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Postcards to the Universe, A Global Movement for Manifestation

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Learn to be a conscious co-creator with the Universe and manifest what you want!


Have you ever wanted a way to bend the ear of the Universe – that is, the loving energy behind all creation? Yes, that Universe, the one that renders absolute and perfect manifestation. Know that the Universe hears what is in your heart. It hears exactly what you want for your greatest life. In Postcards to the Universe: Harness the Universe's Power and Manifest Your Dreams, artist-photographer Melisa Caprio offers a way to combine art, love and manifestation that will lead you to everything your heart desires. Lush with imaginative images and poignant with heartfelt words, this beautiful book is already igniting a creative fire in manifesters everywhere.

We all wish. We are already good at wishing before we blow out the candles on our first birthday cake. We are wishing when we pull on a wishbone. We are wishing when we throw coins in a fountain. But then the wish is gone, rarely thought of again, if ever. But if you had the Universe’s ear, where you could harness your own power, reach your full potential and tap into your deepest creativity, what then? What would you ask for?

Caprio doesn't merely photograph these postcards; she acts as a conduit, an artistic seer who channels the essence of each person's yearning. Through her lens, the desires themselves take form, shimmering into existence on film or canvas. These aren't mere postcards anymore, but portals, bridges woven from light and intention, connecting the deepest longings of the heart with the boundless potential of the Universe. It's the Law of Attraction, but imbued with an ethereal touch, a testament to the invisible forces that conspire to bring our dreams into reality.

Magical Messages

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