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Hay House – I Can Do It Conference 2014

I want to talk about my experience at the I Can Do It conference this past weekend from Hay House. It was a conference in Ft. Lauderdale that compiled the most inspirational and motivational speakers in a jammed packed 2 day event. If you don’t know anything about Hay House, I highly recommend you go to www.hayhouse.com and see the speakers and authors represented there and also you will find the beautiful Louise Hay who manifested it. Her journey alone is inspiring and amazing. We need more people on Earth like Louise!

I tried to think of the best way to describe it in this blog. So I decided the best way was to break down each speaker/author and tell you what messages I got out if it. I heard many amazing things, many ways to look at my life. Each speaker had the same basic message but each had their own unique way of delivery. Some were funny, some were dramatic, some were scientific, some were angelic, some were woo-woo and some were down right tragic that turned to transformation. Each message is the same, and the message is.. …Love Yourself Ferociously for who you are, no matter where you are, no matter where you have come from, or no matter what you may have been in the past. Be grateful every day, be conscious of your thoughts and be mindful of your intentions and forgive yourself and others for everything. Pay attention! If you do these things every day you can change your life. The Universe or God or whatever higher power works for you has no choice but to meet you at that level. From there your life will expand and you can heal your life in any way shape or form you can imagine.


Wayne Dyerwww.drwaynedyer.com. Wayne Dyer was the opener of the conference and for 3 hours Saturday morning we were blessed with his teachings. His new book I Can See Clearly Now: Seeing Obstacles as Devine Gifts was the basis of his talk. First off he is very funny and he loves to talk, he had no problem filling up those 3 hours. And all of us in the audience loved every minute of it. So what message did I get from Wayne? I got very clearly that I have a choice in every moment on how I am going to see and live my life. I can take a situation that is uncomfortable and painful and feel very sorry for myself or I can take that same situation and look for the gift. Each situation comes to us as an opportunity to grow to show us where we are. If I change the way I look at the situation or event, it automatically changes. By receiving the message that came with the situation or problem, I don’t have to repeat it. Done, been there done that and move on! Apparently according to Wayne, our souls come into this world with some challenges we tell God we are going to tackle in this life. So situations come up so we can do exactly what we came here to do. This is not the first time I heard this and for me, it makes so much sense. It rings true for me and helps me have a better understanding of our world and its issues. Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer again for all that you contribute to this world. And also thank you Wayne for letting me know that I too am a scurvy elephant. (Look up this story if you want to know what it means).

Cheryl Richardsonwww.cherylrichardson.com. Cheryl Richardson followed and her hour long talk was called Self-Care for the Sensitive Soul. All I can say is WOW! If you, like me, ever heard the words,”you are too sensitive” or “why are you so sensitive?” Or “get over it, that’s just the way they are” about people who take advantage or say hurtful things to you, than go check out Cheryl’s website. I really got that it’s ok to be sensitive and in fact it’s good for the planet to be sensitive. I also got that as sensitive people we need to get rid of those toxic folks who do nothing but bring us down. It’s imperative to rid ourselves from anything that is toxic. Whatever is toxic to you should be taken out of your life so you can expand and grow. You will better serve yourself and the world that way. I love how she isn’t afraid to tell people what she thinks and it’s their problem how they receive it and how that has empowered her. Thanks Cheryl! I think I am going to be a bit more like you.

Brian L. Weiss, M.D.www.brianweiss.com. Brian Weiss came on next, the author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Finding New Levels of Healing. Dr. Weiss does past life regressions for those of you who don’t know and he talked about how each of us never really dies and has lived many times before. How we each will live many more lives and how we all come back again and again with the same group of souls so we are always connected to our loved ones. So the good news and bad depending on how you look at it is if you haven’t gotten complete with someone in this life you will come back together again to figure it out. Isn’t that great? That means we have eternity with those souls we love and relationships that need to heal. And that we are destined to heal whatever it is, if not in this life than some future life. He gave us a 25 minute past life regression as a group of 3 thousand; I swear it felt like 5 minutes. It was really amazing; I definitely went somewhere and got a very strong message. If it came from my past life or my imagination it doesn’t matter. I got what I needed to get and that was the point. I happen to believe in past lives, it’s another thing that makes perfect sense to me. Thank you Brian Weiss for sharing your message with the world, it does make the thought of dying less scary knowing we never really loose our loved ones.

