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Imagine your life and your world expanding. Imagine yourself AWAKENING to new levels. Can you see yourself CREATING and MANIFESTING everything your heart desires? Can you then see yourself UNLEASHING that new you to the world?

I bet for a moment you thought, “Sure I can see that, but that’s just a nice fantasy, maybe in another life.” Or, “how would I even get started? I don’t know how.” If you are like how I used to be, you would imagine how nice and then move on to the usual way you go about things and forget about it. Something happened, I had a dream of sorts that caused me to take pause and start creating the life that I wanted. I started investing in me, writing down the things I desired to bring into my life. I made a commitment to myself to make some changes. Many things have opened up in my life since I made that declaration and I know the same can happen for you.

A new AWESOME one day workshop has been designed for just that purpose. Two of my colleagues and I have created an amazing day of inner reflection, discovery, creation, play and action. And we want to share what we created with you. We are calling our one day workshop, AWAKEN YOUR INNER GIANT, CREATIVELY. This is not a workshop where you just sit all day listening to people drone on endlessly with information…OH NO!!

Our workshop is perfect balance of peaceful reflection and high energy interactive exercises so you experience the best of both worlds. You will play, reach deep inside, write, create art and you may even do some dancing…but we can’t give it all away. There are many more surprises that you must attend to see. It’s an amazing day I can promise you. When you tap into and explore your creative brain you discover something magical. You will discover new solutions to problems, new opportunities for action, and new results. You will see how you can finally achieve, new dreams and create and a new found confidence. Your light shines bigger and bolder than ever before lighting the way to clarity of purpose and excitement to move forward achieving your goals with ease.

Here is some information about our workshop leaders.
Dana Dellacamera (Singer, Performer and Life Coach Extraordinaire). Dana will help you AWAKEN and eliminate any barriers to you achieving your goals. Once these are eliminated you are able to newly discover and explore what you are passionate about, get clear on new actions to take and dream new dreams. Be prepared, Dana creates the perfect safe space for you to speak your truth and BE SEEN in all your glory with a freedom and confidence like never before

Melisa Caprio (Photographer, Artist, Author and Master Manifester). I will help you DECLARE and CREATE a Postcard like a mini vision board by tapping into your inner artist. You will show and tell the Universe what it is you want to bring into your life by sending it out into the ethers. Watch how quickly your Postcard manifests into your reality.

Tabatha Mudra (Producer, Photographer, Videographer and Socially Conscious Provocateur). Tabatha will guide you on how to UNLEASH your alter ego also known as your inner tambourine. Your alter helps generate self-esteem and build leadership skills. You will be amazed at how fun it is to access what is already inside you and bring it out. Get ready for some serious play that produces serious results!

Are you interested? You should be, it’s your life and you only get this one. It’s time for you to make a creative investment in yourself. Our workshop comes with a small price and it’s one worth paying to take care of you. You know how to do that, you do it all the time for other people. You don’t think twice about investing in your spouse, children, family and friends. It’s easy, but this time instead of just taking care of someone else you love you are going to invest in you. Please also share it with friends and family that you know would want to join in the fun and breathe new energy into their relationships, career and passions. Get your friends to do it with you. It’s a day packed full of fun. You will strengthen old bonds, make new friends and connect with a community of people uplifting and supporting each other so that we all rise together.

The testimonials are rolling in and people are saying they are seeing amazing shifts for themselves, or their lives are taking off since attending our workshop. We are so excited to be seeing this from our participants. I know that when you attend you will be saying the same things. It’s time! Click here for more information and join us.


REGISTER NOW! and RECEIVE 10% OFF The “Awaken Your Inner Giant Creatively” Workshop for a Limited time use coupon code: LWL10

InnerGiantAwaken Your Creative Inner Giant!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”- Pablo Picasso

Full Day Intensive Creativity Workshop!

We are all creators. We create thoughts, ideas, concepts, products, art, emotions and more all the time.

