A Global Movement For Manifestation

Wonderful Project…

This is a wonderful project. I already manifested my new career. Thank you.


…can’t get enough…

I love this website and can't get enough of the beautiful photography. I send these to all my friends.


Great Site and Message

I stumbled across your site and love the message, I am sending in my postcard, Thank you.


Jennifer Grace ~ Hay House Author

Melisa has done an extraordinary job of combining art and manifestation with her Postcards to the Universe project: Making it tangible and fun for us all to live our dreams.


Outstanding Project

Melisa has developed a unique approach to helping us manifest our destiny! It's an outstanding project and I can't thank her enough for helping me to create the next chapter of my life.


Extraordinary & Unique

I had so much fun making my postcard and sending my desires to the Universe. Just knowing it's out there manifesting in such a unique way makes me happy!


Jenny Theories, Energy Healer

Melisa’s manifestation movement is the perfect blend of the left-brain goal-setting orientation & right brain creativity. Submitting a Postcard to the Universe aligns your dreams with positive reality. Melisa’s project is a lighthouse for others that like me, need a navigation beacon.


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