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Living in an Abundant Universe

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Below is an excerpt from my book Postcards to the Universe, A Global Movement for Manifestation.

Here is what happens—we want something, we think about it, and we may even daydream about it, but then we say, “Oh, I could never have that or do that.” The Universe heard your original desire, but then it heard you just cancel that order. So, what do you think happened? It doesn’t come to you because your underlining belief is that what you want is impossible for you to achieve. The Universe is giving you exactly what you are declaring. We want to change this. We want to learn how to shift our beliefs so that when we do want to manifest something, we know that it is coming.

How do we do that? First off, we need to get very, very clear about what it is we desire. Sometimes we think we want something, but what we really want is not the thing itself, but the feeling associated to that thing.

It applies to every area in your life. You decide financial wealth is something you desire, yet taking a certain job that would offer you that wealth doesn’t feel good inside. Are you selling yourself out to get what you want? Getting clear on what you think you want is imperative. Connect with yourself. See what feels good and what doesn’t. If something doesn’t feel good to do it, then don’t. You may make a financial killing, but if it leaves you hating yourself, it is too high a price to pay, in my humble opinion. Can you make a living and be abundant doing what you love? Yes, you can! The only things that limit you are your beliefs. If we don’t feel we deserve to have what it is we say we want, no matter how much work we put into it, it will not manifest.

I want you to think about money right now. What does that bring up in you? What beliefs around money do you have? Do you have a story that says you must work hard to have money? Or what about, “Money doesn’t grow on trees?A big one is, “Money is the root of all evil.” You want to have money, but you think it’s the root of the evils of the world. Do you really think it is going to flow to you? You think it's evil, so you block it. Who wants evil money? Evil money is terrible; I don’t want to be evil. That is the story you are telling yourself. What is your family’s money story? I can almost guarantee you have taken on that story. If you parents never had enough money, do you never have enough money? If your parents worked hard and were stressed to make enough money, do you feel overstressed to earn enough?

Our money stories are pretty easy to discover. Go over your family history, especially your parents, and you will find your money story. If financial abundance has always been your issue, you have a money story. It may be buried, but it is there. If it weren’t running the show, you wouldn’t be having money issues. Money is only another form of energy, and there is plenty for everyone. It is just an energy exchange for goods and services, and if you want more, there is no reason you cannot have more. You just need to find out why you are blocking it. Find that out and clear it, things will begin to shift.

Clearing our blocks to receiving is something we must do in our manifesting practice. The Law of Allowing is just as important as the Law of Attraction in manifesting what we want. We often stand in our own way of receiving because of either our limiting beliefs or our idea of how things need to look when they show up.

Becoming aware of our judgments is very important. When what you want shows up, take a moment and allow yourself to receive it and be thankful. If you find yourself not being able to receive it, find out why. Do you feel not good enough to have it? Do you feel you don’t deserve it? Because if you do, you will not hold onto it for very long. If you look at why so many lottery winners end up losing all the money and going broke after a few years, you can see clear evidence that they didn’t feel they deserved to win that money.

I cannot stress this enough! Find out what stories you tell yourself. Your beliefs run the show, and the Universe will always respond to what we believe about ourselves. If you want to know where you are in your belief system, look at what you want that you don’t have and ask yourself why. The answers are there. By taking the time to do a little archeological digging of your psyche, you will discover a gold mine. Don’t you deserve to know? If it were a loved-one, and they were struggling with something, you would go above and beyond to understand "the why." Give yourself that same consideration. Love yourself above everything else, and your abundance will grow exponentially. You won’t even have to try, things just show up. You will become a master manifestor.

xoxo ~ Melisa

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