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The Higher Self

Are we just a body with a personality? I know we are much more than that. It’s something I believe in my heart and soul. Each one of us has a higher version in the spiritual realm. This higher aspect has been typically called the higher self or it has also been called the overself or oversoul.

What is the Higher Self? The Higher Self is the intelligence and wisdom aspect of our own self. Yet it is separate from the personality or the ego, although it serves as a guiding aspect to us if we listen to it. Most people connect with their higher self in meditation, prayer or listening to our intuition. Our intuition is a wonderful indicator that we are in connection with our higher self which holds the wisdom we may need.

The higher-self taps into the unlimited information from the Universe –into the source of truth that is always here to guide us in our highest good. How do you tune your frequency to your higher self? We have all been given a “dial” that either tunes us to the low frequency of our ego or to the high frequency of our higher self. This dial is our intention. If our intentions are based in our egos it causes us pain and keeps our frequency low. If our intentions are based in trust and love it keeps our frequency high.

The moment we choose the intent to be loving, we raise our frequency and are able to access the higher self. All of the information we receive from our higher self comes from source and source is TRUTH. The ego mind wants control. Control over others, outcomes, and control over our feelings. We never have control, that is a false feeling that temporarily makes us feel safe. Trust that things are always working out for your best interest IS trusting in your higher self if you tap into its wisdom. You will find peace and joy when you trust your higher self and the Universe. Our higher self is the voice of the soul.

As we look at the pain in the world around us, we see many things we deeply desire to heal and change. Many of those things seem beyond our ability to influence and change .There is one thing we can change. we can look deep within, moving closer to the truth of who we are. In doing so, we move beyond the limitations of our personality and ego and the world around us begins to transform. Connecting to your higher self is a loving and powerful way to move closer toward healing and self-realization. It knows everything about us, it knows our dreams, pain, frustrations, relationships, personalities, the lessons we are learning, all our choices, our past, and our potential future. As we face challenges and move through difficulties, many times we feel lonely, isolated or misunderstood by others. Connecting to your soul or higher self is knowing you are always being divinely guided, and you are never alone. With our higher self as navigator, we can deepen relationships with others through soul to soul communication. Previously unsolvable problems and conflicted relationships can be healed. The love connection between souls transcends all personalities and allows opportunities for growth. This deep, expansive communion with the self is one of the most powerful relationships you can have. Who could possibly know you better and love you more deeply than the being you came through to be on this earth? Blessings...

XOXO ~ Melisa

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