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"Proof of Life After Life" With Dr. Raymond Moody & Paul Perry

From episode: Dr. Raymond Moody & Paul Perry - Proof of Life After Life

Welcome back, and if you're just joining me, I have proof of life afterlife authors Raymond Moody and Paul Perry, my guests, and we're talking about what happens when we die, NDEs, near -death experiences, and shared -death experiences. So, Paul, do you want to share a story that really stuck with you, that has made you want to continue? I mean, this is such interesting work. I mean, you guys really must be like... You can't stop. You can't stop. I started out planning to write one book with Raymond. Now we've written six books together, and I've written all these other books with other people, and made two movies. Yeah, I love that.

So, do you have one that kind of stuck with you? I do. I know, because there's so many, and I don't want to take away, because for everybody that has this experience, it's got to be amazing to them, right? And that's their story special. But yeah, one that's just kind of stuck with you. Well, a Hollywood producer that I can't name, was on the East Coast visiting her boyfriend. And her boyfriend had never met her family. He was in Massachusetts, and she was in Los Angeles. But early in the morning, one time in Boston, she began to feel uneasy, and kind of found it impossible to get back to sleep. And as the feeling intensified for her, she began to think about members of her family. And then she started to think about her father, and then for no particular reason, because he had been healthy when she left, she began to think that maybe he was in some kind of a health distress, and needed some kind of a help.

She began to toss and turn as she did it, and her boyfriend woke up, and said he was having trouble sleeping as well. They began to talk about this. It was early in the morning, and as they did, they suddenly saw her father hovering over the bed, as she said, like a ghost. And they both saw the father, although her boyfriend had never met her family. And they both just froze, looking at the father for several moments.

Then she got a call later, not much later, that her father had died. And her response, her quote to me was, it was strange, but not creepy. I looked at him for signs of distress, or some other reason that he was there, but I just couldn't figure it out. Then it dawned on me that he had certainly died, and wanted to tell me himself. And she said she'd always had a strong bond with him, but this felt perfectly natural to her. And that was one that stuck with her. We have other ones in the book that are like that, though. Yeah, you do. Yeah, I love the book, because you give many stories from people who have shared with you their own experiences, and they vary greatly, which is what I thought was really interesting.

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