Immaculée Ilibagizawww.immaculee.com. Immaculée is amazing! Her talk Left to Tell is about the power of prayer and forgiveness. I think I cried the most when I listened to her speak. In 1994 she survived the Genocide in Rwanda. If you do not know what happened in the early nineties in Rwanda than you should look up how 1 million families where slaughtered in a 100 day period. Immaculée spent 91 days in a crammed bathroom with seven other women in hiding. When she came out of that bathroom she found out that each member of her family had been slaughtered. The reason I use that word instead of killed is so you will get the magnitude of what that really means. While in that bathroom she formed an intimate bond with God and The Virgin Mary as she prayed on her rosary every single day. After some healing she was able to go to the prison and forgive the men who did the killing of her family and forgive the government for what happened. Now can you imagine?? We can barely forgive the person who cut us off in traffic. There was a reason that she survived, she is a true messenger from God about the power of forgiveness and healing and she is here to teach us that message. I was so inspired and touched by her courage, I was awestruck. Immaculée thank you for being the beautiful healer you are and sharing your story with us. I will work on my forgiveness because of you.

Anita Moorjaniwww.anitamoorjani.com. Anita Moorjani came back from the dead literally! Her inspired talk called The Power of Transformation is about how she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for 3 years and grew sicker until she finally was in a coma and crossed over to the other side. Her amazing story talks about how when she did leave her body and cross into another dimension she understood everything. She heard everyone around her speaking, she felt an encompassing love that she says she can’t explain and there was no time. She saw every person in her life that she ever had contact in her whole life in an instant and understood in an millisecond what those connections meant. She met her father who had passed over there and she had a deep knowing that all disease and illness starts out as an energetic energy which then manifests as a physical illness. That everything in our world is not real. She also knew when she came back her cancer would be gone. And shortly after her experience it was. No more cancer. I really got from Anita that how we think, feel and hold energies that do not serve us brings us down and affects our health. It really clicked with me that I am responsible for what I allow in my energetic field. Thank you Anita Moorjani, I am going to work at this every day.

Nancy Levinwww.nancylevin.com. Nancy Levin who is the event director for the events at Hay House inspired us with her talk titled, Jump and Your Life Will Appear. Nancy reminded us all of being in situations that kill our spirit and what that means. You are in a relationship that doesn’t work, or your job is sucking the life out of you. Nancy took a brave step in showing us how to take that leap to make a change. Because as she states if you don’t, the Universe will do it for you whether you are ready or not. Thank you Nancy for the most fantastic event ever! I loved every minute of it.

Alex Woodwardwww.alexwoodard.com. Wow what to say about Alex Woodward!. … His talk was not just a talk but a whole encompassing art piece. Called For the Sender, his project is about letters and poems of loss turned into song, about short docu films for the sender of those letters. They are about healing ourselves through words and music; they are about the universal emotions of love. They are about bringing compassion to those who need it. Please go to Alex’s website. I cannot describe in words good enough to tell you what his work is about. You have to see it for yourself. Thank You Alex for sharing your gifts with all of us.

Dr. Christiane Northrupwww.drnorthrup.com. We ended our first day with Dr. Christiane Northrup, I cannot even begin to tell you what a wild ride that was. Her keynote speech was called Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Vitality, Well-being, and Radiance. She didn’t hold back anything, and I mean anything. This is how she describes herself “ I dedicated the first half of my life studying all that can go wrong with the female body—and learning how to fix it. I’m devoting the second half of my life to illuminating all that can go right.” She gave us so much information about our bodies and our health and our healthcare system and what big money looks like in health. I really received the message that we are in charge of our bodies and our health care and to really consider the doctors that we choose for ourselves. She shared that it’s ok to question what treatment is being prescribed and to really listen to your intuition about the healthcare you are receiving and to stand up for yourself if there is something that doesn’t feel right. To question the information that is being given to us by big medical companies. She taught us that righteous anger is actually healthy and linked to longevity in your life. Thank you Christiane for your candor, humor, wit and factual information, plus I learned so much about my girlie parts. The men who were present loved every minute of her talk.

And that was only Saturday…


Doreen Virtuewww.angeltherapy.com. Doreen Virtue sees and speaks to angels. In her keynote titled, Healing, Help and Guidance from your Angels, she shares how each of us has angels around us to help us and all we have to do is ask. They are actually waiting for us to ask for help or guidance, that the problem is most of us don’t reach out to them. We all have the Archangels and they are there for us all the time when we call on them. But each of us also has our own specific team of angels specifically assigned to us. She did some readings for people in the audience and they were accurate at least according to the people getting the reading. So I believe her, why not? I know there are angels. I have to remind myself to ask more often for things, thanks Doreen for the reminder.

