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Psychic Medium Ginger Bayley Reveals the Truth About Spirits

From episode: Conversation with Ginger Bayley - Psychic Medium

Welcome back. So if you're just joining me, I have psychic medium, hypnotherapist. Reiki healer, nutritionist, personal trainer, and weight management coach Ginger Bayley with me today, and we were talking about spirits. And I asked the question, Ginger, right before the break, are there dark spirits? Are there bad energies? You know, we see these horror movies and we see these stories, and it's like, is that true? I mean, can people get possessed by dark spirits? So it's not like the movies. So we do have, we have to have both ends of the spectrum, okay? We have to have, like, you can't know dark unless you know light, you can't know light unless you know dark, that kind of thing, okay?

So there is a lower level set of energies on the other side. It's not, though, like they portray like in religion, you know, with demons, demonic, scary like that. Now, there may be some that kind of cross that way and show themselves that way, but everything is really just energy. It's not, it doesn't have a form. And the reason why that would happen is because they kind of feed on depression and the lower level emotions, you know, like sadness and stuff. But being, somebody being like possessed is one of the, it's so rare, so rare. Most of the time it's a life contract, okay?

We have contracts before we come into this life. And that's usually something that's planned ahead of time. And again, it's for people to learn from, because you learn from everything, no matter how bad it lasts on. So there are, yes there are, but they're not like it shows in the movies. It's very rare to have somebody be, you know, attacked or injured at all. Well, you hear those places, you know, like those haunted houses and people go in. And so I guess if something traumatic happened, you're going to feel, and you're sensitive, you may be tapping in and tuning into the energies of whatever trauma happened at the environment, like the location that you're at, maybe, you know, that you're feeling that. Right, right. Yeah, because there are residual energies too, and things that, like PK energies, they call them, and all those are created by emotions or trauma, or let's say somebody was hurt, you know, or killed very traumatically, that can leave an imprint in the energy there, in the universe, and that's like a residual thing, and you can feel that too.

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