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What Are Energetic Activations? Photographer Adjanys Marrero Explains

From episode: Adjanys Marrero - Mysticism and Spiritual Entrepreneurship

talk about like you do these, what do you call them? Energetic activations is your part of what you do, you like to do. What is that? How do you explain how they work? Yeah, absolutely. So during the photo shoot, just because I have done so many throughout the years and each session is an experience, but as I started to work with more people who are in the law of attraction, manifestation, and energetic, I noticed that while we were in session and the way that I directed them through the direction actually created these crazy breakthroughs. So I started to really get these downloads around how when you not only brand your vision and brand it for the world in a very beautiful way, whatever feels beautiful in a line for you, but you're absolutely almost able to break into that frequency into the future because a photo shoot could be quite a pampered experience.

It could be like you're leaning back and you're receiving the spotlight and you're allowing yourself to be seen and there's nothing you can do except pose, you know, no matter how uncomfortable you are, you're still being held. And I realized that a lot of people, it's almost like they grabbed that future self and they just literally brought it to this very present moment. And I was like, it's like you meet your future self because you're dressing how she would dress, you're speaking and you're feeling into that. And I'm bringing that energy because I want you to be at your highest calibration because I know that's what's going to get captured in the image.

So the reason I do metaphysical branding is because if you're in a negative mood, okay, for example, I'm sure you have a lot of listeners, but I'm a woman who is speaking to women, being in front of the camera is nerve -wracking. Yes, it is. So many body issues, so many issues, you know, it is nerve -wracking. And so when you are scared of how you look, even if you look beautiful, but your hair and your mind is going, I look crazy, I feel ugly, I'm bad, I'm this, I'm that, I don't care how beautiful your images look, the energy that is being emitted is going to put people off. Yeah, I agree with you on that. So what I need to do is to break people out of thinking about themselves and thinking about their clients. In my sessions, you're always constantly thinking about the work and the love that you're giving your clients.

So when I capture you, I literally capture you the love you have for those who are going to see these images. So they can like receive something from that. So that's where we have the 50 milliseconds, you know, because we do energy work and we do it very intentionally. So yes, they look gorgeous. Yes, you're having fun. But at every step of the way, we're thinking about how we're serving the collective in the name of the divine. Always, always, always.

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