What would be possible in your life if you started to draw outside the lines and turn up the volume? Sometimes the things that are working for you now are the same things that are preventing you from getting to the next level. In this day-long workshop, you will participate in interactive exercises and activities that will allow you to explore new ideas outside of the usual limits you would give yourself. You will start to connect the dots to reach your fullest potential by tapping into your creativity and waking up your inner creative giant (I might say hidden creative genius instead).

Throughout the day you will discover where your creative roadblocks come from and begin to heal and free yourself from these constraints, allowing your creative energy to flow freely and lead you to things you never thought would be possible. Ultimately you will design and create a new future that you can begin to live in right now.

The three-part workshop gives you access to your creativity on mental, visual, emotional and practical levels:
*ALTER THIS! From Every day to the Runway, From Backstage to Center Stage, led by Tabatha Mudra.

In this fun and informative workshop, you will learn to:
• Meditate for a minute and call up your inner creativity.
• Draw outside of the lines and create your own life path.
• Stay focused and motivated on what you want to create.
• Find new opportunities to take action.
• Experience the freedom of this safe environment to express yourself fully and play again.
• Expand your creativity to the next level.
• Breathe new energy into your life and your projects.
• Explore all of the different facets of your personality and use them in new ways to positively impact your life, productivity, and business.

Get energized, clear and excited about you, your purpose, and your life’s direction.

Creative Investment: $275

The Workshops are 1 day from 10am-5pm. Parking is free. You do NOT have to be a graduate of FIU to attend this workshop. It is open to the public and everyone can participate.

Register online at http://www.fiuonline.com/programs/life-well-led-programs/awaken-inner-giant%20.php
If you have any questions please contact Dana DellaCamera at 786-285-9243 or dana@danadellacamera.com. This workshop is also available and modified to suit business settings, retreats, and students of middle and high schools.

“Creativity is Intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein

I am soo excited to be apart of this. This is one of my manifestations coming true!!

If you have any more questions you can also contact me at melisa@postcardstotheuniverse.com. I would love to see you there or if you know anyone who can benefit from this great event please pass it along to them.

xoxo ~ Melisa

From Vow to Wow!!


Wedding Vows (14)

Introducing a new feature to Postcards to the Universe….. Wedding Vows!

I am so excited! I started a new project under Postcards where I create with your help a one-of-a kind piece of your wedding or partnership vows. People are commissioning me to create a piece unique to them of their love and commitment for their relationship. What is the vow you take with your partner? What does it mean to you? Your vows to each other are an affirmation of what you and your partner want your marriage/commitment to look like. Imagine manifesting the relationship you both desire. Having this piece is a gentle reminder of why you both choose each other. Getting married is easy, what takes work, is staying committed to each other, especially as life takes over.

The wedding or partnership ceremony is nice and beautiful, but that lasts only a day. Your marriage or commitment to each other lasts a life time. Why not have something that represents that as a constant reminder to look at. Imagine a beautiful print hanging somewhere in your home. It could be private for your bedroom right over your bed, seeping into your subconscious as you sleep or….. the other things done in bed… (You get the picture).  You can display your unique photograph for everyone to see as they come to your home to share in your love and joy.

There is long process to me creating something for you and I give detailed instructions on my website’s homepage. Click here for all the details plus examples of other Vows I have created. I am advertising my unique artist pieces on The Knot.

I will keep posting as they come in. I hope you enjoy, and please share them with friends and family.

Contact me for any questions at melisa@postcardstotheuniverse.com.

Spreading the Love, xoxo ~ Melisa

How To Get Rid of Your Blocks to Attract Money

One of the most common Positive Affirmations you may set when beginning to work Law of Attraction is to attract more money. You have blocks preventing you from attracting more money in your life, and you do not know it! You have either The ‘Tension’ Block, or The ‘Lack’ Block, or The ‘Worry’ Block. How can you get rid of your blocks? Try these solutions.