Joe Dispenza, D.C.www.drjoedispenza.com. Joe Dispenza is a scientist, author and lecturer and his talk titled, Making Your Mind Matter is all about how what we believe about ourselves and our lives is what guides our realities. He does it from a scientific perspective with all the factual studies to back it up. He is wonderful for the left brainers who have a hard time believing in things that they can’t see. The good news from Joe is there is scientific evidence that our thoughts and emotions create our realities. He also has scientific evidence that we can heal ourselves from disease. So for all the skeptics out there he is wonderful teacher that you can resonate with. Thank you Joe Dispenza for your factual information that satisfies the skeptic in me that sometimes bites me when I lose my way.

Nick Ortnerwww.nickortner.com. What to say about the adorable Nick Ortner. He is such an inspiration. His talk was about EFT called The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living. EFT stands for emotional freedom technique or tapping. Tapping is a healing modality that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. I have used EFT in the past and find it really helpful for stress and minor pains. I need to start using it again. Nick uses it for global healing and is getting amazing results. He has helped thousands of people deal with trauma and PTSD. You should really see what tapping is about, it’s something you can easily do all the time to help heal yourself or deal with stress. Nick has started a foundation and is from Newtown, CT. His presentation about using tapping to the residence and families of Newtown after last year’s shooting had the whole audience in tears. He is another amazing light worker on our planet, and the audience including myself just adored him. Thank you Nick Ortner for everything you do for the world.

Kris Carrwww.kriscarr.com. The beautiful and really funny Kris Carr was just amazing to listen to. Her keynote speech was titled From Surviving to Thriving: Creating a Crazy Sexy Life. Kris has a rare and deadly cancer and has been living with it beyond her doctors’ diagnosis with the amazing news that her tumors are shrinking. She has completely changed her life and it started with taking control of her life, her thoughts and completely changing her life with food. She talks about how the foods we eat can really heal us from disease and stress and she is living proof. Her openness and candor is infectious and it makes me want to really consider more the kinds of foods that I am putting in my body. I had no idea of how many foods are genetically modified now and it is really scary. But if Kris can make radical changes I can certainly make some small ones. Thanks Kris for your beautiful soul and sharing your journey. I will remember to check my poop and kill the serial killer Kale (inside joke).

Gabrielle Bernsteinwww.gabbyb.tv. Another beautiful soul with a fire inside, she exudes so much energy I was getting a bit dizzy at this point. Her talk titled, Are You Ready to Work Miracles? Was so high packed with information and tips I don’t know if we could keep up with her. Gabrielle went from being a depressed, stressed out addict to this amazing inspirational author and speaker. She gives full on tips that you can use every day to change your life. Its actual applications and tools you can use in an instant to change your energy. She was amazing and the audience loved her. Thank you Gabby for getting me inspired.

John Hollandwww.johnholland.com. John Holland talks to the dead. Yup you heard me right, he sees dead people and not only that, he chats with them. His was the last keynote of the convention titled, The Spirit Whisperer: Messages from the Other Side. All I can say is wow…wow…wow! He did readings and they were amazing. One woman lost her young son in a tragedy and everything he said this woman confirmed. The tears were flowing for all 3 thousand of us. A pin could drop as we all sat transfixed and silent. He reminded us we were all born with some clairvoyance and lost it along the way as we grew up. Many people were too afraid of being different and made fun of and shut that side of themselves down. I already know I have feelings about people and things so I trust mine. He reminded us to listen to children who are still open to it and to encourage them. Not to shut them down, as they will be more healers among us. He joked and said we should all have a kid 7 or under with us as the true test to see a person’s character. Thanks John, I loved every minute of your keynote and I will remember to ask my cute little niece about people when I am not sure about them.

And that was Sunday! Can you see what I mean? Sunday night I couldn’t even speak, I didn’t have one thought in my head. Not good or bad, no mind-chatter at all. I kept asking myself if I was alright. I couldn’t come up with one complete thought.

And that is just a snippet of what I received. There is soo much more; I didn’t even touch on all the cool people I met and hung out with who were there and the connections I made. I highly recommend clicking on some links I posted and check out these speakers. My intention is to one day be among them as a published Hay House author/photographer/artist with my Postcard Project. Maybe one day even be a speaker. Who knows, it’s all open.

All I know is I am going to take one small step at a time, it’s too much to process all of it at once and do radical changes, most of the time trying to change so much at once doesn’t stick. But I can add one thing and maybe take away one thing that isn’t working for me any longer and let that integrate into my system. I will just keep going from there. Again thank you Louise Hay and Hay House, every moment was brilliant!

xoxo ~ Melisa


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  • Thank you for sharing all that, Melisa. What a wonderful account of a massive gathering of powerful speakers! I enjoyed this very much.


    • Thank you Verna,

      Please come back some more to see some of the exciting things that are happening.

      Blessings to you, Melisa

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