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Rev. Gregory Possman Live Channels Archangel Michael

From episode: Trance Channeling with Rev. Gregory Possman (Channeling Archangel Michael)

We are the one called the Archangel Michael some call us Mikael you can call us whatever you like I'll be you upon this day hello Archangel Michael thank you for being with me again every time I hear your laugh it gives me such a smile on my face and brings such joy to my heart I can feel it so thank you for coming again with me and I am going to give you the space to share with us what you feel we need to hear right now you have already begun what we will call the first part of our conversation and that is about faith and we are not talking about faith in the creator we're not talking about faith in the Christ Consciousness.

We're talking about faith in the process of creating unity and peace and what we will call a loving planet and under the circumstances that you have seen and we are going to refer to them as skirmishes and those are what you call conflicts or wars because they are of course in your definition much more than skirmishes but to us that's how we see them and it is to understand that we're not trying to downgrade the importance of them or the aspect the influence that they have it is not that it's just that for humanity that has always been the case it seems as though when you put groups of human beings together they always find something to argue about or disagree about and the truth of the matter is that makes it rather difficult for those of you who have come to the planet to create something entirely different it makes it difficult for you to continue to believe that first of all you are having a positive effect and second of all that what you are doing is going to work and so you are seeing a tremendous number of people on the planet concerned about these skirmishes and these disagreements and these violent times which are of course creating death and destruction and injury and pain and all kinds of separation.

But the truth of the matter is more and more of you are awakening at this period of time and since you are awakening you are creating an entirely different frequency so if you want to think about it from the perspective of duality you can but the truth of the matter is one of the universal laws that is not spoken of a great deal is that when two frequencies collide the higher frequency of the two will bring the lower frequency up to its level and if you apply that to your population of humanity the more people awaken the more people who become conscious and become aware the higher that frequency goes and the higher the average frequency is for the entire population and that is why we call these skirmishes because they are temporary they will not last forever and no matter what they are not going to stop this process of vibrational frequency rising and as we have discussed before the council of shambhala consisting of 12 members or seats are absolutely committed to the Earth plane becoming a part of a grander group so to speak a group that will believe that each and every being is equal and that each and every being is a part of every other being which means of course that if you harm someone else you are actually harming self and that opens the door for a tremendous amount of unconditional love and a tremendous amount of forgiveness.

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