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Going Within - Taking a good long look at yourself

What is it about me that is holding me back from having everything I desire?

The Law of Attraction works. A Positive Affirmation or your life purpose statement is your first step in working with The Law of Attraction. But, I think at different stages, most of us have to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask, What is it about me that is holding me back from having everything I desire? What am I afraid of? Failure, success, both, and so what? What is the worst that can happen? That your wishes come true? Well guess what, that is exactly what happens. The Law of Attraction, or LOA as I call it, operates as "energy goes, where attention flows"

The Universe responds according to your focus. So if your focus is on lack, than you get more lack, but if your focus is on abundance, you get more abundance. The Universe is neutral; it doesn’t have a hidden agenda, and it isn’t on your side or against you. It supplies what you ask for. So how do you start to ask and really get what your heart’s desire?

My first recommendation is to find a coach; a life coach, spiritual coach, or someone who will gently guide you past your pain and to help you find love for yourself. Your coach will guide you through processes helping you discover who you really are and why YOU are so important to this world. I have personally worked with two fantastic coaches, who have helped me so much in my own healing. The good news is, in this era of global contact you don’t even have to live close by any longer. Many of my sessions have been done long distance.

The first step a coach may do is to help you with ‘going within’ to get real with yourself about what you want, why you want it. ‘Going within’ means that you look at your thoughts and emotions that make you do what you do. You will discover the blocks inside you that stop your desires from manifesting.

After devastating heartbreak and self-loathing, I took an eight-week LOA course with a coach that changed my life. I became very clear about what I want to create for myself and knowing that I deserve it. My coach helped me come up with a personal statement or you could call it my life’s purpose statement: “I am creating the space to allow my heart and soul to soar. And showing others how to follow and embrace their dream.”

The process goes something like this. Ask yourself the question, “What do I like about myself?” Write down anything you can think of. For example some of mine were, “I like that I am a visual artist”; “I like my photography and how I put things together to create art”; “I like that I think outside of the box”… etc.. etc. You see what I mean? Do not hold back, write everything you can think of.

Now, the next thing to do is to ask yourself is this, “Wouldn’t it be nice if….” And, finish that statement. If you could do anything or have anything in your life and you didn’t have to worry about the ‘how’s’, what would that answer be? Well, mine is, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could create a blog about photography and LOA, where I could be creative, and see myself filled with abundance and helping others. That I could do what I love to do, and share it with the world.”

Try it out to see what you can come up with; you might be surprised. Your life will change if you are serious about living out your dreams, and to seeing your Positive Affirmation and Life Purpose manifest.

If you are wondering what the result of my life’s purpose statement, lookout for my future blogs.

Blessings Melisa - xoxo

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