wisdom. She also hosts the radio program Meaningful Connections on BlogTalkRadio. Marilu supports the nonprofit organization Women for Women in their mission to restore communities after civil war. Her dream is to use their programs as a model to restore harmony in the family by strengthening the mother as its center. For more information on Marilu Holmes, visit www.MariluHolmes.com

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