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"Manifesting With Purpose" Author Jessica West on the Ultimate Facelift for Your Self-Image

From episode: Conversation with Jessica West - Empower From Within

Something that I saw on your website which I thought was really cool and you call it a facelift. And it's that your self -image is the belief you hold of you and that belief dictates your life experience. So you wanna talk a little bit about your facelift that you put together? Cause I thought, oh, what a good title for that. I really like that. Go ahead. I'll let you share about it. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you. I'm glad you love the title. I thought it was so cheeky and fun. It is. That's what I like about it. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, so it's really about uplifting your self -image like just like you said, we can only experience according to our self -image. And so it's a program where I really allow people to hone into their current self -image. And so we do a lot of self -awareness practices.

We start to uncover some of those limiting beliefs that we have on repeat and we were challenging them. Because a lot of the limiting belief that we actually take it down, like write it down pen to paper, we can probably ask like, well, is this true? This sounds like a whole lot of nonsense. And then we can almost prove it ourselves and get ourselves out of that situation. That's not to say that the limiting belief is not gonna be there anymore. It's just that we get better and better and better at being able to push past those thoughts and the self -doubt that we have.

I don't think the goal is to ever get rid of them completely because we can't, because we're all human. But as you continue to push past them to kind of tell that part of your brain, like hush, hush, I'm taking it from here, then we can get better and better at just pushing past and continue to go to greater heights. And so that's really what the program is about. And we do a lot of like cultivating self -acceptance because I really believe that we need to be able to accept where we're at because if we don't accept it, we're holding resistance. And if we're holding resistance, that's a really like tough energy. Nothing could really get through. We're closing ourselves off to other opportunities. And so we're releasing all of that. And so I really love to play on the word, like think about the thought of preventing, like it's really learning to relax into yourself. Like we all have to go to spa, right? We're just relaxing. We're letting our worries go. Well, that's what we're doing. We're cultivating that relationship with ourself, gaining that self -awareness. And then we're starting to look at our self -image and who we need to be to accomplish our desires.

And so there is a manifestation component because we're creating our desires or the end version of ourselves that we need to be. And we're going to build the self -image of that end version because if we're not that end version and we're continuing to be our current version with our current self -image, well, we're going to continue to get the results that we're getting right now. And so no change is going to happen. And so I help create, bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to go. And it all happens with you and the inner work. Yeah. And it does get easier the more you do it in the sense that you'll catch yourself a lot quicker with the thoughts coming and you're like, oh, look, there it is again. Oh, yeah, that's interesting.

You know, that self -doubt that comes up or whatever negative thing you're telling yourself. You catch yourself so much faster, which is really nice. So that does make it easier to move through it. And it's interesting too what you said about resistance. I learned the hard way, which most of us do, that when you resist something that is, and whatever you're going through, whether it's a painful experience and, you know, resisting whatever happened or is happening, you're adding so much more stress and pain on yourself because you can't change certain things that have already happened that are painful, right? But we resist them. But if you can go into it and accept it, that helps you so much better on your healing journey, whatever you're healing, whether it's physical or emotional. So it's interesting that you said that about resistance because we are blocking the other things from coming in when we're being resistant, which I really believe and I know you do.

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