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Kronos the Siriun Shares a Message Through Channeler Rev. Gregory Possman

From episode: Trance Channeling with Rev. Gregory Possman (Channeling Kronos, Sonos & Askara)

So for those of you just listening, Gregory, he's been channeling for a long time, and he just kind of moves aside, and whoever wants to come through comes through, and I will ask that entity slash spirit or angel some questions. So Gregory, what did you do? Just ask who was poking at you? How does that work? Share with us how that happens. Physically, it feels like pressure on my shoulders, and it's not painful. It's not difficult. There's no challenge to it. It's just I can feel this energy around me, and then I ask who it is, and they tell me, and that's basically how it happens. So in a way, it's kind of a feeling, but it's also a little bit of a physical feeling as well. So you'll hear something in your head, like you'll hear somebody like Kronos from Siria. Is that a Siriuns?

Well, I'm going to say he. I know it's not necessarily he, but I don't know how else to say it though, right? Kronos. They are like beings. They are like beings, and they also describe themselves as a much higher intelligence, and they're not referring to us. They're not saying they're higher than we. They're just saying that they're an aspect of higher intelligence from Siriun. Okay. All right. So what we're going to do is there's three that decided that they wanted to come on. So I think what we'll do is we'll start with whoever wants to show up first, doesn't matter to me, and then we'll wrap up with that light being right before the break, and then we'll come back, and then we can ask the other two to join us. Whatever order they feel that they want to come on is totally fine with me. How's that sound to you? That sounds great. Sounds good. I'm ready to go. All right. I was going to say, anything you want to add before we go? Are you ready? You just ready? No. Don't worry. Be happy. Let's do it. All right. Let's do it.

Okay. Here we go. We are the one called Kronos. We are the spiritual commander of the Syrian race, and we wish to explain that the word commander has no military association whatsoever, and therefore it is important to understand that from the perspective of spiritual, that is truly important. Welcome Kronos. I was going to ask you what a spiritual commander was, because I did think of the military when I saw the word commander, and I heard the word commander. What is a spiritual commander? Think in terms of a network of beings that are all aligned with one another, and think in terms of that network being able to communicate entirely by telepathy, and think in terms of not being limited by time or space, and then imagine that there is one being who has some sort of connection to all of them, although they are all connected to one another, and it is not a matter of commanding them. It is not a matter of doing anything other than ensuring that the communication between every member of the network is equal. Equanimity, perhaps that is the word that we would use, and also the aspect of unity. We are all part of the one, and the one is the network. You describe it as an egregor, as a morphic field. We describe it as a network. There are many ways to describe it, but that is our job per se. Thank you for that clarification.

So, I always ask the man Gregory, before he joins me, who would like to come on and speak with me today, and since you showed up, I would like to know, is there a message that you wanted to share with me and the people that are listening to us right now? There is, of course, and the message is this. Many of you on your planet are steeped in fear, a kind of paranoia, if you will, and there are so many things in the physical plane that you find to be frightened of. You are frightened of destruction. You are frightened of what you call scarcity. You are frightened of an inadequacy of love, an inadequacy of affection, an inadequacy of attention, and we wish for you to understand that we are like guardians. We are like protectors, and oftentimes you refer to the angelic realm as your guardians. However, we would ask you to also consider the possibility that unlike the projection that your media makes, that we are constantly interested in your destruction or we are interested in the conquest of your planet or some other foolishly ridiculous aspect, that is of no interest to us whatsoever. We are cousins, a number of other extraterrestrial races, are primarily interested in how quickly you can grow, how quickly you can move forward, and how quickly you can evolve, and it is that that is of great interest and intention for us.

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