To Get Rid of The ‘Tension’ Block, Lighten up!

The more you think you desperately “need” more money; the more you believe you cannot be happy without it. The more tense and serious you are about attracting money, the harder it is going to be. Instead, look at it like a fun game. You will be devoting a perfect mixture of light, positive energy to the process—a natural prosperity attractor! In fact, make it your mission to be lighthearted and easygoing about money and everything else in your life from now on. You will end up attracting more money. Another bonus is you will attract more love, joy, peace, fun, and passion in all areas of your life.

To Get Rid of The ‘Lack’ Block, Be What You Want To Attract NOW!

Another common blockage is the perception of “here and there.” You believe you are HERE, in the midst of lack and struggle. You are trying to get over THERE, where there is peace and plenty of abundance and prosperity. What you will eventually realize is there is no “here or there.” There is only RIGHT NOW. Whatever you are communicating to the universe RIGHT NOW is what you are creating in your physical reality. Rather than focusing on trying to ATTRACT more money, BECOME a person who has all the money you could ever need. You become a person of abundance and prosperity when you think, feel, and act as if your goal is already achieved. Focus daily on feeling happy, abundant, peaceful, secure, and grateful and you will attract life circumstances that correspond with those feelings.

To Get Rid of The ‘Worry’ Block, Let Go!

Do not worry about “how” your money will come. Do not focus obsessively on winning the lottery, receiving an inheritance or anything else specific. Let the universe decide how it will come. Detach from worrying and know your money in on the way! The more you try to control “how” your abundance comes, the more blockages you create.

Take care of your blocks and you will attract more money! In the process, you will have more peace of mind, happiness, and security.

by Darnella Cordier: Third Entity / Inspiration Press/AuthorsMarketplace.com –  for Melisa Caprio • MelisaCaprio.com

Create Your Day by Writing

Positive Affirmations in a Journal

By using the Law of Attraction, you can turn every day into a great day. One way to do that is by using Positive Affirmations and visualization to create your day. Write them in a journal.

Do not let your outer circumstances set the tone for each day. Do not allow people and events trigger feelings of anger, frustration, and impatience. When you do this, you are not using the power you have available to you! Take action now to create your day.

First, when you wake up in the morning, spend 10 minutes or so thinking about the Positive Affirmations you would like to experience that day. How would you like your workday to go? What kind of people would you like to meet? Would you like to receive great opportunities to advance your career or financial situation? How would you like to feel for the majority of your day?

Positive Affirmations Work

You have written your Positive Affirmations and have posted them easily to view. That’s great! Writing them down daily is even better. Grab a blank journal or notebook and jot these details down! Once you’ve gotten all the details written down, spend a few minutes vividly imagining each scenario in your mind, exactly as you would like it to happen. Pretend you are watching a movie in your mind, seeing it all play out exactly as you would like it to have it happen.

Most importantly, allow yourself to feel as if they were actually happening now. Immerse yourself in feelings of excitement, joy, happiness, and gratitude as you enjoy one great Positive Affirmation experience after another. Use this same process for every experience you would like to have that day.

By the time you are finished you should be feeling fantastic; buzzing with good spirits and high expectations!

Then continue with your normal routine, taking special care not to be “attached” to any specific events or experiences, just simply staying open to whatever comes. Keep affirming that great things are going to happen to you that day, and you feel great about all of the blessings and abundance in your life.

At the same time, avoid being entangled in feelings of worry, anxiety, frustration, and anger as much as possible throughout the day because those feelings will interfere with the positive energy you have already put out.

As often as you can remember, call to mind images of the things you visualized earlier and allow good feelings to flow over you again. Affirm and know that wonderful things are happening, even if you do not see them quite yet.

Use Positive Affirmations Daily

By using this process on a daily basis, you will eventually start to notice good things are starting to happen. You will find yourself being in the “right place at the right time” and generally enjoying greater opportunities and abundance. The joy you feel increases the manifestation of your Positive Affirmations.

