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Breathe, Love & Magic Podcast

Updated: Feb 7

Ready for some manifestation magic? My guest on this week’s Breathe Love & Magic podcast is all about creating wish postcards and sending them to the Universe. Meet Melisa Caprio!

What Got Melisa Started with Postcards?

I started the conversation with Melisa by talking about art journaling, one of my latest passions and creative outlets. Melissa is a photographer who enjoys taking pictures of hand written letters with props that match the content.

Melisa has a fine art background and was working at a job taking photographs of special needs children doing therapy with dolphins. That sounds amazing. Living in the Florida Keys, things were good.

Then, three big things happened all at once. Her job ended, her marriage fell apart, and she was moving. This was a difficult time which caused her to start questioning everything – why is this happening to me?

The Law of Attraction

She ended up reading a lot and ran into the idea of the Law of Attraction. How to manifest your dreams was great reading. She realized her energy had attracted these endings into her life.

While the bad news was that she’s responsible for everything in her life, the good news is she’s also responsible for manifesting the things she wants!

Knowing that she couldn’t go back to commercial photography because it didn’t call to her anymore, she was looking for new horizons.

Melisa went back to fine art and taking pictures of beautifully handwritten cards and letters. While falling asleep one night, she heard these words in her head, “Postcards to the Universe.” She knew it was important and followed up by buying the domain name.

Easy Manifestation Magic

The name sat for a full year untouched. Then, she started meeting people who helped her get things going. She met a copywriter who helped with writing the website and designer to create the site, so Melisa was on her way.

Next, the idea came to start connecting with other people who enjoy manifesting and creating vision boards. That led her to work on a book, which features people’s mini-vision boards and their stories of manifesting.

Today, people send her postcards and she chooses the ones to photograph and tells the person’s story on her radio show and podcast. The best part is when her clients write later, letting her know their desire came true!

Melisa works all the time on avoiding the rabbit hole of complaining about how things aren’t working. She tries not to live there or talk about it all day because that would be focusing on what she doesn’t want!

With manifesting, you want to be intentional about what you create.

Postcards Depository

Hundreds of people have sent postcards with their manifesting desires and she files them away with honor in special notebooks. I thought this sounded like she’s the Akashic Records Library for manifestation postcards and we laughed. Isn’t that magical?

Magic is actually Melisa’s favorite word and she does a magical message every Monday. Once you become conscious about the Law of Attraction, things start to show up in your life magically. She recommends beginning with asking to manifest something small that you aren’t attached to.

She told this great story about how she manifested a pink feather and why this was fun because she wasn’t attached to it. The pink feather appearing reinforced that she is a powerful manifestor.

However, it’s not like manifesting $100,000. Build your skill by first starting slow on something super easy to build success. Then, you can tackle the big desires.

Amazing Manifesting Stories

Next, I asked Melisa for some client example. She talked about Mole Mama who is a chef who cooks Mexican food. She had nothing when she created her first podcast. Now she has two books, a YouTube channel, and is a contestant on Guy’s Grocery Games show (that’s Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives as well).

She has many clients who hope to release or let go of something by creating and sending a postcard. Let go of guilt, anger, heartache, etc.

One woman had been heartbroken by a guy and she wanted to let it go after years. She didn’t care about ever getting an apology. The woman sent the postcard and felt tremendously relieved.

The very same day she mailed the postcard, out of the blue, the fellow reached out to apologize. She was shocked, but really glad she had let go, never expecting him to contact her again. find out how to send Melisa your postcard on her website here -

Creating Joy in His Heart

One last story that was a big one! A man created a postcard asking to feel joy in his heart. She knew him through a friend. Sometime later, she heard he’d had a heart attack but survived. This episode totally changed his life.

The guy had quit his job as a defense attorney because he never wanted to do that work. His father and grandfather had been attorneys and he followed in their footsteps even though he hated it.

So, he sold his house and fancy car, moved to an apartment, and started working with kids in a low income school. He mentors young boys and feels so much joy in his heart now. Isn’t that awesome?

There’s so much more when you hear the podcast, so listen today and start your manifestation magic!


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