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Sarah Belle: Ascension Mentor, Crystal Energy Healer, And Spiritual Entrepreneur

From episode: Conversation with Sarah Balmer - Crystal Energy Healer

Sarah Balmer, aka Sarah Belle, I love that Bell, is a mission -coded being and an ambassador of divine love light on this planet here to anchor higher frequencies and assist humanity in its evolution to unity consciousness. As an ascension mentor, crystal energy healer, creative and spiritual entrepreneur, Sarah helps women reclaim their inner light and return to wholeness by guiding them in raising their vibration, embodying energetic sovereignty, activating deep remembering, and empower their authentic expression. She is the founder of Anchor the Light Academy and Anchor the Light Society. Through these foundational offerings, along with her one -on -one coaching, intuitively designed jewelry, and high vibe crystals, she imparts a deeper understanding of your energy field, helps to reprogram unconscious patterns, and empower you to align with your truth and step into your multi -dimensional nature to liberate your spirit and live with more meaning, joy, authenticity, and freedom. So you can connect with her on her Instagram, which is Sarah Belle Style, and join her Anchor of Light community on Facebook, but you can also find out more if you visit her website, which is

Welcome, Sarah. Thanks so much for being here with me today. Well, thanks for having me. I'm excited to be here. I'm excited to talk to you. So I think I know the answer to the question, but probably not as in -depth as obviously you do, but many people might not know what an ascension mentor is. Can you start? Like, what is that? Yeah. Well, very simply, I help others raise in consciousness, and I help them to embody the light and truth of their being. And as much as, you know, when people hear the word ascension, they think of like moving up, and it is up in consciousness, but a big part of the journey is really about bringing the light down, which is why Anchor the Light is really sort of the tagline of my brand and really my mission. So how did you get into this? Like, I mean, were you always into this kind of stuff with crystals and energy and energy work your whole life, or is this something that you kind of fell into later? Well, I was afraid you were going to ask that question. We all have a story, right, Sarah? We all have our story. Yeah. And, you know, I feel like it's really just an evolution of like me following my own truth codes and my own, you know, true nature.

When I look back to, you know, childhood, like I've always been on a mystical path. I've always been, you know, in my thinking and my approach. But, you know, like so many people, like as I was growing up and, you know, going through college and then getting my first job, and I was very much sort of living life according to this pursuit of success, you know, and how society used success. And so I went through this corporate journey, this corporate life, and, you know, climbed the corporate ladder, had levels of success that all the while was very much on a spiritual journey and a spiritual path and collecting certifications and wisdom and working with teachers and, you know, going on pilgrimages. And so in my heart, like I knew, you know, there was a different path for me than the path that I was living. So it took me some time to sort of figure all that out. And I love your work about manifesting because I really do feel like, yeah, through my spiritual path and really raising in consciousness, I did start co -creating my reality and really manifested sort of that big leap from corporate life into this work that I do now as an ascension mentor and spiritual teacher.

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