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Healing Through Art

Story from Postcards to the Universe, Harness the Universe's Power and Manifest Your Dreams

“I have had HIV/AIDS for at least thirty-four years and the creation of art has given me strength and will to follow my passions and goals in thought provoking representational art, life, psychology, health and beyond. Art has been my healing. My passion for my craft has kept me going and kept me inspired. Some days it is the only thing I have that gets me motivated. Melisa asked me to create a postcard for her project Postcards to the Universe. I knew exactly what piece to use and what affirmative word I wanted to use, Myriad means expansion—it is all inclusive and encompasses vast numbers.

In a world that the rate of motion accelerates beyond comprehension, where immediate gratification is a priority, we lose the connection of the energies that the Universe provides us. A Myriad of messages spirit and vigor are essential for our growth to experience the essence of the here and now and wander into the cascades of all interiors that guide through all exteriors...”

The Hollow Grave

The silhouette of a figure looms across a

Hollow grave

Its auras pigment the complexion of


Vapors suggesting an illumination of cosmic


A divergence unequivocally comprehensible

But unwilling

Mist turns to breathe existence at The Rubicon

Choice of one's fate free will the moment of truth

Possessed by passion encompassed through the


Determination to evade deceit

The naked truth

A canvas alive incomplete and mysterious—awaiting discovery.

~ Barry M. Gross

Whole story available in the book Postcards to the Universe or follow the live readings on IG or Tiktok.

“Myriad – A Vast Quantity” ~Barry

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