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Are You Crystal Clear About Your Life's Purpose?

I don’t believe most people are. I cannot say with a hundred percent assurance that I am completely crystal clear about my life’s purpose...

I don’t believe most people are. I cannot say with a hundred percent assurance that I am completely crystal clear about my life’s purpose, but I do have a good idea of the direction of my life’s purpose. I like to be open to the Universe for surprises along the way. I am sure there are things I never could have imagined that could open up to me and I want to be available to receive those messages. For example, starting Postcards To The Universe was a total surprise to me. I was doing something completely different with my life until this opened up. I am constantly amazed by all the new and exciting things that I have learned and experienced since I started this journey. I have met the most amazing people and I have been a part of a new modality of thought and spirit that resonates deeply with me.

I received this Postcard from someone who had been searching for their life’s purpose and finally after much internal work has discovered what makes their spirit soar. How wonderful and joyful it is to discover what you were meant to do with your life. This person has become so joyful and grateful to finally figure out what they came here to do. As I am sure you know there are many people who know exactly what they came to Earth to do, Oprah Winfrey is a great example. She knew she was here to teach people. What is so amazing about her is she didn’t limit herself to thinking it had to be in a school system, she allowed the Universe or God to surprise her.

So what is your life’s purpose? Do you know? Everyone has one, everyone. No one is left out period. For example one of the most overlooked but important life’s purpose is being the best mother you can be. Your life’s purpose is to raise compassionate, loving human beings who contribute to the world. Would anyone say that is not important? I don’t think so. Most people think of life’s purpose as having to be famous or for example, a scientist who came up with a way to stop global warming. A life’s purpose is someone who does something that gives them immense joy and sparks the fire within them, that’s it. Many people never make a living doing their life’s purpose, many people do. If you are doing something just to make money but it brings you no joy, you are not living your life’s purpose.

If you have no idea what your life’s’ purpose is, what do you do to find it? It’s pretty simple although not necessarily easy. What is it that you like doing the most in this world? Whatever that is…do that. If it’s painting, start to paint. If it’s acting, join a local theater, you don’t have to make it in Hollywood. If it’s being with children, volunteer somewhere, you don’t have to go back to school to become a certified teacher. If it’s helping animals, find somewhere you can help, you don’t have to be a veterinarian. Do you get my drift? Find what makes your heart sing and find a way to do that. The Universe will meet you there and believe me amazing opportunities will present themselves.

I would love to hear from you if you are living your life’s purpose.

PS. Get creative and make a Postcard around living your life’s purpose and send it to Postcards To The Universe, I will post it!!! ….And… You will be declaring it to the Universe for added power!!

Until next time sending love and light...

xoxo ~ Melisa

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