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Harnessing the Power of Gratitude With Dana Sardano

From episode: Author and Creator Dana Sardano - FindUniquelyU - What's Your Story?

So we all know one thing. We all know we all want to be happy, right? We all want joy in our life. I mean, universally. I don't care who you are. Everybody wants joy in their life. And, you know, ever since that movie, The Secret, came out, you know, some people rolled their eyes. They're like, oh, law of attraction. And they don't realize that we're constantly attracting to us the state that we are. So if we're walking around bitter all the time, we're going to be attracting things that keep us in that energy of bitterness or anger or sadness, right? So when I started... Yeah.

So when I started with the manifestation and, you know, wanting to be like a co -creator with the universe and consciously create what showed up in my life, which only came to me after being in a very painful situation, because that's usually what happens, right? That's when we want to change our life. I started to realize something is that with gratitude, gratitude of what I already have, when I really felt grateful, I mean, not pretending to be grateful, not just looking at my, you know, I love my apartment or my home and I'm just like, oh my God, it's so great. It's so cute. But I really feel it, you know? More things would show up in my life. More artwork would show up. More aesthetic things that were pleasing for my home would show up. So something in me went, hmm, okay, I need to pay attention to this. I need to pay attention to this. What can I do to help other people understand if we can tap into that energy of gratitude? It is the fastest and most powerful way to bring the joy that you are looking for into your life, period, exclamation point. Like really, that's it. And that's basically, in a nutshell, what the workshop is, right?

So to me, it's like invest in your happiness and in your joy, because when you open up to your own world and see what you already have to be grateful for, and then you start to see and you tap into that energy, all those things that are going to start coming to you when you're really feeling that, and that's when I'm going to help you practice on a daily basis so that you can get into that feeling, you're going to be like, oh my God, why wasn't I doing this before? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And can I add a little piece to that? Yes, please. Sorry. I just want to catch that. I'm so excited about it because I know it's amazing. I know. All of it. All of it.

Because I finally feel like the time is coming for those of us who are just trying to work that we're like, okay, we're here. Are you ready? Oh, you're not ready? I'm going to take a nap. Oh, you're ready now? Okay. But as far as the gratitude, what you're saying is when you practice gratitude, more gratitude comes to you. I believe so strongly that we are always presented with everything we need, right? Yes. Whatever it is, it will show up to us. But what happens is when shitty... No, you can curse. You can curse on the show. That's fine. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, you can say shitty. No problem. Okay, beautiful. Thank you. So when shitty circumstances come our way, we immediately were like, well, that doesn't make sense. That's not what I need. But we don't realize that's exactly what we need because the shitty circumstances are just as important to the beautiful situation as circumstances.

It's important to practice gratitude, as difficult as it is, for the shitty as well, because all it is is information and that shitty information. You told me I could say shitty, so I'm just going to keep saying it. Yeah, no, you can say it. You're fine. I'm like styles. I can hear myself. But even in that information, it's alerting us to what we need to do. Exactly. So the gratitude is not just for, oh, look, oh, my God, I love my home so much, and oh, my God, these people are so wonderful. It's this circumstance happened. I got fired from my job, and yeah, that sucks, but wait a minute. A, it's telling me something that I'm not right for this anymore, and it's giving me an opportunity to. So you said it perfectly, that it's not enough to just say you have gratitude. It's to really be it. And I talk about this in Decoding the Woo -Woo, that our energy belies anything that we say. I get smacked open -headed. I'm like, fine. No, you're clearly not fine. Right. Exactly. So honor that, too.

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