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A Change of Heart

”…I was with a friend at an art exhibition in these very cool studios where artist’s live and work, and I had been introduced to Melisa and she was sharing her project, Postcards to the Universe. She asked if I would like to grab a postcard and write down something I want to manifest in my life. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant. But, she had one picture in particular that I liked sitting on her table. It was of an old rotary telephone. It reminded me of my father’s phone in his office when I was a little kid. I asked if I could write something on it. She said I could even though that wasn’t one of her usual postcards, but just a photo she had printed out. I was struggling with what to write. I already had so much so she suggested I write something I want to feel. What came to me was, ‘Dear Universe, Lead me in a direction where I can find some joy.’


I left the postcard with her and went about my life. Fast forward two months later, and I was in my office preparing for a case when I had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. I had a heart attack. I got very lucky according to the doctors, and while I was in the hospital recovering, I knew I had to change my life. I knew I couldn’t do that job any longer. I told my family, and surprisingly, they were more supportive than I had thought they would be. I transferred all my cases to other attorneys and did nothing for a while. I was lucky I had money to sustain me, but I needed to think about what I wanted to do now with my life. For the first time I took care of myself. I started reading and taking classes and courses and trying new things that I had never had the time for. I really listened to my heart. I discovered that I liked sharing my knowledge with others, and I really wanted to help people, especially children. So, I got my teaching degree and became a teacher…”

Full story available in the book Postcards to the Universe or follow the live readings on IG or Tiktok.

“Lead Me In A Direction Where I Can Find Some Joy” ~ C

Story from Postcards to the Universe, Harness the Universe's Power and Manifest Your Dreams

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