Sending Postcards of Love while Creatively Quarantining

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

We are in an unprecedented time by something that is affecting the whole world collectively. The world has literally been put in a time out by this virus and every single person on this planet is going through this together.

There are many stories out there that can cause us to live in constant fear and panic. I am looking for the stories of hope and healing. You can choose to keep reading the terrible and heartbreaking stories if you want and keep watching the news. It is important to be informed and follow the advice of social distancing. But we do have a choice to where we put our energy as we are self-quarantining. Keeping our distance from others and keeping our immunity high is crucial right now.

I am following all the guidelines suggested by the professionals but what I am NOT doing is constantly watching the news or reading the horror stories. For my own internal well being I cannot do that. I pray everyday for all of us and especially those who are directly affected. May we be surrounded and protected by God, that is my prayer.

I had to do something to keep my mind occupied so I wrote a creative quarantine list of things to do over the next month. Things that will help keep my energy up and keep me hopeful and grounded. Because really, what choice do we have? So let’s get creative.

  • Clean your house and play music. Why not it has 2 benefits, sterilization and dance.

  • Play music and dance. It’s good exercise and have your kids join you, it’s fun.

  • Go through all your closets and drawers and de-clutter. Make piles to donate. Wash and sterilize the clothes first and get them ready to give to those in need when this is over.

  • Go through you all your files at home and have a shredding party. It feels good to organize and it gets your important documents in order.

  • Teach your kids how to do household chores, like wash dishes, wash clothes, make their bed and clean their room. Kids pride themselves on being able to take care of their own needs, it is good for their self-esteem.

  • Give yourself a day at the spa. Do a home facial, or have a mani -pedi party with your family.

  • Take an online course. Many people’s businesses had to go online and they are struggling so you will be learning something new and help someone else.

  • Learn the foreign language you always wanted to. And watch those foreign films.

  • Listen to podcasts. You may discover something new and you have loads more time now.

  • Catch up on all your old favorite movies and shows. Or find new movies that you wouldn’t normally watch and experience new worlds.

  • Play old fashioned board games with your family, you can even teach your kids how to play cards. Remember gin rummy?

  • Play charades or write and act out family plays. How fun is that?

  • Have family exercise classes indoors. Or watch yoga videos and practice together.

  • Watch cooking videos and learn new recipes, have your kids learn with you.

  • If you live in a warmer climate with a pool, swim everyday. It’s really good for your body and mind, plus you get extra vitamin D. In fact, sit outside in the sun a few minutes everyday if you have the social distancing space.

  • Create art—draw, paint or take up crafting. Tap into your creativity and find your inner Picasso.

  • Finally write that memoir or novel you always wanted to.

  • Learn how to play in instrument and write your own songs.

  • Write handwritten letters to those you love and send them out if it’s safe to do so. Or write handwritten letters to the people in your community that are on the front lines and thank them for all the hard work what they are doing to keep us safe and functioning as a society. Or you can create online cards and send it through email.

  • Rearrange your furniture and redesign your living space to shift the energy. Check out how to Feng Shui your home.

  • There is always online shopping. Retail therapy is great if you can afford it and a great way to support your local businesses that may be struggling to stay afloat.

  • Take lots and lots of naps. Rest is so good for the body and it helps to keep us healthy.

  • Let your kids teach you how to play their videos games. They would love that.

  • Organize your costume jewelry and give away pieces you never use anymore to someone else when you can.

  • Create care packages and give them to those in need. Help your elderly neighbors or those who are alone. You can do that in a safe way and still stay socially distant.

  • Take advantage of playing and spending time with your pets, they will love that. Give your beloved pet some grooming time.