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And So it Begins

“Once you decide to live your life with passion and vision, it’s almost as if you spread your wings and the Universe allows you to fly. Some say that believing in yourself is magic and once you can do that, you can do anything. 


I’m a small town boyraised very simply to always be humble and content. I’ve always had big dreams for myself and for life in general. Even though I embrace the spirit of contentment, and am truly thankful for everything, I have always known I was meant for something more. “A servant’s heart,” I should say. I want to be so passionate about life that it will bring joy to others…” 

Full story available in the book Postcards to the Universe or follow the live readings on IG or Tiktok.

“And So it Begins” ~ Robby

Story from Postcards to the Universe, Harness the Universe's Power and Manifest Your Dreams

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