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Jo Ann Fawcett on Midlife Magic & UFOs That Changed Her Life

From episode: Conversation with Jo Ann Fawcett - Midlife Magic & UFOs

Jo Ann Fawcett dramatically changed her life over the last 20 years, seven marriages, including abuse, divorce, and death, the seventh husband was a former military intelligence officer, an active member of the Mormon church for nearly 30 years, she left it behind to embrace the world of UFOs, elementals, magic, and paranormal, which speak deeply to her soul, through her many struggles, she found her strengths, gifts, and inner power, learning that dreams do come true, she is an international speaker on the topic of UFOs, extraterrestrials, including the military's involvement, her book, Midlife Magic, is the story of her journey, her passion is to teach others about this world of wonder, and today, she is a warrior who proudly carries the title, Wise Woman Crone, I love that, and you can find out more about Jo Anne if you go to her website, which is dragonhillbooks .net.

Welcome Jo Ann, thanks for coming today, I'm excited to talk to you. Thanks for having me, can you hear me okay? Yeah, I can hear you great, you sound great, you sound good to me, wow, so first, seven marriages you're like Liz Taylor, almost, yes, wow, that's so interesting, I can find seven people that I liked enough to even date, I don't even know about me, yeah, and then so was it the last, the seventh husband that got you, because he was an intelligent, in the military that got you into the UFOs, yes, exactly, all right, so I'm going to turn the mic over to you, like, why don't you share a little bit about, like, how you got into what you're doing today, and talking about UFOs and extraterrestrials, I totally believe in it, many of the people that listen to my show do, many of my former guests believe in UFOs, you know, so, yeah, tell us about it.

Okay, well, and I can't remember, that was part of my bio, but you know, when I was a kid, we watched, I grew up in the 50s and 60s, so we watched Martian movies that were pretty cheesy, and then, yeah, I didn't think anything more about it, and I didn't, you know, I didn't even think about it until much later, I'd had some ghost experiences in my when I met number seven, I was still a member of the Mormon Church, but after I met him, and I started visiting him, and we started talking about other things, and other spiritual things, and stuff, I left the church, so that's, that's a different story, because like, it was no big trauma there, but then, you know, probably years, well, it wasn't right away, but years, I mean, I knew he'd been into the military, eventually, I knew it was military intelligence, and eventually, you know, it probably was a good two or three, or, you know, it was a few years into the relationship, and he gave me something to read, and type up, because he'd written this story about a space mission that he'd been on, and I'm going, what, this is real, and you've been in space, and there's aliens, and this is all real, and yeah, yeah, yeah, and it's funny, because in 2004, he said, oh, there's a, and at the time, I was living in California, and, and he said, oh, there's a UFO conference in the San Francisco barrier, you know, you might want to go, it's like, okay, that sounds like fun.

And I went, and I was just going to go for one day, it's like, oh, I need to go back for the second day, because this was all new, and exciting information to me, and then, by the next year, I had enough of his information at my fingertips, so that I could have my own booth at that, that fair, and then I started getting on radio shows, and speaking at conferences, and things, so it, you know, it was, it lasted, well, I was, I was on the speaking circuit until a COVID hit, basically, okay, you know, yeah, and then I've been on a lot of podcasts, and, and I just start, I just did my first in -person speaking thing a couple weeks ago.

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