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Manifesting Through Gratitude

What happens when we live in gratitude?

What happens when we live in gratitude?

Who can think of gratitude right now, when the world looks like it is turning to shit and you think what the hell is there to be grateful for? What happens when we look at our life and the world through cloudy goggles and everything looks dirty? We feel terrible and we suffer. But when we take a soft cloth and clean our lenses (photography metaphor here) and take another look, things come into focus, the dirt clears and we see all the things in the world that are beautiful. We start to see our lives and the things we already have and feel thankful for their existence.

The fastest way to manifest anything you want in your life is to be grateful for what you already have. Boom! That’s it... seriously all this study and reading and visualizing are all great and they help you to bring into your life what you want. But when I tell you that if you do this above everything else, live in gratitude for what you already have, you will manifest more and faster than you can imagine. It’s the big SECRET that all the law of attraction teachers know and practice regularly. It is also how people who live in joy feel. Do you know someone who is always joyful and positive? Next time you see them ask them how they feel about gratitude and they will give you a list of all of their blessings. They feel it and they live it and the Universe responds in kind by giving them more of it.

I am not saying it is easy, especially if you are going through a difficult time in your life. If you are struggling financially or with your health, or if relationships around you are toxic and you are suffering, no it doesn’t feel like you can be grateful about anything. I understand that and part of me would agree, you got a raw deal. Life isn’t always fair. But do you want to stay in that kind of energy? Or do you want to shift it so you can start living in joy, regardless of what is going on? I am going to assume that everyone would pick living in joy.

The fastest way to do that is to start being grateful right where you are. Start small and pick something, it can my anything and grow your list daily. Starts with your life, are you grateful for being alive? What about your family, are you grateful for them? If not family, how about your friends? Think about the things you are blessed to have that many people in the world don’t have. A place to live, food to eat, a bed to sleep on, a couch to sit on, a TV to watch, the internet to connect and read this blog. Running water and hot showers, clean clothes or new clothes you can afford to buy. How about your body that works and gets you places? If your health is an issue and you are struggling, a great way to help yourself heal is to be grateful for your body and what it CAN do. Put your focus there. This list is endless, the issue is we get caught up in our problems and worries and forget to focus on our blessings.

So what to do? How do you shift your energy and get yourself in the vortex of gratitude? All it takes is a gratitude practice, something you do every day and make it a part of your daily routine. At first, it may feel fake but that is ok, just keep it up and it will start to seep into your psyche and become part of who you are. You will be amazed at how it will shift your life. Those things you are already grateful for will expand. The Universe will match your grateful vibration and bring you in even more of it. 

That is how it works.

I have to remind myself to do it too sometimes when I get overwhelmed and off track. It must become a part of your daily practice like brushing your teeth or showering. Just take 5 to 10 minutes a day and focus on something you are grateful for. Acknowledge it, feel it and thank it. What starts to happen is you are changing your brain and it will start to look for evidence of other blessings in your life. It is science really, Quantum Physics, in simple terms – Whatever thoughts we choose, they vibrate at a certain frequency and is drawn to and attracts elements (including other thoughts) that vibrate at the same frequency. That is why we say,” like attracts like".

Here are some ways to get into gratitude practice. Meditation - you could sit quietly for a few minutes and go through your list in your head of what you are grateful for and feel the blessings. You could start a daily gratitude journal and as you go through your day write down those things that occurred you are thankful for. You can get a gratitude buddy and check in daily and share with each other a few blessings that showed up in your life that you feel grateful for. You could do a thank you prayer every night before you go to sleep.

You can do what I am doing, I use my iPhone - every day take a photo of one thing that you are grateful for and make that your visual gratitude journal. I like to see the physical evidence of it (I am a photographer) plus it makes me search out even more. Even if I only do one a day and that may not seem like a lot, but in 30 days I have a whole album of blessings. Usually what happens for me is other things cross my path because unconsciously my brain is searching for them.

That’s what we want! We want our unconscious mind to be in gratitude so we can live in joy.

This is where the magic happens and the manifesting lives. 



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