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How did I manifest Postcards To The Universe...?

In a period of 3 months my life changed...

In a period of 3 months my life changed. I lost my marriage, the best job in the world, my job photographing dolphins and children and my home. It sent me straight into a major depression and sadness. I was lucky enough to be able to move in and stay with my family.

During that first year, I don’t think I did much of anything but cry and rage. During this difficult period is when I went inward as we usually do when hit with a major life change. I discovered many transformational teachers, spiritualists and authors. It opened me up to new ways of thought and new ideas that I would never have plunged into if it weren’t for what happened. It caused me to start praying, journaling and receive coaching. I delved into these books about grief, forgiveness, spirituality, and transformation. It along with my beloved books was the only thing that kept me going for a while.

This is when I discovered the law of attraction and manifestation. The idea that I attracted these things to me and I was somehow accountable for what happened was a total mind blow. I thought no way; I would never have attracted that. But as I went deeper inside I realized that energetically I did attract these things. The law of attraction is not about attracting what we want, because who would want to bring about things that are painful? It’s about what we believe. It’s tricky and complex on how it works, we carry many beliefs inside.

On the one hand, I always believed I was meant to do some big things with my life. So the life I was living before was not supporting that idea. The Universe than forced a major life change to cause me to re-evaluate. I also had a belief that my needs were not as important in a relationship as my partners, so of course, I attracted someone who obviously believed it too and mirrored that back. Put these different beliefs together and it made up the perfect storm, which caused the perfect breakdown which in turn has created the perfect re-birth.

Fast forward a few years and in the middle of the night between wake and sleep I heard very clearly “Postcards to the Universe.” I had no idea what it meant but it felt very significant and divinely given so I got up, went online and bought the domain name. I then went to sleep and left it for a while. I have always been fascinated with people’s handwriting and photographing love letters especially since handwritten notes is becoming a lost art. They are so lovely and personal and I believe when someone takes the time to actually write, their energy really is infused into the letter or note. I started thinking how great it would be to photograph people’s desires and wishes for Postcards. I still had no idea on how it would look at the time.

A short time later I started taking a law of attraction course along with someone who was a web designer and they helped inspired me to finally bring my Postcards to the Universe project to fruition and create a website. There are no coincidences by the way. It has been slow and steady ever since. Something just so happens to come along or catch my attention that supports my Postcard project. The only thing that seems to stop is when fear takes over and I stop moving forward. The Universe patiently waits for me to work out whatever I need to and get back on and moving again. Someone shows up to support what I am doing and off we go. That’s how I have been interviewed on two radio shows, and my project has been featured in print many times. I am also giving workshops leading people on creating their own unique postcards using art and photography.

I currently have my own weekly radio show on 12Radio, titled Postcards to the Universe with Melisa that runs every Wednesday at 1PM PT/4PM ET. 

I am asking people to send me a postcard with their greatest vision for their life. Whatever they want to manifest or desire for themselves. They can come to my site and use one of my images that resonate if they choose or better yet I am asking them to CREATE their own postcard. I believe it is much more POWERFUL if someone takes the time to create something unique and send it out. I am excited to say more and more people are creating and sending me their unique postcards. I absolutely love them!

Postcards to the Universe, A Global Movement for Manifestation is not just a beautiful fine art book but an ongoing project and movement. Postcards to the Universe empowers people to get clear and creative about living a life that is inspired and fulfilled. It shows the reader through art and photography people’s desires and wishes for their life. I photograph each postcard as I receive them. I intuit by each person’s specific manifestation on how I am going to photograph their postcard. The reason this book is so unique is this must be an ongoing collaboration for this to work. I get inspired by helping people get creative and those who want to collaborate with me to push this movement forward. I ask the Universe to send me other people’s desires, wishes and manifestations. It is received by those people who are looking to live their greatest life. I am turning them it into a beautiful art book featuring these postcards. Each postcard has been transformed into its own powerful, collaborative intention.

This is an ongoing movement and the potential for growth is unlimited. As long as there are souls who wish to manifest and artists who wish to create. This book and project is manifestation and the law of attraction taken to a new level. It is visual, textual, conceptual desires and wishes infused with the energy and spirit of the collaborators and contributors of this project and book.

I would love it if you would take the time to participate with me in this movement and submit a postcard. You could use one of mine from my site here…just download, print, write your manifestation and send…. or better yet, CREATE your own for powerful effect!!
Thank you, much love. XOXO ~Melisa
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