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California Dreaming

I was lost in my twenties, getting by only while bartending and waiting tables in very short and delightfully tacky orange shorts! Ten years passed in that position, I was one heck of a chicken wing connoisseur and quickly becoming one of the older girls on the job, at the ripe age of twenty-five. I wanted more from life, but without a proper college education I felt I’d never get ahead. There was also a very charming boy, whose parents didn’t think I was good enough to marry (so I thought at the time).

So, I enrolled in junior college to get a degree to make me worthy of marriage and pursued nursing, because I come from a lineage of caretakers. I naturally thought it was my calling. I barely finished the first two years and earned an associate’s degree in health science; nursing was actually not my cup of tea. I soon experienced my first real heartbreak, the kind that knocks the wind out of you and makes you question if you will ever recover. I was descending and spiraling downward fast.


Luckily, a good friend invited me to stay with her in Newport Beach, California where I could get my head back on straight. Into my car and off to California I went. It was a five-day, cross-country adventure, with my ride or die by my side, my good friend and dear angel, Kimmy. Looking back, I know she was in my life as some type of protector, I always felt safe with her, even at my weakest and most reckless times.

Nine months passed by, and I was really fitting in and adapting to the southern California lifestyle. I found my peopleI have found yoga, wheatgrass, farmers markets, surfers, artist, and wind—the west coast is where I wanted to stay for life. Then, the boy called. He wanted me back and promised to marry me. I would do anything to have him, so I packed it up and went back home to Florida. What a mistake! If I could go back and tell my twenty-five year old self anything today, it would be: ‘You are worthy, you are enough, love yourself first.’…”

Full story available in the book Postcards to the Universe or follow the live readings on IG or Tiktok.

“Sometimes We Seek What Is Already Seeking Us” ~ Michelle

Story from Postcards to the Universe, Harness the Universe's Power and Manifest Your Dreams


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