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Saying Yes!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Saying Yes! What does that mean? When we say yes to life and abundance, wonderful and magical things happen. Below is an example of one of the stories in my book Postcards to the Universe, A Global Movement for Manifestation. This is Jenny's story of how saying yes paid off in a big way. There are many contributors and stories in my book - including mine of manifestation, magic and saying Yes to an abundant life.

"If someone offers you a free all-inclusive trip to Mexico, you say yes, right? Of course, because if this opportunity came to you all the other things like child care, time off work, and purchasing the plane ticket will fall into place. With a little bit of finagling but you know you will make it happen. I know because this happened to me.

If you are now incredibly curious and wondering how I received this gift of a free vacation stay it is simple. I asked. I put it out there at the beginning of 2018 that I needed more travel in my life. To further solidify my intent to the Universe I even changed several of my passwords this year to include MEXICO. Which means now I must change several passwords before this story is published. And I am okay with that. I have a lengthy list of destinations I’ve requested the Universe to show me next.

There is a small part of me that considers travel requests to the Universe as frivolous. There are so many things to wish for of higher significance. We know there are worthy causes that need gifts, like children without homes or world peace. And personally, there were deep longings of my heart for connection and love. To understand the rationale for making travel of high significance this year it requires looking back at the postcards I created in 2015. I was at a crossroads.

One of those great divides in a life path with shadows of uncertainty was about my career, my next place to live, and the stirrings of my soul. The biggest unknowns were figuring out where I was going to live with a contract on my house and where I was going to work next as I found myself unemployed. I had to figure out where to grow new roots. With these heavy decisions, I sat down to create a few postcards. I pieced on together about my next house which without question included a pool. Every manifesting project I have ever completed includes a pool. Preferably saltwater but who can tell from a magazine cut-out image? In my postcard I included green trees, blue water, and adorable backyard patio furniture. Full-length Windows along the back of the house surrounded this summertime oasis, postcard complete, check. Move states away, check. Pool, check, it’s out the neighbor’s house behind mine. There was no pool in my backyard but I was viewing out my back door the live replication of my postcard. I asked the Universe for this beautiful landscape as I was looking on from the side and not the view out the windows! There was humor to be found in the Universe’s answer to my request. And I was okay with this. Even without the backyard I wanted, I did make my way to a comfortable home in a warm weather climate. With settling into my new sunshine abode, with milder winters and beaches and the ocean in close proximity, I accepted this reasonable trade-off from the Universe.

For the next couple of years, I didn’t venture much farther than an afternoons drive away. When you live in an area full of vacation destinations you learn that most people are more than willing to travel to see you. I lived in paradise but I began to miss the opportunity to explore in new places. I wanted interesting people and unique food discoveries. I wanted to expand and not just in my mind. I needed time away from work and daily responsibilities. I needed the new neuro pathways that develop from varied experience and different views and sounds. I needed to be recharged so that my days would not feel so heavy. Time away is healing and this is why I asked the Universe for more travel. Even when I learned about the Mexico trip opportunity I did not know how much I would need the break when it came time to leave. In the weeks leading up to my first international flight, I was not sure I would actually be able to leave.

Friend: “Hey I have a proposition for you”
Me: “What does that mean?”
Friend: “October, do you have a passport and can you leave your son for a few days? I am a travel agent on the side and have a totally free trip to a five star all-inclusive resort in Mexico. Just have to buy a plane ticket and transportation to and from the resort.”
Me: “Sounds interesting”

Followed by, YES, thank you Universe!! Be on the lookout for my next postcard to wherever is next!" ~ Jenny

So make sure you say YES in your life. You never know where it will take you.


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