Now, go back to your journal and write your Positive Affirmation accomplishments! Doesn’t that feel good? Of course! And, you know what? Your doubting subconscious will dwindle!

by Darnella Cordier: Third Entity / Inspiration Press/AuthorsMarketplace.com –  for Melisa Caprio • MelisaCaprio.com

Positive Affirmations with the Law of Attraction

You set your site on accomplishing your goals and desires using the Law of Attraction. You have written your Success Affirmations; Affirmations for love; money Affirmations; weight loss Affirmations, or Affirmations for healing! Your desires and goals are not manifesting! Is this you? If so, you might need to jumpstart your understanding about the Law of Attraction with more tools.


 Tool #1 – Increase Your Trust in The Law of Attraction

When you increase your trust in Positive Affirmations with the Law of Attraction, you are not expecting immediate gratification. When using the Law of Attraction with your Positive Affirmation, you may find you are always tapping your foot asking when you desire is going to happen for you.

If you are, you are just testing the waters, and not willing to trust fully the process. You MUST believe, TRULY believe your Positive Affirmation will come to you. You have to realize you are simply sending out positive energy surrounding a subject. You must trust the Law of Attraction to send it back to you in its time.

Re-tool #2 – Increase Your Awareness and Do Your Part with Positive Affirmations with The Law of Attraction

You might also be expecting the answer to your Positive Affirmation to show up in a certain method. For example, you might ask for money. You are hoping someone will just give it to you. This may be your idea of the Law of Attraction. However, if you are alert to the universe around you, you may come across another means. You have to be aware.

An idea might come that you could carry out to bring you the money you want. The idea might involve some work on your part, but the result would be the same. You have to do your part! If your energy is positive, you will look on this circumstance with gratitude and joy. Working with the Law of Attraction, when you do your part, you will multiply the good in your life.

Tool #3 – Increase Your Faith in Positive Affirmations with The Law of Attraction

Another mistake you might make in using the Law of Attraction is putting too much emphasis on the ‘seen’ evidence. We are taught that things we ‘see’ provide evidence of accomplishment. When you do not ‘see’ the evidence you expect according to what you know to be true, you may subconsciously prove the Law of Attraction is not working.

The truth is that you do not really understand the Law of Attraction and the science behind it. Your new positive, focused thoughts, without doubt, will come to fruition in the future. This is the outlook you have when have mastered the use of the Law of Attraction. You believe in the outcome because you believe in the process. DO NOT let a lack of evidence decrease your faith. The seeming lack of evidence is the time to INCREASE your faith in the Law of Attraction.

Tool #4 – Release the Past with Positive Affirmations with The Law of Attraction

You might have problems fully using the Law of Attraction because your past outlook has been so limited. You have strong emotions about things you consider too hard to conquer or too much or too big to have. When these emotions come up, it changes the energy you are sending out. Recognize these emotions are in your past. These past emotions do not serve your Positive Affirmation today. Release it! Replace this negative emotion with joy and appreciation that your Positive Affirmations with The Law of Attraction is how you feel NOW.

Positive Affirmations with The Law of Attraction Work!

by Darnella Cordier: Third Entity / Inspiration Press/AuthorsMarketplace.com –  for Melisa Caprio • MelisaCaprio.com


The Law of Attraction will bring into your life your heart’s desires. Sure, you have written your Positive Affirmations. Perhaps they are Success Affirmations; Affirmations for love; money Affirmations; weight loss Affirmations, or Affirmations for healing. But, gratitude or appreciation of what you already have is necessary to attract what you want. Every day when you wake up try to be thankful. Think about the good things in your live that you should be thankful for.

Appreciate your job (even if you do not like it).Feel gratitude for a place to live. If you have some food, some friends or anything else you can find to appreciate, appreciate it. Many people do not have even enough basic things like food, water and their own place to live. It is natural to want more; to want to improve your standard of life, but first you need to feel gratitude for what you already have.

