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Manifesting Through Gratitude 30 Day Visual Challenge

Manifesting Through Gratitude 30 Day Visual Challenge

- Did you know that Gratitude makes us happier?


A five-minute daily gratitude practice can increase your long-term well-being by more than 10 percent. That’s the same impact as doubling your income!


Each section will focus on one area of your life to be grateful for.  I give you writing exercises in each area, daily tips, simple and fun creative projects, and photo prompts to help shift your thinking and start living in gratitude and feeling happier.

Use creative tools to help you change your belief system and guaranteed in 30 days you will start to see shifts happening in your life.


What wish, what dream would you like to manifest in your life?


Course Outline Below - 44 Page Printable PDF

Gratitude Exercises

Section 1 – Worthiness/Self-Love

Section 2 – Health/Wellness

Section 3 – Financial Abundance

Section 4 – Relationships

Photo Prompts

Create a Visual Gratitude Journal


Each day you are going to take a photo inspired by something you are grateful for. At the end of this challenge you will have a beautiful visual gratitude journal.


By doing this every day for a month, focusing on a different area in our lives to be grateful for, we are actually changing our brains. We start to make it a habit to find the things in our lives we are grateful for; we are retraining ourselves to search these things out!



Manifesting more Abundance

More Happiness & Joy

Better Health

More Energy

Greater Sense of Peace

Better Sleep

Closer Relationships

Falling In Love with Your Life

A Shift in your Energy and Belief System

A Life Lift (Kind of like a face lift but this will be a Spiritual Lift….)

And that’s just to name a few…


"Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the universe more of this please, more of this please"…Abraham


  • 44 Page PDF Printable Workbook Including Links

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