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Meet Rebecca Whitman, The Magnetic Abundance Mentor

From episode: Conversation with Author Rebecca Whitman - 7 Pillars of Abundance

So I wanna talk to my guest today because everything I talk about each week in the beginning of my show, Rebecca and I are gonna be talking about today. So Rebecca Whitman, she is called the Magnetic Abundance Mentor. I love that. She's an international best -selling author. She graduated with honors from Princeton University. She was awarded Life Coach of the Year and Empowered Woman of the Year by International Association of Top Professionals. LA Weekly Magazine featured her as one of the top seven entrepreneurs to watch in 2023.

She hosts the top 1 .5 % globally ranked, balanced, beautiful, and abundant podcasts, which won the Positive Change Award. Her philosophy divides life into seven pillars of abundance, which include spiritual, physical, emotional, romantic, mental, social, and financial. She helps people achieve balance within these seven areas so that they can experience more fun and freedom in life. She has been featured in New York Weekly, Miami Magazine, and LA Weekly Magazines. In addition to her appearances on ABC and CBS, she has guested on over 100 podcasts. She has given keynote speeches at Columbia University and UCLA and has shared virtual stages with renowned thought leaders Grant Cardone, Jack Canfield, and Les Brown. You can find out more about her if you visit her website. It's

Welcome, Rebecca. Thanks so much for being here with me. Thank you so much, Melisa. I'm so excited to be on your show with such a delight to have you on my show a couple weeks ago, and now we get to continue the conversation. Exactly, yeah. So I was on Rebecca's show on her podcast, The Balance Beautiful and Abundant Show, and it aired August 29th. And you guys who are listening, you can find it on any of the podcasting platforms, Apple, whatever you listen to, Spotify, Google, and yeah, you can listen to the show. And it's also, it's on YouTube too, right, Rebecca? I think you're on YouTube also. Yep, YouTube as well as Apple, Spotify, and all the podcast platforms. Absolutely. It was so much fun. It was so much fun. So yeah, so now she's here.

Let's talk about you and like what got you into this kind of this abundance mindset, like starting to do this kind of work? What made you want to do it? Were you always doing this your whole life or is this something that you kind of fell into or came to, I should say? Yeah, I moved to Los Angeles 22 years ago to pursue my childhood dream of being an actress. And I had small parts on huge shows like Friends, CSI, and 24, and I never got that big break. So I supported myself at children's acting schools and the children were busy during the day at school. So I would attend spiritual lectures with great teachers of the law of attraction like Michael Beckwith, Esther Hicks, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and I started applying it to my life and I got immediate results. I was making six figures working part time at a kid's acting school. And I didn't quite apply it as well to my love life. I had a series of really painful breakups with emotionally unavailable men. And I even married one thinking he would change. Three years later, I filed for divorce and my marriage was slowly and painfully unraveling as my dad was slowly and painfully dying in a nursing home. And in one of our last conversations, he asked me to write a book. And a few months later, my dad had made his transition and my marriage had dissolved and I was sitting across the desk from my financial planner. And he said, Rebecca, I find it interesting that you are making more money than you've ever made the same year that you lost your marriage and your father. And I think you should write a book.

So I wrote a book based on the seven key areas of life, which I now call the seven pillars of abundance, and it's called How to Make a Six Figure Income Working Part Time. And now I help women go from burned out to balanced, beautiful, and abundant. And using these principles, I'm now happily married to my soulmate. And now I just coach women. I have the podcast and I just love this mission, teaching people they don't have to be burned out and overwhelmed to receive abundance in life.

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