If you start your day with feelings of gratitude, you will feel good, and you can keep that feeling all day.

To help jump-start your day with gratitude, you should write a gratitude list, something like this: “I am so happy and grateful that…” and then write what you would like to have. For example, “I AM very happy and grateful that I make (the dollar amount you want) per year; that I have wonderful and loving partner…etc.” Use your Affirmations as your guide. As with your Affirmation, your gratitude statement should be in the present tense, with the power of the words, I AM. Remember, with the Law of Attraction with Affirmations, you are creating your future. (See the post How the Law of Attraction Works with Affirmations) You are creating your future with gratitude statements as well.

Show Me Your Gratitude

Now, visualize the things you want, be grateful for them, and think about them as already yours. Feel how happy you are with what are grateful for having or experiencing. Remember how you happy you were when you got your first job or when you had your first kiss? Recall those feeling and bring them forth NOW!

When you achieve what you are grateful for, you can add new gratitude statements to your list. When you write about money, start first with amount you believe is possible, and then increase the amount when you get the amount you had written down. Be specific about everything on your gratitude list. See your bank account overflowing with abundance.

Gratitude- An Essential Element

When you start doing as described above, at first you might feel strange that you are using present tense for the things you want to have in the future. But, it is important to train your mind and force your mind to think about them in present tense. After some time of playing such “mental ping pong,” your mind will obey, and will help you to achieve the things you want. Do not let your habitual mind go into its default and thinks the way it always has. If you catch yourself in default, simply review your gratitude list again!

by Darnella Cordier: Third Entity / Inspiration Press –  for Melisa Caprio • MelisaCaprio.com

How the Law of Attraction Works with Affirmations

Using the Law of Attraction to accomplish your goals and achieve your heart’s desires with Affirmations works when you work it. This means that you have to believe in your Affirmations, whether they are Success Affirmations; Affirmations for love; money Affirmations; weight loss Affirmations, or Affirmations for healing.

By believing in your Affirmation, you tell your body with the power of your mind that your mind is in control! You recognize thoughts are a form of energy and energy has motion. Look at working with Affirmations as a mode of ‘performance art.’ The American Heritage Dictionary online defines ‘performance art’ as “A form of theatrical art featuring the activity of the artist and works presented in a variety of media.”

“What? Theater, you say?”

“Me, an artist, you ask?”

Look at it this way: you are a creator, and you are the artist of your life. Your life is your theater. Every day you are performing your creative activity. Your activities become your work—in all forms. Therefore, every minute you are creating your life. So whether you like it or not, you are creating your future in this present time. Do you get that? As you read this post, you are creating your future.

Affirmations Work!

So, when you are working with the Law of Attraction with Affirmations, you are creating your future. Here’s the rub though. While you are creating your future with positive Affirmations, your habitual mind goes into its default and thinks the way it always has. The body, then, responds accordingly! (see the post, The Law of Attraction: You Get What You Ask For).

Since you living your life as ‘performance art’, you are creating the life you want. To work successfully with the Law of Attraction with Affirmations, your Affirmations need to be written in the present time. If you want to lose weight, you affirm you are at your perfect weight right now. You are not affirming that you will lose weight when you start to exercise—in the future. When you affirm your weight loss this way, you are letting your mind tell your body that it’s okay to stay the way you are for right now.

Affirmations are Powerful

Two of the most powerful words you can use with an Affirmation are the words “I AM.” Using these words implies you are thinking in the present affirming your future. For information on forming Positive Affirmations, see WealthCreationNetwork.com.

Now that you are beginning your performance, you must begin to act! You must act as if your Affirmation has occurred already. When you ‘act’ as if you affirmation is true, your body and conscious mind believes it. Why? Because you have implanted your Positive Affirmation in your subconscious mind and the physical you doesn’t know the difference about the truth of your Positive Affirmation.

