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Manifest Your Dreams & Desires with Postcards to the Universe and be a Contributor

Manifesting Your Masterpiece

​MANIFEST  Love, Relationships, Abundance, Success, Money, Health or anything your Heart Desires.

​CREATE YOUR OWN POSTCARD for a powerful effect. On the postcard write your dreams and send it out to the Universe. 

Postcards to the Universe is a collaboration between Caprio and the beautiful souls who contributed to this project.

  •  Sign up for my NEWSLETTER and receive a FREE how to create a manifesting postcard tutorial as a THANK YOU. 

  • Get clear and set an intention on what you want to manifest. Write an affirmation of what you want as if you already have it. Example - "I am grateful for my new job.”

  • Create a space for your MANIFESTING work.

  • Collect supplies & images related to what you want to manifest to use for your postcard. Great places to find images - Pinterest, Google, Magazines, Old Cards, Pictures, etc. Or if you choose, you can draw or paint.

  • When you have all your supplies to create your postcard - shut off the outside world. Light a candle, sage your space, say  THANK YOU to the UNIVERSE for already having what you want. Make the ritual of creating - SACRED.

  • Pour all your energy into your postcard as you have fun creating. Take your time and remember to play. This is FUN!

  • When you are finished, take a photo so you have a record of what you created. Place that photo in a space where you will see it every day.

  • Send out your MANIFESTING POSTCARD to the UNIVERSE! Let it go - It is done and on its way to you.

  • When your DREAM manifests into physical form, share your story with Postcards to the Universe and you may be featured in the next book. Contact me for more details.  Also, PLEASE share it on our IG page @PostcardstotheUniverse

  • A good tip - Use the inside of a greeting card, it's a higher card stock and it has an envelope for mailing.

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