Begin today to write and feel your Affirmations in the present to create your future ‘performance art’ today!

by Darnella Cordier: Third Entity / Inspiration Press –  for Melisa Caprio • MelisaCaprio.com

Law of attraction AngelThe Law of Attraction:

You Get What You Ask For

Perhaps you have heard about the Law of Attraction, and how the law demonstrates, “In life, you get what you ask for.” Yet, you still don’t understand the reason you are not getting what you ask for. I can tell you that can have what you ask for. I can tell you have that you the power or energy to determine the course of your own life, now, if you know how! You can through the power of your mind! How? With the Law of Attraction! The movie and book, The Secret, demonstrated the Law of Attraction, and maybe you still wonder if ‘it” really works. And, what is the Law of Attraction anyway?

Here is the ‘down and dirty’ explanation of the Law of Attraction:

Considering the Law of Attraction, when we ‘ask’ for anything, usually we are mentally ‘asking’ for what we want to have or happen in our life. Your asking thoughts are a form of energy. ‘Energy’ in all its definitions implies the force of an activity. Thus, thinking, wishing and affirming anything is a form of energy, a form of movement. Everything starts with a thought, a movement. A thought has energy. It has power. Energy wants to manifest itself and it does so by attracting ‘like’ energy. This is the process of creation—The Law of Attraction. Start thinking positive thoughts. Think only thoughts you wish to see happen in real life. Think only what you want to become true.

Let me give you an example:

You are thinking of a long lost love, then, the love contacts you, seemingly ‘out of the blue’. An accident? No! An energy asking, yes!

Here’s another example of The Law of Attraction:

You are financially strapped for cash. You have no idea how you will pay your living expenses. Absolutely, you have no money, zero! You are ‘asking’ for a miracle. Last year, a client owed you money and couldn’t pay. You agreed to wait patiently for the payment. ‘Out of the blue’ the payment comes your way. An accident? No! No! An energy asking, yes!

One more, example, lest you doubt:

You are determined to stay as healthy as you can be. You go to your use your treadmill. You discover it has stopped working and the warranty ran out last week. You go online to get a new one, but your budget doesn’t include a new treadmill right now. It just so happens that a friend calls right then and invites you to go to an estate yard sale. There it is! A barely used treadmill for a fraction of the cost of a new one. An accident? No! No! An energy asking, yes!

The above examples are the process of creation—The Law of Attraction! We use this process of creation all the time, without knowing it.

When we are not aware, then we are like most people, and use this power—The Law of Attraction to create negative circumstances in life. We have negative thoughts and get negative results. Once we learn how to think positive thoughts, we will get positive results in our life with the Law of Attraction.

How does the Law of Attraction work?

When the mainstream of your thoughts in your subconscious mind is negative, let’s say for 85 %, of the time, then the outcome will be negative for 85% of what shows up in your life. Your thoughts fall into your subconscious mind, which executes exactly what you put in it. It is like your computer. When you type in your computer, (your subconscious mind), “I am stupid, I am fat, I am ugly, and nobody loves me,” are you angry with your printer (your life) when the paper comes out printed with, “I am stupid, I am fat, I am ugly, and nobody loves me?” Do you throw a shoe at your computer and yell it, saying it is its fault that everything is going wrong? No, because you know you put that information in it, and your computer does not interfere. The output matches exactly the input. You have in essence ‘attracted’ the information from your computer (subconscious mind) into your life (the printed-paper).

If you don’t like the output, change the input. Start thinking positive thoughts. Think only thoughts you wish to see happen in real life. Think only what you want to become true. Then, just wait and see the Law of Attraction manifest for you!

If you want more in-depth information about how to work specifically with the Law of Attraction using Affirmations, read the post about Affirmations in this blog.

by Darnella Cordier: Third Entity / Inspiration Press –  for Melisa Caprio • MelisaCaprio.com

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